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Story: Her Heavenly Guardian

Chapter 1: Meeting Him

Momo had just gotten back from school and went to her room to get ready for a quick shower. She forgot to bring an umbrella to school, and when the sudden rain started, she was soaked from head to toe. She was in the shower, and sang as usual. The only thing that cheered her up was her own singing. At school, she had no friends, and even though she was cute and very polite, all the girls had made up rumors about her to keep all the boys away from her. When she got back, there was no one there to welcome her.

Her parents were deceased, and all she had was an uncle that refused to let her live with him. All he did was send her money every month, and the money was enough for food and the house. There was however, always 5 dollars left over, and she had been saving those 5 dollars. Momo was allowed to live alone, because her neighbors had agreed to watch over her, but they rarely did.

After the shower, she went to get all her homework ready, and after she finished, she went on her bed to think. Momo had nothing to play with, and didn't even have a TV. So she supplied her own form of entertainment. She sang and she drew pictures. As she relaxed on the bed, she closed her eyes, and soon, she was asleep.

"Toshiro Hitsugaya. She will be your next assignment. I trust you'll do just as well as before." A stern voice said. Toshiro, the white-haired boy, simply nodded in response. "I don't get it! Why can't I be the one?" interrupted another blond boy. "Izuru, after your last incident, I would reconsider about being so disrespectful."

"I. I understand sir." He said while gritting his teeth in silent rage. He left, but not before giving Toshiro a deadly glare. Kira had done one of the worst crimes you could do, fall in love with a mortal. Yamamoto wasn't going to let that happen again. Momo was cute, so he had to send someone he could trust to not fall in love with her, and that person was the stoic Hitsugaya.

Never once, had he ever showed any emotion for those he was to take care of. "Hitsugaya, you will leave as soon as possible. You are now dismissed." He said in that same stern voice.

Momo felt her throat get dry in her sleep and got up to get some water. She walked to the sink in the dark, but she tripped on a book that was on the ground. She braced herself for the impact, but she felt no pain. All she felt was warmth. She then realized that someone was holding her and almost screamed, but a hand covered her mouth to stop her.

"Shh, don't scream. I'm not going to hurt you." his voice was deep and it also sounded a bit cold.

As she got back her balance, the lights went on. She saw the person, or whatever he was that had saved her from a really big bruise. He had white hair, and he was just a bit taller than Momo, and also had some average clothes on, but the thing that drew Momo's attention was what was on his back. There were two white wings on his back, and it didn't look like a costume.

"W-Who are you?" she asked as she got her book off the ground as if ready to hit him. "I'm Toshiro Hitsugaya, your guardian, and you can put the book down; I'm not going to hurt you." he said in a much more calmer voice than before. "M-My what?" she asked back, still with a little nervousness. "Your guardian. I'll be here to watch over you and talk to you. Of course, others can't see me. Does that explain it?"

Momo nodded her head, and looked at his hair and then his wings. She wanted to ruffle his hair and touch his wings so badly, but due to past experiences of being scolded for being to disrespectful to others, she refrained from doing so. Hitsugaya watched her eye him like that and sighed. "Ok, let's get this over with. I'm giving you five, and only five minutes to touch the wings and the hair, and after that, we'll never speak of them again." He said sternly. After all the people he was guardian for, he had gotten used to everyone obsessing over his hair and wings.

Obsessing over his wings was ok because wings weren't normal, but white hair wasn't that weird was it. Momo hesitated about touching his hair. "Look, this is the only time I'm letting you do this, now hurry up." He sounded annoyed and Momo finally decided to do it. She slowly made her way to him, and her hand made its way to his wings. She touched the soft white feathers.

Then she moved her hands to his hair and ruffled it. "Your five minutes are up. Now stop ruffling my hair." He said, and Momo stopped. "Now get to sleep, it's getting late. You have to go to school tomorrow."

For a split second, Momo felt as if she had parents again. She did as she was told and went back to sleep. Toshiro had assured her that he wasn't going to leave by sleeping on the ground in her room. That night, was the first night in a long time, when she slept with a smile on her face.

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