Still the plot bunnies come. And here I thought that the other RobStar fics I wrote appeased the fanfic gods... wrong! Story number3!

Of course, this is going to be a Robstar! And it is going to rock! Well, I will strive for the "rock" but you be the judge.

The setting is during the episode "How long is forever." I guess this version of the episode is chocked full of more SAP and FLUFF and even has a different ending! But you all like that, no?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the latest Robstar crack dream of mine.

The future scared her. The cold was hard to deal with, she had never been so affected by the harsh elements before... but then again, this was not before... it was a different time... this was the future.

A time where three of her friends were sad and broken people, and the other... who knew where he was. She was alone in every sense of the word. Not only here in Jump City, but Xhal only knew if Tamaran had survived the years any better than Earth did.

Would it be a waste of time to go and check? But didn't she have the time now? Now that the Titans had disbanded. Not that time had allowed the Reckmas to happen?

She was unclear as to what to do, but she had a few ideas of what she wanted to do.

Find the person who caused this- Warp- and make him change things. Looking at the sky she wondered where and if she should begin the search for Warp or for a place to spend the night.

The sky did not tell her the time of day. It was overcast and the whole city looked dismal and dank.

Before she could worry any longer about courses of action a blast of red energy hit nearby. She instantly crouched in a battle ready stance.

Ducking to avoid the continued blasts, she looked up to the source of the attack.

"What's the matter dear? Come at a bad time?" He taunted her as he sent another volley of blasts in her direction.

Starfire shielded her head from the bolts. But her anger for her current adversary took over her need to defend herself. Surging up the side of a building she prepared to attack.

However, before she landed a single punch, she was was frozen and encircled in a crystal of ice. The cold went deep into her bones. It was frightening falling to the ground and not being able to fly away or soften your fall. The crashed knocked her pretty good, and it took a few seconds to stand up and get herself composed.

When she was on her feet, she looked at her enemy and gasped.

"You have also become old."

"That is what happens when someone steals my vortex regulator! The regulator, if you please." Warp said getting closet to the stunned alien girl.

"I really must get back to my future."

Holding the device in her hand Star's anger flared up.

"If you ever wish to see your future, you will repair the damage you have done to my past!" She demanded holding a star bolt ready in her free hand. Her eyes glowing with the green energy as well. She truly was a sight standing there in her purple outfit, long redish hair and darkened skin, a force to be reckoned with.

"Damage? Silly girl. There is nothing wrong with your past. One cannot damage history, because history cannot be changed." Starfire couldn't believe what he was saying . "I went back in time to steal this because history says it disappeared." He continued holding up the clock. "And history said it disappeared because I went back to steal it. Past, Present, Future. It is all written in stone my dear."

Not trusting the man one bit, Star could not help the impact his words had on her heart.

"And there is nothing you can do to change it." He added seeing his chance. Swiftly moving in, he took the device from her while she was down heartened and shocked.

Her star bold fizzled and she looked up to see him readying a final blow.

On some level Star was some what relieved to not have to deal with the after effects of the Reckmas... but then she snapped out of her trance.

'No, I have to find a way!' She told herself.

As she was about to evade the bolt, a dark figure flew in and attacked Warp. The blast that could have meant her end was thrown off course and the two figures disappeared into he shadows.

Starfire could see nothing of her unknown helper except that he wore a dark outfit. Getting herself together she decided to see if he needed assistance himself or not.

Explosions and sounds of a struggle caught her attention, but by the time she got close enough, Warp had already said his goodbyes and disappeared into the ground.

The snarl in the mystery man's voice scared her a little. Slowly walking towards the man she gasped as she heard his voice.

"It's good to see you again."

"Robin?" She called trying to see through the darkened alley. Her hands came up to her chest in a prayer like fashion. She silently prayed that she would find him...

"Haven't used that name in a long time." His voice was different, yet still it sounded so familiar. "Call me Night Wing."

"Night Wing? Robin, is that you?" She asked again, her voice trembling some. Her eyes still searched the darkness for a sign of him. All she could do is follow the voice.

"It is good to see you Princess." He spoke again in his more husky and deeper voice as he appeared out of the darkness.

Her breath caught in her throat as her Robin, aged twenty years stood before her.

"Robin?" She asked a third time.

"I'm Night Wing now." He replied to her stunned voice. The shock on her face made him smile at her.

Starfire felt light headed. The days events had taken quite a toll on her and this was just too much... She closed her eyes and found herself unable to stay standing. The dizzy feeling that took over her caused her to lose her footing and she fell.

Night Wing saw her reaction and moved to catch her safely in his arms.

Lifting her up, he looked down on her face.

Under the calm persona that was Night Wing, the person inside, Dick Grayson, was crying for joy.

"You came back..." He whispered to her before he placed a tender kiss of her forehead. "You came back... to me."

a/n: And so the story begins with our couple reunited... well future Robin and Star anyway... Will Star and Night Wing be able to get the clock back and stop Warp? Or will our Star find it a little harder to go home than she expected? And will the future Robin want to let her go a second time?

You will have to stay tuned and see what happens!

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