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The lanky, drowsy man trudged into the park entrance. He felt horrible for what he had done no matter how right his intentions had been. All he needed to do was bind Wyatt's powers and nothing would be evil or intimidating about him. Then maybe he would have his family with him in his adolescent years. That would be so much better than being orphaned as a teen.

He hated when his family of that time would accuse him of being evil. Just because he couldn't tell them the entire truth didn't mean he was evil. The park made him feel safe, like his home away from home. This was his and Bianca's spot, for now it was his place to crash and to think. Well, actually he just sat on a bench and fell asleep.

In his dream he saw his deceased aunt Phoebe smiling at him in her white dress that said she was the one he watched die. He embraced her and as he did he began to cry for her death. He hated showing weakness, so he quickly hid his tears.

She then spoke, "Chris, your mother, Paige, and your cousins wanted to come too, but I had to do this without the elders alerting Wyatt. Our memories are changing to where we have two sets, and if you continue at this rateā€¦..well, my memories are changing faster which means that you haven't told anyone who you are yet. You need help and I can give you it. Well, in a way I can. You know that I'll burst if I have to keep a secret, so who do you to stay with you?"

He looked stunned, but he soon assumed a concentrating expression. He thought of what he needed and silently marked most of his family off his mental list. He couldn't bring his mother, because her mother hen attitude toward him would only arouse even more suspicion. His aunt Paige was a maybe, but he was afraid she might be too blunt with them. Of course, that could be all they needed to trust him.

Paige had lived through more of the war against Wyatt than Phoebe or his mother had. It had hardened her heart and she never took any of kind of insolence from anyone. She could probably help out in this situation, but he was so afraid that once she got there that she would blow his operation completely. He looked up at Phoebe as she stood patiently smiling at him. It wasn't like she had anything better to do.

Then he thought about how much his cousin Prue, Phoebe's daughter, could give so much support. He knew and missed her greatly. One of Wyatt's demons had killed her when she was just fifteen. It had only driven him even further to defeat Wyatt. He then only went on this mission once he realized he was no match for Wyatt and his demonic army. Really either one would help in different ways, but the questions was what kind of help did he need.

He sighed and decided.

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