"He's coming around."

"Around what? He's not moving, silly!"

"That means he's waking UP, girl!!"

"Hee hee, I knew that, silly! I was just making a joke!"

"Man, you're worse than Numbuh Two. I'll inform the others. This is going to be an interesting story…"

Wally slowly opened his eyes, managing to catch a long dark hair braid move out the door. He tried to lift his head, but couldn't get very far.

Not that he minded, since the next thing he saw was Numbuh Three, Kuki Sanban, standing beside his bed, and dressed in her Medical Officer uniform.

"K…Kuki?" he asked, in a disturbingly hoarse voice.

"Hi, Wally," she replied, patting his head. Her usual giddiness seemed to have been suppressed a bit, and the look in her eyes conveyed genuine worry, and relief.

Nevertheless, he loved that smile.

He was able to look around a bit. He was on a KND Sickbay Bed, and had Band-Aids all over his arms. His right arm has been set on a cast and a proper sling, while his left arm was hooked up to an IV. The horrible pain was gone from his arm, at last, and he only felt a dull but tolerable ache.

From the look of the window, it was nighttime already.

"How are you feeling, Wally?"

He groaned as he searched for an answer. "Loike Oi've got run ovah boi a buh-million pianos——all loined with barbed wire…"

"Hee hee hee, you're silly."

"Well, 'ee SHOULD feel that woi!" Ugh, there was that annoying shrill voice of Numbuh Eighty-Six, as she entered the room, followed, fortunately, by the rest of Sector V. "N' t'was about TOIME ye woke up! Ye've been loyin' on yer arrse f'r a good THRREE doys!!!"

"Three doys???" He suddenly realised something. "No wonder Oi've gotta pee real bad! Oi've—hey, this isn't moi room!!"

"Aye, took ye that long t'figgurre it out?!"

He was about to reply, but right there, everyone silenced and stood at attention, and saluted as several operatives from Global Command entered his room. Standing side-by-side against the walls, they all formed a path from the door, and suddenly everyone saluted one more time as none other than Numbuh Three Sixty-Two entered the room.

"Thank you, Numbuh Eighty-Six, that will be enough," she said. It was rather difficult NOT to hear the Irish girl talk, even at a distance. Numbuh Three Sixty-Two then faced the bed.

Wally suddenly realised what he had to do, and he tried to raise his left arm, without much success. He fidgeted a bit, making the others look oddly at him. "Uh…Commender…um…please forgive meh f'r not standin' t'salute yew properly…Oi… 'ope that doesn't go on moi record—"

"At ease, Numbuh Four, that's the least of my worries right now," she replied calmly. "To clear up a few things: you're not at Sector V; you're at the Moonbase Sickbay. I ordered your transfer here when it was clear that Numbuh Three was going to need help with your condition. Now, I need to ask you: do you feel fully awake, or do you honestly feel like you can't stay awake and are going to fall asleep again?" Rachel wasn't angry, but oddly enough, she sounded concerned as well.

"Uh…no, Commender, Oi don't think Oi'll go back t'sleep until Oi go t'the bathroom—"

"You will, in a moment." Rachel then turned to the bald boy beside her, "You may begin, Numbuh One."

The leader of Sector V stepped up to the bed and began, "Numbuh Four, you were sent to the lowest level of Father's mansion to retrieve information from his computer, but we lost contact with you ten minutes after you went inside. Your next transmission was picked up ninety minutes later outside the kitchen door. You were found unconscious, heavily injured, without a shirt, proper shoes, almost without pants, and hypothermic, and for a moment, I thought you…" he faltered, a rare moment for Numbuh One, "…I thought we had lost you, because you had called for medical help without using your emergency siren."

He didn't have the strength to break it open, Wally realised.

"Still, the S.K.R.A.M.B.U.L.A.N.C.E. team managed to stabilise you, but we needed the Moonbase's facilities to handle the heavy stuff."

"Wow, noiety minutes?" asked the Australian. "It sure seemed longer than—um—" Wally looked down at his sheets, unable to face his superiors. "Uh…Numbuh One…Commender…Oi…uh…failed the mission. Th'alarms started ringin' when—"

"What are you talking about?" interrupted Numbuh Two. "You GOT the information!"


"Yeah! When we picked you up, we searched your pockets, and we found your W.A.R.P.D.R.I.V.E.! It's chock-full of EVERYTHING that Father is planning for the next TWO YEARS!!! All the KND nerds are scrambling to sort all the info, and there have even been a few fist fights at the lab because they all want to get their hands on the data!! You did it, Numbuh Four!!!"

"Oi…Oi thought Oi left it in Father's room…" Wally gasped, falling back on the pillow.

Numbuh Three Sixty-Two added, "That's not all. We also found the Rainbow Monkey™ keychain that the Delightful Children won…despite the Kids Next Door using resources behind my back," she glared at Fanny, who gulped and rubbed her hands nervously. "That keychain also had several flash drives attached to it. It seems that the Delightful Children were planning stuff on their own as well, but they'll be surprised when they try using them against us. You got more information than we could ever hope for, Numbuh Four. Congratulations on your mission accomplished." With that, Rachel stepped up to the bed, and placed the Rainbow Monkey™ keychain, sans the flash drives, on Wally's left hand.

At that, Fanny's face turned red with rage.

"Numbuh Four, as a reward for your actions above and beyond your call of duty to the Kids Next Door, I'm granting you medical leave, and vacation time in Sector Y of Polynesia. I'm sure that there you'll bring yourself up to speed in a month or so." And rarely more than a month, as all Kids Next Door knew that even the harshest of injuries healed very quickly, thanks to their secret medical treatment. "Numbuh Three will assist you in your recovery as well."

Wally's eyes widened. He couldn't believe it. A whole month on a tropical vacation with Kuki!!! "Uh…thank yew, Commender!" He tried to salute again, without success. "Oi'll return t'Sector V as soon as moi arm gets back together."

Fanny fumed again, for some reason.

Nigel spoke up now, "Another reason why everyone was waiting for you to wake up is that we're very curious to find out what happened inside the mansion, Numbuh Four. An oral report will suffice, given that you can't write or type in your condition."

"Uh…sure, boss…um…but Oi think yew'll need chairs f'r this. It's goin' t'take a whoile."

The bald boy looked at the blonde one through his sunglasses, and replied. "Very well. We'll get them now. Come on, team." Sector V, except for Kuki, filed out. Moments later, Global Command and the rest also went to get their chairs, except for Rachel.

"Numbuh Three, wait outside," she said, surprising the nurse and patient.

"But—sir! I'm tending to—"

"I know that, Kuki. This will only take a minute."

"Uh…yes, sir," Kuki meekly saluted and left the room.

When the door closed, Rachel stepped up to the blonde boy, removed her helmet, and ran her hand through his hair. "Numb—Wally," she stuttered, "it's no joke that we almost lost you, and if we had—I would have never forgiven myself."

He blinked at her. "But—it wouldn't 'ave been yewre fault, Comm—"

"No, but I'm responsible for this whole organization, Wally, for everything, and everyone. I've never lost any operative due to accidents, attacks, or injuries received on the line of duty. However, I made it a point to myself that if I should ever lose an operative, I would focus as hard as I could on memorizing their name and numbuh…searing them into my heart to ensure that they'll never be forgotten—even with my own decommissioning—and…I almost did that with YOU. When that almost happened, I—suddenly realised just how horrible and tragic that would have been for everyone, the KND, your family——Wally, if you had—died—I—I—" she blinked back tears, "I would have killed you, and then I would have killed myself, is that clear??"

He was confused for a moment, but all he could answer was, "A—aye, Commender."

She smiled maternally at him, "We're all glad you're okay now, Wally. Now, you and Kuki better not start causing trouble at Sector Y, okay?" She leaned down and kissed his hair, not wishing to do more, since she knew perfectly well who he belonged to.

"Numbuh Three Sixty-Two, you're required at the data lab. Another fight has broken out," rang the computer through the intercom.

"Figures," she sighed, donning her helmet again, and then she chuckled, "Maybe I should tell all the nerds something like, 'a Kid Next Door almostdied—to bring you that information.' Maybe THAT should calm them down!"

"Well, Oi moight calm 'em down, but…um…Oi can't get up at the moment."

She smiled and squeezed his good hand. "Take care of Kuki, will ya?" He almost blushed at that, but dismissed that as a recommendation for him to make sure Kuki didn't get distracted with girly stuff, or something. With that, Rachel stepped outside, and signalled the Japanese girl that she could go back inside. Kuki, however, realised that she, too, needed a chair, so turned and was also about to leave.


"Yes, Wally?" she asked, walking up to him again.

"Um…" Again, he was lost for words. It ALWAYS happened whenever he wanted to say something nice to her. "Uh……Merry Christmas…Oi guess…" He held out the keychain to her.

Kuki almost staggered back. "W—what? B—but—Wally—it—it's not Christmas yet!!"

"Oi—Oi know—Oi juss—don't think that Oi'll be able to buy anythin' f'r a bit."

Slowly, the Japanese girl reached out and took the keychain from his hand, almost afraid that it was going to shatter like frail glass. Suddenly, she flung her arms around him and screamed, muffled by his pillow, "THANK YOU, WALLY!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!"


Sheepishly, she released him, and carefully set his arm back into the sling. "Uh…sorry, Wally," she blushed. As she patted everything down, making sure he was comfortable, a look of horror and worry swept over her face, over her eyes. Her jaw trembled. "W—Wally—"

"Kuki? Wot's wrong?"

She gently touched the back of his head, as tears slowly flowed, "Wally—we—I almost lost you. When I got your message that you needed a medic—that you needed me—I—" she shivered. "For the first time, I realised that I could lose you—forever—and no Rainbow Monkey™ would ever help me get over that. I'm so glad you're okay now. And—I know you'll go on many more missions—and be in danger and everything, but—" she sniffed. "Wally, please, just be a bit more careful! The treehouse would be very lonely and sad without you!"

He smiled at her, and blushed, "Um…well…do yew know wut kept meh goin'—wut pulled meh through?

She wiped her nose. "What?"

He didn't have the picture, so he just held her hand, and blushed more and more. "YEW did. YEW pulled meh through. Thanks…f'r pullin' meh through…"

She raised an eyebrow for a moment, and said, "Through what? Wally, I wasn't with you in the mansion!"

He smiled at her, making her blush even more. "Come closer. Oi don't want th'others t'hear this part…"

Just outside the door, Fanny Fulbright turned and stormed away. There was no way she was going to hear HIS side of the story.

Bloody STYOOPID boy, he only got lucky…

A short distance away, Abby and Hoagie were coming back with their chairs, and saw Fanny storm off.

"What's with her?" asked Hoagie.

Abby chuckled, "Don't tell anyone, but Numbuh Five thinks that Fanny there can't stand it when a boy succeeds at something," she leaned to his ear, "but if you ask Numbuh Five, she thinks that there's somethin' deeper goin' on," and she winked at Hoagie.

Fanny turned, and could just see Wally and Kuki through the window on the door. She thought she saw Wally pull her down, perhaps to tell her a secret, or even more, to—

—she did NOT need to see that, and stormed off again.

She then remembered something she heard a while back, perhaps from her mother:

"I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift,nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happens to them all."

Yes, that must have been it. STYOOPID boy was only lucky. That's right, it was pure luck, and she did not need to hear it.

She turned, and saw the two suddenly separate when Abby and Hoagie entered.

Nothing but luck.

She ran, wiping a tear from her eye, hoping no one would see her, and wondered when would be HER chance to get lucky.





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Numbuh 86 is Jennifer Hale

Numbuh 362 is Rachel MacFarlane

The computer is also Jennifer Hale

Father is Maurice Lamarche


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