Final Fantasy X and PlayStation are owned by Square Enix and Sony, respectively, meaning they do not belong to me. I am in no way, shape, and/or form claiming to be the owner/creator of these concepts, though I do claim any characters not apart of the original Final Fantasy X storyline (such as Rayne and Marcus) mine. As such, I would appreciate fellow authors and readers to give credit where credit is due and not steal any of my characters and/or concepts. Thank you, and have a pleasant day.


When Rayne first received the PlayStation II for her birthday, she wasn't exactly sure what to write in the 'thank you' letter to her aunt. Should it be 'Thank you for the mechanical brain-rotter'?, or how about 'Thanks for the stupid contraption I'll probably never use'?, or maybe even 'Thank you, you obviously put a lot of effort and thought into this when you sent your book loving, anti-television niece an imagination stealing device created by the 'Anti-Brain-Growth Company''?

In the end, she decided to go easy on her forgetful aunt and have her brother write something; he was far more thoughtful than she was when it came to these sorts of things. She also decided to store the offensive machine into the back of her closet and never think about it again.

Though her twin brother, Michael, had insisted upon the poor thing being tried out at least once, even if it was just by him with her watching, she had forcefully refused and buried her face into her book.

If you can't tell yet, readers, allow me to phrase the obvious into one concise sentence; Rayne hated any kind of storyline entertainment if it wasn't in the format of a book. This included TV, VHS, DVD, BluRay, computer, any kind of electric handheld device that processed games, and even board games that had been derived from any of the aforementioned.

Her parents had no clue where she had developed this concept from; her father was a computer game designer and her mother worked for a local broadcasting station. Her brother didn't understand, either, but he respected her and usually gave her very little static about it.

And, true to this fact, Michael said very little about the PlayStation after Rayne had shoved it into her closet and insisted that it was where it belonged. And so, her forlorn machine sat in the back of her closet for several months, soon forgotten and not missed. That is, it was forgotten until the fated event that led to the beginning of the writing of this story.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is My First and Final Fantasy.