Here it is.

Final Fantasy X and PlayStation are owned by Square Enix and Sony, respectively, meaning they do not belong to me. I am in no way, shape, and/or form claiming to be the owner/creator of these concepts, though I do claim any characters not apart of the original Final Fantasy X storyline (such as Rayne and Marcus) mine. As such, I would appreciate fellow authors and readers to give credit where credit is due and not steal any of my characters and/or concepts. Thank you, and have a pleasant day.

(New Beginning?)

The moment Rayne disappeared from this world, I knew. One of those twin bond things, I guess. I rushed into her room and found the bed empty. I screamed. Mom rushed in and didn't notice a thing. When I told her what was wrong, she looked at me oddly. Said I never had a twin. That I was an only child.

I flung open the closet and found all of her clothes gone. I ran to the library and found that it wasn't a library; it was an office. Lastly, I rushed into the living room. The PlayStation was still there, the game was still inside, but the memory card was blank. It was as if someone had tried to wipe her from existence and almost succeeded. Save one thing. I remembered her.

The days turned into months, and soon college started. No one there remembered her, either. I really was the only one who remembered. For the rest of the school year, I didn't touch the PlayStation or the game. I put it in my closet and hid it. My sister was right, it was an idea thief. And it had stolen the idea and essence of my sister in just a few hours.

All of that changed, though, when Aunt Kala sent me a letter, asking me how Rayne was doing. I called her as soon as I could; making sure that Mom and Dad weren't home when I did. All I got, though, was an answering machine. But it wasn't a normal one; it was a message. A voice that wasn't Aunt Kala's, but I still vaguely recognized, telling me to play the game.

After that, I ignored the game even more. I even began to convince myself that I never had a sister, that Rayne had never been real. But that became impossible when I received another letter. It was from Aunt Kala's address, but it wasn't from Aunt Kala. The letter told me to trust the person. To play the game.

I couldn't ignore it anymore, it was driving me insane. So, as soon as both of my parents had left for a vacation, I dug out the PlayStation. I hooked it up in the living room. I put the disk and the memory card in. I looked at the letter from the stranger one more time. And I played.