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Chapter One

"'Don't I know you?' she said. You knew she lived." As Sweeney Todd spoke these words, a horrible realization came over him. What had he done?"I was only thinking of you." Mrs. Lovett replied, her voice thick with tears."You lied to me." No, no not lied at all! No I never lied! Lucy…) Said she took the poison, she did, never said that she died (I've come home again…) Poor thing! She lived but it left her weak in the head. All she did for months was just lie there in bed Lucy…) Should've been in a hospital wound up in bedlam instead. Poor thing! ( Oh my god…) Better you should think she was dead! Yes, I lied 'cause I love you! I'd be twice the wife she was I love you! Could that thing have cared for you like me?"Mrs. Lovett." Sweeney said, the manic glint returning to his eyes, "You're a bloody wonder, eminently practical and yet appropriate as always. As you've said repeatedly there's little point in dwelling on the past! Now come here, my love (Everything I did I swear it was only for the bestNot a thing to fear, my love. What's dead is dead! The history of the world, my pet—"" Oh, Mr. Todd, oh, Mr. Todd, leave it to me"" Is learn forgiveness and try to forget!""By the sea, Mr. Todd, we'll be comfy cozy. By the sea, Mr. Todd, where there's no one nosy.""And life is for the alive, my dear. So let's keep living it!"BOTH: "Just keep living it! Really living it!"

With these last three words, Sweeney Todd took every last ounce of his strength and hurled Mrs. Lovett towards the oven. But as she flew towards her fiery death, she stopped. In fact everything stopped…except for Sweeney. An unnatural wind picked up, blowing his already unruly hair about his face. He turned, and took a step back. For in front of him was a girl, no older than 16, almost as tall as he was. She had reddish-brown hair that was braided and thrown over her shoulder. Something about her brown eyes was incredibly familiar.

"Who are you?" Sweeney asked, backing away slightly.

"Me?" She said with an unsettling smile. "Naught but a figure of your imagination. Or did you forget?" She leaned close to his face. "You've gone mad Mr. Todd."

These whispered syllables sent a shiver down his spine. What was he so afraid of? He was armed, she, as far as he could see, was not. But something still unsettled him and he kept his distance from her. He looked back at the oven. Mrs. Lovett was still suspended in midair, fear in her eyes. Her brown eyes… He looked back at the girl. The same eyes… He pushed that thought out of his mind. It was impossible that she was in any way connected to Mrs. Lovett, especially if he was imagining all of this.

"I guess that description didn't really explain things now did it?" She said, abandoning her eerie tone. "I s'pose you could really say I'm like your sub-conscious."

"My…conscience you mean?"

"Conscience? Oh no. Your conscience left a looooooong time ago. Around the time you started talking to your razors actually. But me? I'm your sub-conscious. Big difference. Consciences appear when you're thinking about doing something wrong. They'll try to talk you out of it. Now me on the other hand," she said, smirking, "I know everything you know, and realize everything you push to the back of your mind. I show up when you've done something stupid, and demand you make it less stupid. Like now."

"So what stupid thing have I done then?" he said, still unsettled.

"Oh lots of things!" she said brightly, and Sweeney was taken aback by her bluntness. "But I'm here because of one specific stupid thing." She walked over to the oven. "Exhibit A. Mrs. Nellie Lovett. You've decided to kill this woman. This woman who has done so much for you. She's become a criminal for you, kept your horrible secrets, did not run when you killed Pirelli, and helped you hide evidence. The woman makes human meat pies in a CORSET for goodness sake! And yet, after all she's done, you kill her."

"She lied to me. If you really knew everything I knew, you would have known that!"

"Yes, she sliightly lied to you," she said with the air of someone explaining something to a difficult child. "But if you would realize the things I realize, you'd know you have no future with Lucy. She was a mad woman who couldn't remember who she was from day to day."

"She recognized me!"

"YES! AND THAT'S INCREDIBLE FOR HER! BUT YOU KNOW WHAT? SHE WOULD'VE FORGOTTEN YOU BY TOMORROW!!" The girl was yelling now. "And you know she didn't even seem to care as much as you did. You were dragged away right in front of her, and she stood her ground! Stayed where she was! Didn't even TRY to fight. You were taken away from her, and she didn't even ca-WATCH IT!!!" she yelled, bringing her hand to her neck. Mr. Todd had just taken a swipe at her with his razor. "THAT THING IS SHARP IN CASE YOU HAVEN'T NOTICED!!"

Mr. Todd was fuming, razor in hand. "Don't you…don't you DARE talk about Lucy like that!!"

"I'm only telling you the truth." Her voice had settled, but her hand was still at her throat. "And you know, you can't just slash all of your problems away. It's not gonna work. Besides. You thought Lucy dead before, and now she really is. How does your life change?"

A sickening realization came over him. Lucy was gone. The judge was dead. He's never see his daughter again. "Lucy…" he whimpered, biting down on the inside of his cheek. He was determined not to let this strange girl see him cry. But she was right. Where would he go from here? "What's dead…is…dead," he whispered, trying to pull himself together. All he had now was Mrs. Lovett. Neither of them were innocent. She lied, he murdered. And after all she did for him…

"That's right love, there's little point in dwelling on the past," she said, a genuine smile on her face. "You have the chance to right what you've done. "You have to move on eventually. Why not now? Now I'm going to leave you to fix what you've done. I'll be back the next time you do something stupid."

"If you come every time I do something stupid, where were you when I killed Judge Turpin?"

"Ah love. That wasn't stupid. THAT was a public service to every beautiful woman in London." And with that, she snapped her fingers and disappeared in a cloud of gold dust. As strange as Mr. Todd found all this, he knew he now had only seconds before time returned to normal. He turned quickly and, just as she began to fall, grabbed Mrs. Lovett's arm and jerked her away from the oven. She fell, throwing her arms around his neck to steady herself, trembling with fear.

Mr. Todd immediately pulled out of her embrace. He would let her live, but still couldn't deal with any affection. He just wasn't ready. "We have to leave London. It's only a matter of time before…" his voice trailed off, but she knew what he meant.

"Where will we go?" Mrs. Lovett replied, fighting back tears of both fear and relief.

Mr. Todd contemplated this for a moment. He smiled slightly and said, "By the sea. I'm sure we can find something suitable. Now go on upstairs and pack your things."

Mrs. Lovett did as she was told. She wouldn't dare cross him now.

Mr. Todd found he had no choice but to move all three bodies to the oven. There could be no evidence if anyone came here. The beadle first, then the Judge, and finally, Lucy. He could barely bring himself to do it. Tears flooded his cheeks as he closed the door behind her. How could he have done such a thing? He sunk to the floor, burying his face in his hands. How many families went through the pain of loss because of what he did? The cold, emotionless persona of Sweeney Todd was melting away. He could feel again, he was no longer numb. His heart ached, not only for losing Lucy, but with guilt for how many families he had torn apart. He lifted his head from his hands. "Are you happy now?!" He yelled.

"Quite actually." The girl stepped out for behind the meat grinder, startling him. "Didn't think I was actually going to hear you? This is quite a step for you Mr. Todd. Before you can move on you have to come to terms with everything that's happened." She placed a hand reassuringly on his shoulder and held out the other. "No temptations," she explained.

Mr. Todd understood and placed the two razors he had in her hand. She smiled. "Have fun by the sea, and just a heads up, black and white stripes look awful on you. I wouldn't go there." Instead of disappearing, she went up the stairs and into Fleet Street. As she walked through the crowd she sang quietly, "There's a hole in the world like a great black pit and the vermin of the world inhabit it and it goes by the name of London…"

To Be Continued!!

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