Author's notes: I was getting a little depressed writing Hyuga when I found this. It's old and kind of retarded, but it still makes me smile. Let me know what you think. Oh, and just so you know: I do think Rock Lee and the Geico gecko look similar.

Getting to Know You

One late afternoon, a newly formed and rather exhausted Team Gai takes a break from the strenuous training that defines their "blooming, exuberant youth." They take shelter from the sun under the large tree Tenten uses for target practice, crowding around the base and attempting to re-hydrate themselves. Their sensei gone for the day, they are enjoying the companionable silence.

Then Rock Lee opens his mouth. "Tenten, what's your favorite animal?" It's one of those dumb, out-of-the-blue Lee questions.

Tenten stops twirling the kunai around her finger and smiles. Weird as he is, she likes Lee. Talking to him always proves to be interesting. "Umm…let's see. I like all kinds of animals. I think my favorite though, would have to be dragons. They're strong and lucky."

Lee nods, wide eyed and earnest. To him, it makes perfect since. Never mind that he has never seen a dragon.

Neji, however, finds it to be ridiculous. He scoffs at Tenten's fantasy.

The kunoichi whirls on him, temper rising. She's fought him on and off all day, and nearly given herself heatstroke, but what the hell? She'll fight him again if it will wipe that insufferable look off his handsome face. But then a new idea comes to mind.

"Alright, Neji Hyuga, what's yours then?"

The cogs in Lee's head begin turning. Once, back in the Academy, he wrote a paper on a large, foreign creature with a bad attitude. It all comes back to him now, and recklessly his mouth runs away with him. "Ooh, ooh. I'll bet your favorite animal is a rhino, because you're both so grumpy…"

Tenten's breath catches. Neji doesn't really like Lee, and it never takes much to set him off. Already, she's beginning to feel sympathy pains.

Lee prattles on, unaware of the danger he's in. "Of course, rhino's have bad eyesight, which is definitely unlike you…" He trails off, perhaps sensing impending doom, but more likely having run out of things to say.

Neji is quiet, pensive almost. The heat has stripped most of his anger from him and his chakra is so low he probably couldn't pound the younger boy into the dirt even if he wanted to. He stares unblinkingly at Lee for one long moment, then closes his eyes and turns away. His voice reaches his teammates, slightly muffled. "And yours is a gecko."

Tenten's shock at his reaction quickly turns to mirth. Who knew Neji had a sense of humor? She giggles quietly.

Lee, though, pulls his green spandex away from his sweat-soaked chest and gapes in amazement. "Neji, my rival, how did you know? I have never told anyone!" he splutters. His mouth is still hanging open as his teammates grab their things and head back toward the center of the village.

Apparently, Hyuga can read minds.