A/N Disclaimer- This story does not follow the last two books of the Harry Potter series. Likewise I do not own Harry Potter and have not claim to it, this is a fan based fiction.

Dear Reader, my name is Hermione Granger, my life so far has been a roller coaster of adventure and most people know of my first six years in the Wizarding World. This is the agglomeration of the story that no one is willing to talk about.

The great calm and silence of my story started at the end of my education, in my 7th year of Hogwarts where it was my irrepressible joy to devote my attentions to my studies. The Dark Lord Voldermort was relatively silent after his last and greatest failure at Harry's hands. The Order was at a stand still when the position of our only spy, Professor Snape, was compromised when he was forced to react to a situation and rescue Draco Malfoy who had turned his back on his parents and their beliefs, refusing to take the dark mark.

Where this uncharacteristic behaver was spawned in Malfoy's mind I have no clue, it was a surprise to everyone when Professor Snape had appeared on the lawn carrying and marred and seemingly lifeless Draco in his arms. Draco though highly injured and maimed survived, though he lost his left arm, just below the elbow down.

He had a swift recovery for what his injuries where, Dumbledore seemed to have glued himself to the boy's side and he lionized the Slytherin to all who listened, telling them that the boy was one of the bravest Slytherins to ever pass through Hogwarts Halls.

The Bravest Slytherin though seemed to me the one that the spot light eluded. Professor Snape had risked his life years for the Order, and he had fought off countless Death Eaters to save Draco, I'm sure of this though I have never had any affirmation.

Allow me to take you back to this time of my innocence, for it is here that I believe my path was forged...

It was in the last months of my 7th school year, It was a cold wet nasty night and I was grumbling under my breath as I pinned my Head Girl badge to the front of my robes and sat off to begin my rounds, the duty of the Heads. I was angry however because, Draco Malfoy, had decided to leave Hogwarts for a short vacation, leaving me to do all of the Head work. I was tired from study and three nights of duty in a row.

It was a silent night, there was no one sneaking about. Crookshanks followed me about the school, my own personal Ms. Norris I suppose. He at least made my job easier as his hearing was far better then my own. I followed my familiar as his ears perked and he skirted toward a corner, I turned the corner expecting to find a couple in the act of snogging, or worse. I did find worse, my two best friends standing there with their hands full of sweets from the house elves and twin grins of innocence.

I returned Tweedledee and Tweedledum's grins with my forceful pose of putting my hands on my hips and staring at them as if they were Slytherin. The recoiled a bit but Harry with those blasted green eyes looked at me as if he would cry if I treated him so, and I half believed him.

"This had better be to save Neville from starvation." I demanded.

"Well, him and us of course, we've been studying for the N.E.W.T.S. so much we haven't eaten half as much as normal." Ron answered, towering above me with his 6 foot frame.

"Yes Herms, and we are sorry for being out after hours, but what are growing boys to do I ask you." Harry said in his flirty manor, not as tall as Ron but at 5'11 he made quite the striking figure himself.

Looking up at the two from my lowly stature of 5'3 I couldn't help but to tease the two a bit. "Well you can ask Professor Snape or Mr. Filch in your detention tomorrow night." I said these words with no trace of a smile and at the dumbfounded expressions on their face I had to turn and walk away to hide the smile that twisted at my lips.

"Wait a sec, Herms!" I heard from Harry as I made my exit. It wasn't long before the baffled faces were blocking my way and the two were looking at me as if I had snake hanging from my nose.

"Your giving us detention! We are your mates! Your blokes! We are your best friends."

"Some best friends, didn't even grab me a chocolate mousse while you were down there." I said as lightly as I could.

"What! Of course we did!" Ron said sounding aghast. "We were going to leave it on your bedside table, like always!" He said as he produced said mousse from his pocket.

I smiled at them and they knew I had been pulling their strings. They laughed and left for their dorm, each patting me softly on the head as was there habit since they had grown so tall.

I continued on my rounds, smiling thinking of my friends. They almost alway brought me something to eat after my rounds. I always enjoyed the treats, it seemed to be a reminder that on these night instead of joining them I now journeyed the Halls 'guarding' them in stead of sneaking about with them. I missed sneaking about with them, following the secret passages the map held to rooms we had never seen, another reason I was irascible with my co-Head, Draco. How dare he run about having frivolous fun while I took up his post!?

These thoughts darkening my mind I rounded the corner and heard voices carrying from the Entrance Hall. I made my pace quicken so to faster learn what all the noise was about. Rounding another corner and stepping lightly into the Entrance Hall I saw a sight that to my dying day I will not forget.

There entering the Hall was the drenched and bloodstained Professor Snape, and in his arms hanging fearfully lifeless was Draco, and from what I could see half his arm missing. Both were fair skinned normally but neither had ever looked as ghostly white as they did there before me. I watched as Professor McGonagull tried to pull Draco From Professor Snapes arms, I watched as he reacted with animal like protective instinct withdrawing from her and hissing through clenched teeth warning her and everyone else away.

He was protecting the mangled boy in his arms. McGonagull began to harp at once and demanded he allow her to take the boy to the Hospital Wing.

Professor Snape stared at her as if her every hands would be a poison that would kill Draco. He straightened himself and declared that he "would take the boy to the Hospital Wing and over see the recovery." despite the protest of several Professors in the Hall.

I watched as the long black robes swirled away down the hall, as all the other Professors I couldn't help but follow noiselessly. I followed behind the stream of professor until we reached the Hospital Wing were immediately a new argument ensued. Madam Pomfrey demanded that Professor Snape clean himself up and take a much needed dreamless sleep potion and catch up on rest. She dropped the argument to attend to her patient.

The argument was picked up by almost every female staff member present. Each claiming they would stay by Draco's side and assist 'Poppy' in what ever she would need.

These suggestions where batted off by a shape tongue and swears. I watched as the, before this night, emotionless black eyes came alive with raw frustration and suspicion, he claimed that he couldn't trust anyone of the 'Order Member bias peons to care for the Death Eaters Child"

I felt a presences behind me and I turned to find the Head Master standing there with a grim look on his face, "Come Severus, we have much to discus."

The Head Master was answered in almost the same manor, if not a bit more respectful. The Head Master turned and looked down to where I stood and looked back at Professor Snape, "Surely you can trust Miss Granger to make sure no one but herself and Poppy Approach the bed!? She is after all his co-Head."

The Professor looked at me sternly and seemed to realize for the first time that I was in the room. In his ever dominating fashion he crossed the crowd that parted before him like the red sea, and there he was standing stone faced over me looking into my eyes searching my face. With a gaze and voice so passionate and demanding the truth he questioned me "Tell me Miss Granger, do you hate Mr.Malfoy?"

"No. I hate his actions." I answered being unable to anything else under such raw scrutiny.

"You mean to tell me that you don't harbor any hate for the being raised by Death Eaters?" Half the room gasped at his blunt statement.

I looked him in those black eyes whose glitter I mush have over looked a thousand times, meerly thinking of what he had asked, did I harbor hate? After the short pause I continued, "I would no sooner hate a blind man for stepping on my foot, sir."

At first he could not hide the surprise my response had inflicted opon him, then his shock turned to the ever present sneer "How Gryfindore of you." then going back to the passionate seeking persona he asked "Then you are willing to stay here by him, until I can return? You will make sure no one but Poppy come near him?"

"Yes sir."

You need to know that I'm going to write this same story only from Snapes pov. It will be called If Hermione Fell.

Also I'm in the middle of another story that I have to update before this one so I can't work on this one but every once in a while. sorry.

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