Chapter 9

Hello my Dear Readers, today I am very sad with what I will have to write. Opening the Will I learned I was to receive nothing until my 25 birthday, until then my estate would be put into the highly capable hands of Mr.Burns.

"How will I pay for school?" I asked horrified.

"I will do it, of course we will first have to agree upon which school you wish to go to, Cambridge, Oxford, perhaps you wish to go to a School in the states Harvard, Yale?" James smiled at me.

"A nonmagical school? Why would I go to one of those, I've been trained in magic?" I asked dumbfounded at his stupid statement.

"I think it's time you return to where you belong Hermione, "He said as if he was lecturing me. "I can only support you if you attend a Muggle school."

"It's my money!".

"Not yet." He smiled. "so where to, love?"

My fury flooded then, and I felt my hand slide to were my wand lay strapped to my thigh, but I stopped.

"I have spent seven years developing not only skills but friendships in the magical world, it is where I belong I can't turn my back on it now, for money." I took a deep breath.

"What else can you do? Other then getting a job in Soho." he laughed at his joke and I paled.

"Mister Burns how dare you insinuate..." I seethed through gritted teeth fighting the urge to slap him.

"Oh come now you shouldn't be so offened, you went to boarding school for Pete's sake."

"Are you calling me a..." I was interrupted.

"Mr.Burns I assure you Miss Granger is the most virtuous young woman at Hogwarts."

"Hogwarts? That's your school? More like hog wash! I want you to be a woman I can brag about!"

"Brag over what? Your friend who you gave her, her own money to go to a fancy American school?" I asked completely confused.

"Oh please Hermione, surely you have not forgotten what we once said? What my father used to say?"

I just looked at him waiting for him to continue instead of looking at me as if I were the daft one.

"My father he used to say we would get married, I always agreed with that, I knew I'd grow up and marry my little sweetheart!" Said James smiling knowingly at me as if he expected me to suddenly go gooey eyes and pull out the wedding plans I'd been secretly making my whole life.

I was so shocked I could barely speak and I was only more shocked when I heard chuckles coming from the until now silent Professor. I turned to him completely aghast that he was laughing. He turned and looked at my face and laughed even harder. James seemed livid and his neck turned bright red.

"What so funny Professor? This is ridiculous!" I sat waiting for his laughter to stop, wanting nothing more then an answer.

Finally after catching his breath he said "I agree it's completely ridiculous, absurd in fact."

"Whats so absurd, sir?" asked James clearly his temper seeping through his voice.

"The fact that you actually think Miss Granger is going to marry you because you are holding her own money over her head." He was very serious but then a smirk crossed his harsh face. "Then the fact that you think you should marry her because your daddy told you too."

"It's none of your business, sir."

I could see an argument on the horizon, but I didn't have time to wait it out, I needed more information.

"What about my schooling!" I spoke just as Professor Snape opened his mouth to reply.

"We've covered that." James rebutted as if trying to silence me.

"No we haven't! I'm not going to a muggle school!"

"You'll do as I say! I have your money!" He yelled his eyes flashing.

"You did this didn't you! You told them to set up the trust fund! You made them think it was smart. You planned to have me under your thumb, but why!" I screamed back, completely hurt, and angry! My grandmother was right he had been planning something, he was still angry at me, and wanted me submissive to him again.

With that I stood and left, I was too angry to deal with it at that moment, and I didn't want to do something I would regret. I was seething!

"Miss Granger, it would be best if you calmed down." I heard the calm command from my Professor and I turned on him.

"Why should I have to?!"

"Because your wand is about to cause a commotion!" He said looking pointedly to my skirt that was starting to glow blue, and blue sparks were cascading from the hem.

I closed my eyes, and as the pictures flashed in my head of my knickers glowing curiously blue I couldn't help but let out a few laughs. Then I turned and walked the rest of the way to my car.

I drove.

And I drove.

And while I drove I thought.

I thought of all my options, running them over and over in my mind. There had to be a way to learn and stay in the wizarding world, without so much money. Maybe just post pone my schooling until I've reached 25, but it was an outrageous thought that only lasted two seconds.

My mind wandered back to the summer when I had entertained the idea of having a 'fellowship' or 'appenticship' under a Potions Master, but they rarely took on females, so I opted for College level training.

Why not return to the original plan, the dream plan in fact?

"Professor? What do you know about apprenticships?"

He turned and glared at me and said a heated. "No."

A/N So any one else think that Serendipity isn't going to let Snape have his way?