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She was shattered. A perfect Russian- well, American, to be exact, doll with a chip at the side. A beautiful handcrafted piece with a crack, spider-webbing it's way across. Such a master piece, spoiled by the carelessness of mankind.

The careless slip of the tongue. The careless blow to the head. The careless whispers up and down the grape vine.

They didn't really care.

Alone. Betrayed. Afraid. Ice cold. Ice.

The little, fragile Russian doll hardened into an Ice Queen. Ever so careless about what people said about her. Ever so careless about what she was doing, as long as she could get what she wantef. Ever so careless about everyone else but her.

Their words stung. Hot poker sticks piecing their way through the barriers. Thick ice giving away to the tiny sticks that built up to something much more- much stronger.

They said that a number of carefully placed holes in the strongest walls could send it crashing down.

Crash, bam, boom.

The crack grew larder, splitting the little layers left.

One, two, three.

And they all fell down.

One last shell. The last thing that barely proved the, now sorry, existence of the once glamorous, flawless Russian doll. The single thing that stood between existing and just plain air.

Whisper, crack, crack.


Written in an extremely boring class, I hope y'all like it.

For those who read Brightest of All Colours, just to let y'all know. I have a new colour-idea in mind! 

Inflatable Marshmellows