Title: Spanning Dimensions.

Written for: naruto100 on LJ, back in 2005.

Date of Completion: 26/11/05.

Challenge: Last chances.

Characters: Naruto, Sasuke.

Bonuses: Seven, hot, yawns.

Summary: At the Valley of the End, worlds of different possibilities hang in the moment and the future rests on shoulders too young to bear it. Sasuke and Naruto and what could have been.


It all comes down to this. All the dancing for dominance and fights for pride, all the lust for revenge and pure need for acceptance – it's all going to end on this rocky, barren clifftop with only the hell-hot wind for witness.

In another world, Sasuke will come home. In another time, Team Seven will live and love and train together, uninterrupted by names like Itachi and Orochimaru. In another reality, betrayal is simply a possibility and one that, when Naruto's in a bouncy mood, will use to try and guilt Sasuke into something, usually the purchase of ramen, and Sakura will pound him for being insensitive...

It all comes down to the here and now. This is the last chance to make that world this one.

The future yawns emptily as white light signifies the end of the world that could have been.


'Sing of a thousand dimensions, but only one where you and I belong.'

Author's Comments:

More old work I'm uploading. I still like this since I'm not good at working to a word limit. Or, indeed, being brief.