"Happy Birthday to you,

We hope that you do,

Have a wonderful birthday,

From all of us to you."

"Thank you. Thank you."

Beast Boy was standing on the table, wearing a tall purple birthday hat. He was grinning and bowing to the cheering crowed. Raven was standing by the door, clapping and looking at the birthday boy.

She hated parties, even all Titan parties. But it was important for him, and she didn't want to ruin his day.

"You don't look so good."

She moved her eyes and looked at her leader and friend whispering in her ear. The only way they could communicate in the noise.

"You know I don't like parties."

"You need some air?"

She looked one last time at Beast Boy, who was now dancing with Wonder Girl and nodded. He wouldn't miss her for a few minutes. The walked down the hall, passing Pantha and Wilderbeast, before taking the stairs up to the roof. It was empty. Raven walked over to the edge and took a deep breath, in and out.

"I'm impressed, almost an whole hour. That breaks your old record with a full forty-five minutes."

She just looked over her shoulder, not giving a response. She turned her face outwards again.

"Well, this is the last Titan birthday. At least for our sake."

Robin walked up next to her. She sighed, and her arms drop to her side.

"I know why we have to leave, Dick. You and Starfire are having a baby. Cyborg is engaged. Beast Boy, thanks to the holoring, will finally experience a normal life."

"So will you."

She turned her face, and a strange look came over her eyes.

"It's not just my appearances that separates me from everyone."

"You'll be fine Rae. You are doing so much better now than when we were younger. That means something."

"It means I will do anything for you four."

"You won't lose us."

Raven turned her face away, ashamed of the tears in her eyes.

"That's what mother and Azar said."

She opened her eyes, turned and gave him a small smile. They both turned as the door to the roof opened, and Cyborg popped his head out.

"There you are. Come, they are going to toast us."

They left the roof without saying another word.

In the common room everyone was waiting. Aqualad, now more commonly known as Aquaman, was standing on the table. His glass risen.

"As most of you all know isn't this just the birthday for our all beloved Beast Boy, who have finally become a man. At least on paper."


Laughter, kind 'we are laughing with you not at you okay maybe a bit at you, but mostly with you' laughter.

"This is also a goodbye party for the original Titans, who is finally hanging up their uniforms, and going into the world as, fairly, normal people. Getting married. Raising a family. Leaving the saving of the world to us, how long that might last. Anyway, most of us, well all of us, wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you guys. So raise your glasses one last time, for the original titans. Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy and Raven."

"Mugu Mugu."

Glasses were raised, before emptied. Then hugs and goodbyes were exchanged.

The door rang.

"I'll get it."

No one took any notice. Raven just shook her head as she phased to the main door. She opened it, and wasn't surprised to find a postman there.

"I have some packages for a Mr Beast Boy of the Titans."

"You have the right place. Just put them in the hall. He'll open them later. Any food or anything alive in the front, the big things in the back. Otherwise just be careful."

The postman nodded and signalled someone. Three very quick people ran in and out with the presents and soon the hall was filled with them. She tipped the exhausted mailmen, when she was distracted by an old, beautiful, woman.

"Excuse me, is this the residence of Garfield M. Logan."

"Can I ask what it's about?"

The woman opened her briefcase and pulled out a card.

"Yes of course. My name is Fran Bright. I was the attorney of Mr and Mrs Mark Logan."

"I see. Please come in. I'll get him."

Raven turned her back to the woman and phased through the wall. She landed behind Beast Boy talking to Aqualad and his girlfriend Tula.

"Beast Boy."


"You have a visitor down stairs."

"Tell them to come back later."

He turned and continued to talk to Aqualad, who pointed to Raven.


"Beast Boy it's important that you talk to this person."

"Come on Rae, it's my birthday, can't you just tell them to come back later."

He turned around again. Raven was angry as she covered him in black energy from the neck down, lifting him slightly into the air and forcing him to look her way.

"Beast Boy I know it's your birthday, but you better get your butt down stairs and see this person or it's going to be your last."

She removed the energy and he fell to the ground.

"That's for making me your gofer."

Then she turned and phased through the floor. Beast Boy, still a bit stunned, rose as he brushed himself.

"What's her problem?"

"You shouldn't have talked to her that way Beast Boy."

He looked confused at Tula, she sighed and looked at her boyfriend.

"I told you, he's just twenty-one on paper. Go down stairs B. If for nothing more, she thought it important."

Beast Boy saw as they disappeared amongst the other guests before he sighed and walked down stairs. He was surprised to find Raven talk to a woman in a business suite.


"Garfield M. Logan? Son of Mark and Marie Logan?"

"That's me."


She gave him her hand, and he took it. Still confused. Raven didn't imply anything just looked from one to the other.

"My name is Fran Bright. I was the advisor handling your parents last will and testament."

Beast Boy suddenly felt his face got a bit paler.

"My parent's testament?"

"Yes. You will need to come to my office and have their assets drawn over to you, but I have come to give you a copy so you would have the general idea. You were of course the only benefited, and as stated in their testament, everything is yours now that you are twenty-one. Would Monday be okay?"

He felt lightheaded, and didn't answer. He just looked at the envelope she was handing him. Raven grabbed it, and answered for him.

"Monday would be fine."

"Great. Nine?"

"Monday at nine."

"And have a happy birthday."

Then she turned and left. Beast Boy was in a daze.

"Beast Boy?"

He just looked at her, but couldn't remember who the purple haired woman was.

"Beast Boy, talk to me."

He walked out of the house and down to the place he always retreated to. His rock.

Raven sighed, but fazed through the floor, this time looking for Robin, she soon saw him talking to Speedy.

"Robin, we need to end this party."


Raven bent over and whispered in his ear:

"Beast Boy just got his parents last will and testament."

Robin saw to understand. She knew he would.

"Where is he?"

"Where he always is."

"What's the problem?"

Robin and Raven looked at Speedy before looking at one another.

"I'll go be with him."

"Do that. Speedy, help me get most of them home."


"Family issues."

Raven phased again, and this time landed by him on his rock. He didn't even blink.

"Beast Boy, talk to me."


"Beast Boy, please talk to me."

Still nothing. She knew he was upset, she felt it.

"I'm so sorry Garfield."

"Sorry? What have you to be sorry about?"

"I'm sorry there is nothing I can do to help you."

"Help me? There is nothing to help me with, I'm fine."

"You are really going to lie about your feelings to an empath?"

Finally he looked at her, and a small smile formed on his lips.

"I knew they had a will, one of my guardians tried to kill me for it once, but I never gave it a single thought."

He looked out at the ocean again.

"So how much do I have?"

"Are you sure you want me to…"

"Rae I wouldn't understand half of the things in there. Just tell me how much is left of my parents fortune."

Still unsure Raven opened the envelope and started to read.

"The last will and testament of Mark Logan and Marie Green-Logan."

"Just tell me how much I have."

She skimmed through it, and then reread certain parts to be sure she got it right.


"You're a millionaire."


He smiled, before his eyes turned misty again. The past, the time before they joined the titans, was always a hard topic for the people in the tower. Raven closed her eyes, and turned her face down. She had never been in this kind of experience.

"What can I do to help you?"

He didn't answer, and finally Robin broke the silence.

"Most of them have gone home."

With most he meant everyone except Cy's finacée Bumbelbee, Speedy, Aqualad, and Tula. They were going to be there over the weekend. Helping the originals pack, and such.

"Help him."

With this plea Raven rose and let the two men be alone.

She teleported back to her room before beginning her meditation immediately. First late could she change and almost pass out on her bed.