Supertoys While Mummy Drinks

By: S|K

A/N: For this story I combined different elements from the Supertoys stories by Brian Aldiss and the movie A.I. and some of my own stuff. So this doesn't follow the film exactly.

David and Teddy were setting on the floor of the nursery, watching Saturday morning cartoons, like normal human children. They were in the midst of watching the latest episode of the X-men series when it came time for the dreaded commercial break. But this time it was even worse. A ad for Synthank was shown.

"I hate that stupid factory" Growled David in a low tone while smashing his finger into the power button on the TV. He then got up and toddled across the room with Teddy not to far behind.

He stopped in front of the crib and climbed up on a small chair. Then peered in between the bars at his 'baby brother'.

The gurgling baby watched him for a few seconds until he caught sight of Teddy, who was hanging off the side of the crib, watching the baby as well.

Before David knew it. The baby got hold of one of Teddy's arms and was trying to pull the bear between the bars.

"No, Martin!" David yelled.

"What now..?" groaned Monica. She layed in her bed, sprawled out on her stomach. She heard more yells and crying come form the nursery. She tried to ignore it just as she had constantly done for several months now. She hid her face under a pillow, hoping it would drain out the noise so she could get back to sleep. But she knew at some point she would have to intervene. Realizing this, she wrestled the bed sheets off of her and slowly slipped out of bed.

She straightened out her shirt, trying to cover herself up better. She rubbed her eyes and looked at the clock that sat on the end table next to her bed, completely surrounded by empty beer cans and wine bottles. 10:28. That's what the clock said. At least that was what she thought it said. She had a hard time focusing on the numbers on the digital readout. She had a serious headache.

She staggered out of the room and down the hall, towards the nursery.

David and Martin were pulling Teddy back and forth between the bars of the crib, like if they were playing tug-a-war. Teddy pleaded for them to stop. " I'll break." He cried. But they wouldn't stop.


Martin instantly released the bear. The force caused David to fall back and onto the floor with Teddy. They looked up and saw Monica in the doorway, holding onto the frame for support.

"Mummy?" whispered David as he started to get up.

Monica stumbled into the room. "David, Teddy" She looked down at them in anger as she swung her arm and pointed at the door. "GET OUT!" David could smell the alcohol with every breath around her command. Without protest he ran out of the room, dragging Teddy behind him.

Monica went over to the crib. She looked down at Martin, who was still crying. She gently lifted him into her arms and began cradling him so lovingly. She only stopped for a second when she heard the front door slam shut.

David ran across the lawn. Teddy listened to David's crying as he got dragged through Mummy's prized flower beds.

David halted in front of the decorative pond and looked down at his reflection. "Mummy hates me." He instinctively wiped his arm across his face as if trying to wipe his tears away. But he had no tears.

"That's silly. She doesn't hate you." Teddy gripped his stubby appendages round David's legs, trying to comfort the little mecha child. "Then why does she yell at me and not Martin. And hurt me." He rubbed his shoulder, remembering just a week earlier Monica got agitated at him for some reason and grabbed his arm. While grabbing it she twisted his shoulder apart. The damage was so bad she had to call Henry home from a meeting to fix him.

Monica was setting at the edge of her bed, reading. With her eyes still on the book, she reached over and lifted a bottle of a expensive imported wine off the table next to her. and took a swing of it. She felt only a few of the golden drops hit her tongue. She looked up form her book to the empty bottle.

"Out again" She moaned.

She sat the book down on the bed and sat the bottle back on the table next to the other empty bottles and cans. She would have to go back downstairs and get some more. She slowly got up and wobbled to the door. She unlocked it then staggered out the door and down the hall.

She was about to go down the stairs when she noticed David was standing at the top of them, looking up at her worriedly.

"Mummy, are you ok?"

" NO!" She breathed heavily and looked as though she could collapse at any moment. "What are you doing here?! I told you to not to come up here!" She yelled and shoved him.

"Mummy--- !" He cried out as he twisted his tiny body, while trying to get hold of the railing. But it was too late. Monica stood there in shock as he tumbled down the stairs. The sounds of cracking plastic and what sounded like a toolbox being dropped echoed up to her.

"David. Oh my.." Monica's body slid down the side of the railing post as she looked down at David's motionless body at the foot of the stairs. His terror filled eyes were wide and staring up at her.

She covered her face with her trembling hands. "What have I done?"