Hello my pretties! Before you throw the rotten vegetables and boo me off your screens, please, please, please let me explain!

I know authors notes are banned on this site, but I'm afraid I REALLY need to explain myself. I will continue this story: in fact, I'll hopefully have the next chapter up by the end of next week. The reason I haven't been writing the story is that my laptop completely died on itself and I couldn't get a new one. Secondly, I moved countries since the last chapter, and since then, I've moved into two different houses. It's all just been havoc, really. I haven't had internet for a few months, I've been completing my senior year in High School.. it's all just been one big mess. Please don't kill me, I'm just trying to get my life in order!

I've lost all my plans for this story and all the chapters I'd written for it when my computer died, but I will try and regroup and get a new chapter up by next Friday. .promise!

I'm so sorry, my lovelies. Please don't hate me!
You know you love your Bonnie -looks adorable-