Summary: Rose hated vanilla. A Scorpius/Rose Valentines Fic.

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Chapter one

Rose hated vanilla. She hated the fact that it was undecidedly white or yellow. It was pale – almost like a blond color. She hated how it tasted. It didn't taste like anything. Why would you want something that didn't taste like anything? Unlike chocolate or strawberries… even broccoli had some taste to it. But what she hated about it most was how vanilla seemed to be everywhere, how it was on muffins, cakes, cookies, ice cream, candy, breakfast, lunch, dinner.

It was bloody everywhere. Who ever discovered, invented, first used vanilla should pay. If that is all one person they should pay three times as much.

"Hey Rose," Al said once she had sat down besides him for breakfast. "Want a cupcake?"

It looked like Al was already on his second helping of the cupcake and it did look good so Rose nodded, "yeah, sure."

Al handed her one.

Rose carefully peeled the translucent paper off of the pastry, and with the first bite, she dropped the cupcake.

"What's wrong?" Al asked with a mouthful of cupcake.

"Is this vanilla?" Rose said with a tone.

Al nodded taking another bite out of his cupcake.

"I don't like vanilla," Rose said matter-of-factly.

Al swallowed and raised his brow, "Since when?"

Then Rose thought. When had her hate for vanilla really start? Sure, she never loved the flavor but she really had never minded it. It really was just there, something to be unnoticed, ignored.

"Weasley," a voice said behind her. She whirled around. It was of course Malfoy. One of the last people she wanted to see – let alone talk to. However before she could launch a retort that would end the conversation before it actually started, he began to speak.

"I need your notes from Potions," he demanded.

Rose raised a brow. "What happened to yours?"

He didn't even have the decency to look sheepish when he said, "I lost it."

Rose rolled her eyes. "Well I suppose you ought to suffer the consequences."

Scorpius smirked, much to her dismay. "If I suffer you will too, we're partners remember?"

Damnit. Yes, Rose did forget. "Here," she sighed, pulling her notes out.

"See you in Charms, Rosie." Scorpius winked.

Rose sighed irritated.

You know what else Rose hated? Scorpius Malfoy. Stupid prick.

Honestly that arrogant Pratt was… insufferable, especially now that they stopped dating. It wasn't some soap opera attributed scene. They just both agreed that it was for the best. Of course it was, if it wasn't she wouldn't have suggested it in the first place.

However, as her Potions teacher seem to have a sadistic side; Professor Sadist decided to pair them up. Well wasn't that a boat load of fun?

After Breakfast was Charms.

It was only a practice lesson, meaning all they had to do in the class was practice the charms that they had learn the pass few days. It was a time for students who were behind to catch up. Since Rose had no problem in Charms she spent the class thinking about vanilla and how she hated it.

An aspect that she absolutely hated about vanilla was how it tasted. Horrible, horrible taste, not sweet and seductive like chocolate or fresh and fruity like strawberries - no nothing like that. It was… hard to explain. It was a tasteless flavor; well no not really because you can taste vanilla… it was like a banana. Yes, a banana. Bananas virtually taste like nothing, if you compare it to strawberries, oranges, apples, any fruit really. However it does have a taste of its own. So in taste, bananas were like vanilla… but Rose actually did like bananas and she hated vanilla.

Stupid Vanilla.

"I just want to ask the Professor something," Al said. He stood up and went to the front of the classroom where their Professor was. This left an empty seat beside Rose.

Guess who filled the empty seat. "Hey Weasley," it was Scorpius.

"What are you doing here?" Rose said crossly.

"I am bored and you look bored too," Scorpius said simply.

Rose rolled her eyes.

"What are you doing on Sunday?" Scorpius asked.

"N-…" Rose was about to say 'nothing' but then realized that she was talking to Scorpius and thought better of it. She asked instead, "Why?"

"Well… it's a Hogsmeade weekend and I was wondering…"

The bell that signaled the end of Charms rang.

Rose left before Scorpius could finish what he was saying.

Outside Rose and Al walked to their next class, which was Transfiguration. They reached Transfiguration with some time to spare so Al took out a cookie.

Rose looked at Al eating the cookie and remembered she hadn't really eaten breakfast. "Do you want some?" Al said noticing her look at the cookie with envy.

Rose made a face, "it hasn't got vanilla, has it?"

"It's a sugar cookie." Al said as if that answered her question.

It did. "Sugar cookies have vanilla in it."

"Oh," so Al threw the rest of the cookie in his mouth.

Like in Charms, Transfiguration had a somewhat laid back lesson. Like in Charms, Rose had Transfiguration with Scorpius. So to distract herself from that little fact Rose spent the time thinking about Vanilla and how much she hated it.

Stupid Vanilla.

What was up with the color of vanilla anyway? Was it white? Was it yellow? What was it? It was blond that's what it was. Blond was Rose's least favorite color. It wasn't white, it wasn't yellow it was undecided. Vanilla didn't have the definite pink of strawberries or the darkness of chocolate it was blond… like… Rose's train of though was interrupted as she saw Scorpius smile at her and send her a paper crane.

Go out with me on Sunday.

That arrogant prick. He didn't even say will. He just commanded her to. Rose crumpled the paper.

Lunch came and Rose went to the Great Hall eagerly, almost as eager as Al. She ate her fill and thought that she wanted something a little sweet for desert.

Rose saw Al eating a strawberry flavored pudding.

"Can I have some of that?"

Al blinked, "I'm sorry I took the last one. There is only Vanilla pudding left… do you want that?"

"No, it's alright." Rose said disappointed.

Rose's favorite flavor was strawberry. Chocolate was… amazing but it wasn't very smart to eat that daily – and vanilla was totally out of the question and the other fruit flavors just tasted much too much like the Muggle medicine her grandparents would give her every time she go visit them and got sick.

Rose didn't understand why any one would like vanilla.

"Weasley," it was Scorpius again.

Rose turned to face him with much reluctance. "What?"

"Here are your notes back. It didn't really help as it turns out I knew everything you wrote."

Why that arrogant bastard.

"Also I think that we should change our Potion recipe."

"What why?" Rose demanded. "I've already finished the paper!"

Scorpius grinned to Rose's displeasure. "Well I just think we could do with something better."

Rose sighed exasperatedly, "Well talk about this more in Potions."

Scorpius blew her a kiss.

Stupid prick.

Not only does she have to work a Potions assignment with Scorpius Malfoy but she didn't get any pudding.

Merlin she hated vanilla.

Rose approached Potions sulking. When she entered the class room Scorpius was already there sitting next to an empty seat which he gestured for Rose to sit at.

"Rosie," he said once she sat down. She hated being called Rosie. Honestly was it so hard to say Rose? Rosie had one more syllable than Rose and therefore takes a bit more effort to say so why did everyone insist on calling her Rosie?

"As I was saying in the Great Hall earlier…"

By the end of the class Rose wanted to kill Scorpius Malfoy.

Not only did he not do his part but he wanted to research on a different potion meaning he wanted her redo all of her hard work. Also, instead of turning in the Assignment early and getting bonus marks like they had originally planned they were going to spend all of Saturday finishing this new one and turning it in when it was actually due. What's more was the whole time he was hinting for her to go on a date with him. Yeah she'd do that, right after she ate vanilla ice cream.

At Dinner Rose was practically stabbing the roast beef. By the time desert was served Rose was fuming. Desert didn't help to lift Rose's mood. For what they had was none other than vanilla flavored ice cream. You'd think they would have more than one flavor but no, it seems as if the Elves assumed everyone like vanilla. However Rose was sure it wasn't the Elves' fault. It was everyone else's fault. Why did they have to like vanilla?


The next day was Saturday; which was when Scorpius decided that it was a great day to spend the day finishing up Potions. Just what Rose needed, more quality time with the selfish prick.

They met in the Library and Rose was reluctantly reading a text book when Scorpius said, "Look at the sky, Rosie, it's so blue!" Instead of also reading he was looking out the window. As if she needed to know how blue the sky was. They were indoors because of him.

"Well I would be out there if you didn't think our other Potions assignment was 'crap'." Rose said sarcastically.

Rose continued on, "I have you know I worked really hard on that, I checked out every book on that subject and double check every resource."

For all the reaction Rose anticipated from Scorpius, smiling wasn't one of them.

"What?" Rose frowned.

"I liked our other assignment and I already turn it in."

"What?" Rose repeated not liking where this was going.

"I duplicated your part, put it together with mine and I turned it in yesterday."

Rose looked at Scorpius with a mixture of shock, amazement and… fury. "Then what the hell are we doing here?"

"You wouldn't spend the day with me other wise." Scorpius said as if it was the most obvious answer in the world.

Rose felt as if she had just been slapped. So she slapped him. Then she left and went to the Great Hall instead.

Where she found vanilla cupcakes, icing on her already beautiful Saturday.

Stupid vanilla.

What was really annoying about vanilla was that even if the taste wasn't there you can bet vanilla was. It wasn't like pickles, that if you didn't like them you simply have to take them out of your sandwich, no it has to be the key ingredient in every baking recipe.

How to Bake a Cake
2.Baking Soda

How to Bake a Cookie
2.Vegetable oil
5.Baking Soda
6.Chocolate chips

Rose hated the fact that vanilla was every where.

Stupid Vanilla. She hated Vanilla.


By the next day, Rose wanted – no, craved for something with vanilla.

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