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Chapter Two

You know when they say that changes don't happen overnight? Well that's a big fat lie. How else would you explain hating vanilla one day then the next practically begging for it? Exactly. You can't. Saying that changes don't happen over night is a big fat lie.

So, shortly after Rose opened her eyes, she went down to the Great Hall in a hurry.

What in the world would make her want vanilla?

"Hey," Al greeted.

No she didn't want. She needed.

"Can I have a cupcake?" Rose said hungrily eyeing the tray filled with pink icing covered cupcakes.

Al handed her one.

When Rose gently peeled off the thin paper and took a bite, she dropped the cupcake immediately.

"What's wrong now?" Al asked annoyed.

"It's chocolate," Rose explained.

Al didn't get it. "So?"

"Isn't there anything… else?" Rose said desperately.

"Don't tell me you don't like chocolate too – that is just madness." Al looked scandalized.

"No," Rose said quickly. "I do like chocolate… I just wanted something…else."

Rose sighed inwardly. Instead of saying anything more, she poured some Pumpkin Juice in her cup and began to drink it.

"Well," Al said slightly annoyed. "Good luck finding something other than chocolate on Valentines Day."

Rose who was on a mid-swallow choked it all out.

"Sorry," she apologized to the person in front of her. That's when she started to look around. She was so preoccupied with wanted to fill her need for vanilla that she hadn't noticed the little bright red hearts flying around everywhere. Even the cupcake she had started to eat had little red heart sprinkles on it.

Of course it was Valentines Day. A bloody day dedicated to chocolate. She wouldn't get her vanilla now.

Rose sulked.

Rose hated Valentines. Well not really she just hated the fact that it was today, now when she wanted something bloody vanilla flavored. Really anything would do, ice cream, cake, cupcakes… anything.

Stupid Vanilla.


Al's prediction about there not being any vanilla during Valentines Day turned out to be correct.

Rose, in all of her six years at Hogwarts, never had spent so much time in the Great Hall before. She practically stayed their for the whole day. After Breakfast she went there twice. Then she stayed for the whole Lunch time and since it was Sunday and Valentines it was longer than the usual time. Then at Dinner vanilla seemed to be missing in action as well. It was as if Vanilla had disappeared off the face of the Earth.

What the Great Hall did have was chocolate ice cream, chocolate cake, chocolate muffins, chocolate cupcakes, chocolate croissants, chocolate everything!

Stupid Vanilla.

Not only was vanilla no where to be found but since it was Valentine's Day Rose was expecting a certain someone to give her a Valentine, as he did every Valentine since fourth year. She didn't want one especially from him (even though her heart would skip a beat every time a 'Singing Cupid' – a Hogwarts Valentine messenger - would go in her direction but then she would mentally kick herself when it didn't go to her) it was annoying but… it was a little worrying. Where was he? Rose hadn't seen that certain someone since yesterday in the Library. Not that she looked for him or anything but she was in the Great Hall for the great portion of the day and she didn't see him once. People do eat.

How could she ever have hated vanilla? She now fully understood that saying 'you never really appreciate what you have until you lose it.'

Vanilla had a delicate taste. It really did. Some people get it and some people don't. The colour is great, it's the colour of parchment and books – two of her favorite things. And Vanilla really makes the pastry. Without the vanilla in a cookie mixture, it just wouldn't taste right.

But this was just odd. How could one person, such as her self, hate a particular taste one day, and then crave it like mad the next day?

Stupid Vanilla.

By the time the day had ended Rose was going mad. She snapped at two first years for running (or really just walking faster than normal). In the Common Room, she bumped into Al who was holding a set of heavy text books which made him drop them on Lily's foot which made her yell making Hugo who was sampling a new product from the Weasley Wizard Wheeze called Noise Magnifier (Hear a Secret out Loud!) knock over the ink bottles from a nearby table making the Fifth Years who were studying for O.W.L.s on the said table go on the verge of breaking point making the noise level in the Common Room louder and by now everyone was in such a chaos that Rose had logically decided to leave before anyone could recall what had happened.

Stupid Vanilla. Why did today have to be Valentines?

Outside, Rose saw a little man badly dressed as Cupid walk past and Rose was oddly reminded of House-Elves. It was then Rose got a blast of inspiration. It started out as a train of thought that went something like this: Cupid man – Elf-like – House-Elf – In Kitchen – Food - …VANILLA!

Why hadn't she thought of this before? Of course the Kitchen had something vanilla in it – and she was supposed to be smart. She mentally kicked herself. Rose now walked toward the kitchen with a skip to her step.

She tickled the green pear and the portal to the kitchen was opened. The House-Elves received her happily as usual. When she asked for something with vanilla they cheerfully lead her to a table. There was already some one occupying a seat. Of course that some one was none other than that certain some one, Scorpius Malfoy.

He was eating a small bowl of ice cream and he smirked at her. "What are you doing here?"

"What are you?" Now that she saw him she remembered why didn't want to see him. She thought she might stall him while the Elves where getting her vanilla ice cream, then she could leave without saying anything else.

"Eating ice cream," he said matter-of-factly. "And you?"

"I don't think that's any of your business." Rose said. It really wasn't.

"Now that's not very proper, I told you what I was doing here even though I asked first and it's only proper that you tell me what you're doing," Scorpius said.

Rose remained unfazed. Scorpius stood and strode toward Rose so that they were within touching distances. "When will you stop fighting me?"

Rose who was tired from all of this vanilla hunting said, "Never," for lack of a better retort.

Scorpius touched her cheek gently and Rose moved back, a defense mechanism, "You're the one who wanted it quits."

"Wasn't it you?" So maybe it was but pointing it out was irrelevant.

"You there," he said to an Elf. "What does she want?"

The Elf looked up at him then at her before he answered, "Anything with Vanilla, Mr. Malfoy, sir."

Scorpius turned to her with a raised brow and an unreadable twinkle in his eyes, "Vanilla? I thought you hated vanilla."

"Malfoy, what I want isn't any of your business," Rose said quickly.

He gave her a look that meant that he thought quite the opposite and turned back to the Elf, "Don't get her any."

Rose looked scandalized. "Malfoy," She warned. He wasn't listening, so she turned to the House-Elf instead.

"Don't listen to him."

"Don't get her any," he repeated to the Elf.

Rose was about to reply with her counter but Scorpius interrupted her. "I wouldn't, if I were you."

Rose frowned. Scorpius continued, "We are just torturing him by giving him contradicting orders."

Indeed, when she looked at the Elf he was very well on the road of tears.

If it was anything else, Rose would have fought on; she would have done this until she won out. But there was a House-Elf involved. That cheap bastard knew she wouldn't fight it.

Stupid prick.

The Stupid prick knew he had won and decided to rub it in her face. "You are keeping me from what I want Weasley," he taunted. "So now, I'll do the same to you."

Rose crossed her arms and frowned in annoyance.

Scorpius smirked. "I have some vanilla ice cream right here." To emphasis his point he grabbed the bowl that he was eating from earlier.

"If you want it, you'd have to get it from me." Scorpius teased.

Rose eyed the ice cream. The bloody vanilla flavored ice cream. Did she really want some?

Did she?

Did she really?


Stupid Vanilla.

Merlin, she hated Scorpius Malfoy.

Scorpius was now exaggeratingly eating the ice cream. By getting a spoon full and making unnecessary delighted noises while he swallowed it, he was making sure that she was watching.

Stupid prick.

After all she had been through, she now had to deal with this… this… she didn't even know what to name it! It was so low…

So… like him. Stupid prick.

"Oh Rosie," Scorpius moaned, "this is sooo good."

That was it; she couldn't take it any more.

She now knew why she craved for vanilla. It was his favorite flavor.

Merlin, she hated vanilla.

She stomped over to where Scorpius was, grabbed his shoulders and with a fit of valor, pressed her lips against him.

Stupid prick.

Stupid Vanilla.


So in the end everyone got what they wanted.

Scorpius got Rose and Rose got some vanilla.

Happy Vanillentines.

The End

Author's Notes: Happy Vanillentines to all! It's the day of Love and I'd love some reviews. :D