A/N- I wrote this for the podcast: Mugglecast which is about Harry Potter. I originally sent this as an e-mail to them.

Dear my Mugglecast

I wrote this poem really fast

It took hard work to compose

Hope you like it, here it goes

I love Mugglecast

Listening to it is a blast

You make me laugh out loud

You blow away my rain cloud

This is Mugglecast

Comes out this week, at last

Listening to it all day

For the next episode, please don't delay

Listen to Mugglecast

It's better than anything in the past

You'll like it and love it

You'll want to be a part of it

Subscribe to Mugglecast

I promise you, it will last

It'll make you love Harry Potter more

It'll have you laughing on the floor

Bye, bye, Mugglecast

I hope this episode's not the last

See you next week

From a Harry Potter geek