Abby was concerned whe Chip stormed out of the lab but shrugged it off, going to welcome Tony back. She didn't see her assisstant en-route to the elevator so pressing the correct button simply waited until she arrived.

Exiting the elevator she bounced over to Tony, enveloping him in a hug. He quickly returned the gesture, assuring her he was fine when she worriedly questioned his well-being. They pulled apart and he kissed her cheek before turning to Gibbs and jokingly opened his arms to the special agent. Gibbs shook his head, a smile playing across his lips, and simply patted the younger man's shoulder.

No one was expecting the sound of a gunshot. Tony's eyes widened and he managed a weak 'boss' as he began to topple. Gibbs caught him before he could fall and gently lowered him to the ground. Ducky immediately moved to Tony's side and began to put pressure on the bullet wound on the young man's upper back. McGee called an ambulance whilst Gibbs and Ziva chased down Chip.

They cornered him in the interrogation corridor. He pointed the gun at them but Gibbs de-armed him before he could get a shot off. Cuffing Chip and leaving him in an interrogation room with Ziva Gibbs headed back to check on Tony. The younger man was being loaded on to the ambulance when he arrived and was being rushed to surgery.

Tony was in surgery for an hour but he pulled through and made a full recovery. Chip confessed to his involvement in both setting Tony up and attempting to murder the other man. A month later Tony was back at work and everything was back to normal or as normal as things got at NCIS.