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Summary: (Takes place in Harry's 3rd year) Sirius Black is on the loose and Dumbledore has plans for Harry's safety. But where does Dumbledore put him? Is he safe there?


Harry, Ron and Hermione stood in their last Potions lesson before the Christmas Holiday's. Ron was planning to go to Romania with his family and Hermione was going to her grandparents house with here parents; this left Harry all alone at Hogwarts. To make matters worse, the rest of Harry's dorm mates Dean, Seamus and Neville, were not going to be there either. But Harry didn't know how terrible things were going to get...


As Harry stood making his potion, he wondered what he was going to do. He would of course be visiting Hagrid, but what else? Without his friends, he couldn't go on adventures or play games or joke around. Well, he thought to himself, it was better than the Dursleys. But Harry couldn't help but feel slightly jealous that Ron and Hermione had such welcoming, loving families.

A timid knock from the door, jerked Harry out of his thoughts. A girl, a first year by the looks of it, was standing by the doorway, shock still clearly frightened by Snape.

Who could blame her?

"What do you want, why are you disturbing my lesson?" he snapped.

She began her ramble, "Professor Dumbledore told Professor McGonagall to tell someone from her class, so she told me, to tell you, to tell-"

"Get to the point!" Snape spat.

The first year jumped then quickly said before running out the classroom, "Professor Dumbledore would like to see Harry Potter!"

Harry looked up at Snape quickly, with confusion written all over his face. Snape looked over at him. "Very well, leave your things here Potter, but I will have to clear out your Potion, so you will receive zero marks. I daresay you would get that mark anyway, even if you had a full cauldron." Harry didn't bother answering back. With one bewildered look at Ron and Hermione, Harry swept out the classroom.


As Harry arrived in front of the gargoyle, he realized that he didn't know the password. He cautiously took as step forward.

"Er- Professor Dumbledore wanted to see me?" said Harry.

"Does your name happen to be Harry Potter?" Harry nodded, a little disconcerted that a gargoyle knew his name.

Yes, yes, the headmaster informed me that you would be coming; come on up then."

The gargoyle moved aside so Harry proceeded upstairs.


When he arrived at Dumbledore's office door, Harry paused. Was he in trouble? He hadn't done anything wrong, had he? Nervously he knocked on the door and entered.

"Ah, Harry my dear boy, come in, come in, please take a seat."

Harry entered and looked around. It was such a beautiful room.

"I have quite a serious matter to discuss with you," said Dumbledore looking at Harry over his half-moon glasses as though x-raying him, "Nothing for you to worry about of course"

Harry was so confused. What on earth was going on?!

"Yes, yes, due to the fact that Sirius Black is on the loose, I think it wise for you to spend the Christmas Holiday's with your family. I will find some one to take you there, and then at the end of the vacation, they can pick you back up and take you back to Hogwarts."


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