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Worth Waiting For

Ch 8

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"Because you're worth waiting for."

"Worth waiting for?" Lloyd echoed.

Zelos' smile widened. "I'd wait forever, if that's what it took. Of course, I was hoping you'd come around sooner than that."

This warm, fuzzy feeling… this happiness was something Lloyd had not felt in a long time, not to this degree. If the newfound fire in Zelos' eyes was any indication, the redhead felt the same.

"Lloyd… I don't know what I would do if you disappeared from my life," he murmured fervently.

Lloyd sighed. "Zelos, I already told you. 'I refuse to vanish,' remember?"

Zelos laughed softly. "How could I forget?"

And with that, he raised a hand to Lloyd's chin, tilting the brunette's head back as he brought their lips together again. Zelos didn't pull away immediately this time, the hand on Lloyd's face sliding up in a caress that made him shiver. As the redhead's fingers tangled in his soft brown spikes, Lloyd was startled to feel a tongue slide against his lips. He opened his mouth in surprise, and Zelos took the opportunity to slip his tongue in.

Lloyd had never heard of this… whatever it was, before. It was weird, yet at the same time… he liked it. A lot. With a soft moan, he lifted a hand to tangle it in the Indian red curls of Zelos' mane. That hair had always fascinated him, dancing like fire in the sunlight, wild as the redhead himself. Despite its unruly appearance, it fell like silken water against his fingers. The sudden, slick friction of Zelos' tongue against his pushed all thoughts from his mind, sending a tingle jolting down his spine once again. Trying to ignore the uncomfortably pleasant feeling, he continued to explore Zelos' body in ways he would not have dared before.

Slowly, his hands slid down to rest against Zelos' chest next, lingering for a moment on the red Cruxis crystal. It seemed to flicker to life as Lloyd touched the metal key crest binding it to Zelos' flesh.

Zelos flinched and drew away with a gasp, panting slightly. "What… what did you do, Lloyd?"

It took Lloyd a moment to clear his muddled thoughts enough to process what had just happened. "I… just touched it," he answered with great confusion. He reached forward to touch the key crest again, but nothing happened. "Did it hurt?"

Zelos slowly shook his head. "No… but for a second, I swear I could feel a tingling in my legs."

Lloyd frowned. "Tell the Professor when you see her. She might know something about it."

Zelos nodded, still troubled. He brought a hand up to touch the crystal himself, but there was no reaction. Determination suddenly flared in Lloyd's eyes. He lifted a hand to Zelos' face and brushed a flyaway red strand aside, moving closer until their noses touched. Zelos was pleasantly surprised when Lloyd initiated the kiss this time, and he did not resist when the younger swordsman awkwardly attempted to explore his mouth. Lloyd was painfully inexperienced but made up for it with enthusiasm, once he got over his initial nervousness.

Zelos was just getting warmed up, though. He was determined to show Lloyd what he'd been missing out on this whole time. Even if Zelos couldn't get the satisfaction of finally being romantically involved in a real relationship, he'd make up for it by blowing Lloyd's mind. But he wouldn't rush it. Zelos could already tell that he'd need to take it slow with the younger swordsman.

Slowly and carefully, Zelos turned and leaned back against the couch cushions, pulling Lloyd on top of him. The brunette broke away, gasping for air.


Zelos just smiled and grabbed the collar of Lloyd's red top, pulling him down again into another kiss. With his free hand, he began running his fingers down Lloyd's spine, making the brunette moan softly. Apparently, Lloyd did not realize just how suggestive his current position was. Thanks to Zelos' manipulation, the brunette was now straddling the incapacitated swordsman, much to Zelos' glee.

This was exactly how Genis found them both as he silently walked through the front door seconds later. He stood mute with shock for a moment, and it wasn't until Zelos' hand slipped down to rest on Lloyd's ass that he was finally shaken from his stupor.

"Lloyd! What are you doing!? How could you let that pervert touch you like that!?"

Lloyd started in surprise, all but leaping away from Zelos at the shout behind him. He sat on the far end of the couch, blushing furiously and looking at Genis in confusion. "Zelos wasn't…"

Genis' eyes flashed with rage. "I don't know how he tricked you into it, but why would you let a debaucher like him… DO that? How can you know how many girls he's been with before?"

Zelos stiffened, bristling at the accusation. "Hey, Brat! I'm right here, ya know! And I can answer both questions easily enough," he growled. "I didn't trick Lloyd into doing anything. Try actually listening to him if you're gonna ask! And for your information, I never slept with any of those girls. I built my reputation because…" Biting his lip, Zelos cut himself off before he could say too much. Unfortunately, Genis caught the slip.

"Because?" Genis crossed his arms, waiting for an answer in stony silence. He was rather intimidating for a child.

Zelos grimaced and searched for the right words to explain, but he came up empty-handed. He was surprised to finally hear Lloyd speak up.

"…He did it because it was the only way he could protect himself. Just like you and the Professor hid your half-elven status from everyone," he said quietly. "This world isn't a friendly place, and people have to wear masks just to survive, right?" Genis' eyes widened at this revelation. "Genis, Zelos would never trick me into doing something against my will," Lloyd finished, drawing stares from the other two males. Apparently, they didn't think he was capable of deep thought.

Finally, Zelos smiled. "Is it so hard to believe? The great Zelos Wilder, a virtuous man?"

Genis didn't answer, focusing on Lloyd instead. "Then… what is this? Don't tell me you actually WANT him touching you like that?"

Lloyd frowned, wary and a little hurt. "And what if I do?"

Genis gaped. "You can't be serious! Don't joke around like that, Lloyd." When neither responded, he grimaced. "Lloyd... you mean you're…"

This time, it was Zelos who answered. "Gay? Homosexual? Queer? A pervert? So what if he is? At least we're being honest about it. Don't you dare pull the homophobe line. I know it's not true."

Genis was appalled. "What!?"

Zelos just smirked. "What about you and Mithos, huh? Don't tell me you didn't love him. You gave him your trust even after he tried to kill us," he said more softly. "Genis, there's no such thing as 'forbidden' love. I don't know what they taught you in that backwoods village, but there isn't anything wrong with you, me, or Lloyd. I'm sorry if we upset you. I hadn't exactly planned on you finding out this way," he pointed out dryly.

Genis had the grace to look embarrassed. After a moment, he played his final card.

"What about Colette? I thought you loved her."

Lloyd nodded. "I do. As a SISTER. She knows it, Genis."

Genis sighed in defeat. There really wasn't anything else he could say. "Just don't… don't do that around me, all right? Even if Zelos was a girl, it'd still be really weird. I've known you forever; it's hard to get used to the idea."

Zelos shrugged. "Sure. Of course, it's not like we were PLANNING on having an audience. You kinda just barged right on in without knocking."

Genis flushed. Zelos had a point. "Sorry, but it's not like we ever had to knock before. Well, I guess there's a good reason now, right?" he quipped. "Zelos, you better mean it when you say you really care about him!"

Zelos chuckled and relaxed visibly. Lloyd slid over so that he was sitting closer to the redhead; he was still feeling hot and keyed-up from their earlier activities. He wasn't exactly sure what he wanted, but he knew he was getting impatient. This didn't escape Zelos' notice.

"Thanks for being so understanding, Brat," the swordsman drawled. "Now, IF you'll excuse us…"

Genis made a face and left quickly, mumbling about finding Raine.

Lloyd sighed as the sorcerer firmly shut the door behind him, giving Zelos a sidelong glance. "Maybe we should stop. People keep walking in."

The redhead waved a hand in dismissal. "Nah, I'm not done with you, yet, Lloyd."

The younger swordsman was confused. "Not… done?"

Zelos grinned. "What, you didn't that kissing was all there was to it, did you? Here, take me up to my bedroom."

The brunette blushed. "I dunno…" He carefully scooped the redhead up and ascended the stairs. Goddess, the feeling kept getting stronger. A kind of longing ache… Suddenly, the fire filling him seemed to be pooling distinctly southward, and Lloyd realized with a start what Zelos was talking about. He paused as they entered the bedroom, locking the door behind him.

"You mean… sex?" He walked over to the bed and set the incapacitated redhead down so that he could lean against the pillows piled up in front of the headboard.

Zelos raised an eyebrow and smirked. "…Not exactly. C'mere, Lloyd," he beckoned, pulling the brunette into his previous position. "Tell me to stop, and I will. I wanna show you what it means to have a lover."

Lloyd gulped, but didn't protest. Zelos slowly reached down and began to play with the waistband of the brunette's trousers. Leaning up, he whispered into Lloyd's ear.

"This turns you on, doesn't it?"

Lloyd inhaled sharply, feeling an answering throb in his nether regions. The ex-Chosen smirked at the visible reaction before sliding his hand up to rest over Lloyd's rapidly fluttering heart.

"It would be a crime to stop now, don't you think?" He whispered again, and the younger swordsman's breath hitched. Zelos leaned even closer until his lips were nearly touching the brunette's ear. "Let me touch you. I promise it'll feel good."

Lloyd could only nod, his breathing rapid and shallow. Zelos smiled and drew away briefly before bringing their lips crashing together in a passionate, nearly bruising lock. He sucked hard on Lloyd's tongue and the brunette squirmed above him, his moan swallowed by Zelos' ravishing mouth. Lloyd still wasn't sure what he wanted, but he wanted it BADLY, and he wanted it NOW. Anxious for more, he reached down to caress the ex-Chosen's finely muscled chest, his hand unconsciously sliding southward. For a moment, he was startled into awareness as his fingers came across the jagged scar on Zelos' belly, but the redhead didn't seem to notice. Wait. Wait a minute. Lloyd suddenly drew away, ignoring his body's screaming protest.

Zelos frowned. "Is something wrong?" But the brunette wasn't looking at his face. He was staring down at his own hand. After a moment, Zelos looked down also, confused.

Ah. Lloyd's hand was hovering just above his…

Lloyd jerked the hand away. "Sorry."

Zelos was perplexed. "What for? A), I don't exactly mind, and b), I can't feel it anyway…"

The brunette shook his head. "But that's exactly why I shouldn't be doing this! It isn't fair that I get to feel this way when you can't!"

Zelos groaned in exasperation. "I don't care, Lloyd! I want you to be happy; that's enough to satisfy me," he insisted.

Lloyd opened his mouth to protest, and Zelos leaned up to kiss the brunette. At the same time, he stroked a solitary finger down the tented front of Lloyd's pants before cupping him fully, caressing the younger swordsman in ways he didn't know existed. Breaking the lip-lock, he began to trail a line of soft kisses down the brunette's throat. He reached up with his free hand to unbutton the collar of Lloyd's red top and continued down until the first six buttons were unclasped. Shoving the suspender straps aside, he pushed he red fabric down until the brunette's shoulders and chest were exposed.

Lloyd groaned and found himself arching against that hand, seeking further contact. The resulting friction stole his breath away, and he decided that he'd let Zelos do whatever he damn well pleased as long as he kept this up. He couldn't seem to catch his breath, and he felt an almost unbearable heat pooling in his belly. Oh, goddess. Zelos wasn't lying when he said it felt good. It felt better than anything he'd ever experienced.

Zelos smiled in satisfaction as Lloyd positively writhed above him. So far, so good. Having successfully slipped the suspenders off, he quickly unfastened the buttons of Lloyd's pants. He made a mental note to remind the brunette to stop leaving the top one unbuttoned… Finished, he slid the pants down and began massaging the moaning brunette through his boxers. From what Zelos could see, Lloyd had never been touched in this way before, not even by his own hands. Leaning up to suckle on the junction of Lloyd's neck and shoulder, he couldn't help but smirk as the brunette's hips bucked against his hand reflexively. Lloyd shuddered and came with a wordless shout, falling against Zelos, boneless and content.

"That… that… I…"

With a smile, Zelos tilted his head forward to place a chaste kiss on Lloyd's lips.

"Shh. I know. You don't need to say anything." They both lay in comfortable silence.

After a moment, Lloyd groaned.

"I… need new underwear."

Zelos chuckled. "You can borrow mine. Ever worn silk before?"

It wasn't perfect, but it was a start


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