a/n: In the semi-distorted words of Maximum Ride: This is the end, my friends. But I promise that you will fly higher than ever before.

Max's Point of View

I could see them, finally! It had only been a day, but if telt like a lifetime. Nudge's hair was in knots – maybe from the loss of her bobby pin. Gasman was pale, with bruises on his face and legs and arms. Angel, my baby girl, had a dirty tear streaked face and shunts and tubes in her arm. Nudge's arm was bruised – I assumed she'd pulled hers out.

"Max!" Angel had cried, and I'd grabbed her in my arms, scooping her up and holding her tight against my chest. Iggy and Gasman were doing that 'man-hug' thing, and Fang was giving awkward hugs.

"Max, I thought I wouldn't see you again. But I knew you were coming for us." Angel was saying, and I stroked her hair.

"Max!" Nudge said, and I let go of my grip on Angel. "Max, you were coming for us, weren't you? I told them that you guys were going to come for us, and that nothing could be more important to you than that, and even if it was, you would come anyway as soon as you could, because you'd never leave us and…." She stopped talking, taking deep breaths. I was really thankful for that one. Although, now that I thought about it, I would rather have her talking for the rest of her life than never seeing her again.

"Gasman!" Ig said, giving him a high five, perfectly met – how he did that, I would never know. "Totally cool moves! Fang told me about it!"

Gasman blushed at the praise, and we all gave him high fives.

Max? Angel's voice was in my head. I'd missed her so much. I missed you too, Max. And I wanted to tell you that none of this was your fault. We didn't even try to fight them off. They just took us. They would have gotten you too.

Angel, I thought with sadness, honey, if I had been there than I could have at least tried. I failed you guys.

But Max, you didn't! You didn't let us down – we just got out before you could try! I wished you could have seen Gasman's moves though.

But they hurt you, Angel.

So? They've hurt us before, and they're going to keep trying. They're never going to give up on that, because they're, like, jealous of us and stuff. They wished they had wings. These little tubes – I've had them before. Sure, we don't know what was in them and stuff, but, if they really wanted to kill us they would have done it already, and gotten it over with, while I was in the School before.

I didn't respond, because, somewhere deep down, in the very pit of my stomach, I knew that she was right. That they would never stop trying. That no matter how long we lived – and we really had no idea how long that would be- they would always be trailing our wing-feathers, and trying to hurt us. The only way to stop them would be to get them first - to bring them down. And I knew, in my very heart and soul – bet you never expected me to say that, right? – that the only way we could bring them down was if all of the Flock was here, together – including little Lai, who I knew that we could use, somehow, if she was willing. I wouldn't force her. But I knew that she would be willing, by the way she was clinging to an uncomfortable looking Fang.

And she was right, too, that if they had really wanted to kill us, they would have already. No, they didn't want to kill us.

What they had in store was probably much worse.

Uh, Max? I think you missed the point of my little pep talk.

I didn't answer her again…. Little mind reader freaked me out sometimes. But, she was my little girl. And I loved her with all of my heart.

I'm not creepy. But I love you too, Max. Always will. No matter where we are, together or separate.

My heart broke inside of my chest. She'd been through so much… and now, I was sure that we were ready. We were going to take them down, Itex and the School, all of them… this was for us. For all the times that they've hurt us, and tried to beat us down.

And for all the times that we kept flying.

I looked to Fang, mouthed 'let's get 'em', half expected him to shake his head and answer with another 'not now'. But he didn't. He just nodded. He knew too, and, by God, he wanted to take them down just as much as me. He'd been through this too, after all.

"For the Flock!" I shouted. "For all the times that they've beat us down and tried to hurt us. For all the times we kept flying!"

"Up and away." Fang said calmly, and gave me one of his rare smiles.

"For the Flock!" I was met with five bird kid's shouts.

We burst out our wings, ran through the empty subway system, and out into the sky. We didn't care who would see us. Eraser or human, adult or kid, blog reader or not, they would all know about us soon. Because win or lose, we weren't going down without a fight, without making sure the whole world knew about us.

But we'd win this time. I was sure of it.

a/n: Alright guys! There is a sequel ... called... dadada... Maximum Ride: Electric Girl 2. If you have a better title, suggest it. :) I will put it up in a bit. :) Wow, alot of smilies today, eh?

And as I'm done, I have another semi-distorted quote: As I leave, there is only one thing left to say. Hopefully, we'll be back.

And if we are, it won't be pretty.

Hoping to see you guys soon,