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"There, son! There's platform nine and three quarters!" Sirius announced, sounding more enthusiastic then the to-be student himself. "You sure you got everything Harry?" he asked for the hundredth time that day. "Hey, I expect to see Hedwig every single day, you hear me?" he said, gesturing to the caged snowy owl that was attracting loads of attention from all the people they passed by on King Cross Station.

"Sirius, stop being so overprotective" Remus reprimanded, though he had a smile on his face.

Their son just laughed, too used to his parents arguing over how to take care of him. Then the eleven year old boy stopped in front of platform '9', looking around for the 'three quarters'.

"Dad, where is it?" he asked frowning "I don't see any platform nine and three quarters…" he said, pushing his trolley around.

"Well, you didn't expect our platform to be out in the open where all the muggles could see it, did you?" Remus asked, arching an eyebrow; Sirius had definitely rubbed off on him.

"…Well, no…but where is it then?" he was still frowning, biting his lower lip like his werewolf father used to do.

The tall black haired wizard was now standing between platforms nine and ten. "It's through here kiddo" he announced finally, pointing at the wall "See you on the other side! I'll go ahead and clear the way of slytherins." He winked at his son and walked backwards as the very solid-looking wall swallowed him up, just as Remus yelled at him to behave.

"Your father is unbelievable" the werewolf commented darkly, though his smile never faded. "Now Harry, listen, you know Sirius jokes a lot and all about slytherins. But we talked about this before right? I don't want you to forget it ok? It doesn't matter what house you get into, you'll make friends and it's not gonna change anything, alright? Even if it is Slytherin." He guaranteed, knowing that Harry was getting nervous.

The messy haired boy bit his lip again and kept looking at his, suddenly too interesting, trunk.

"Dad wouldn't want me to get into Slytherin, and I don't want to go there either." He said quietly.

Oh, sometimes Remus wanted to smack his lover at the back of the head! The animagus just had to go and make his comments that would make Harry all worried!

"That's just…cause of his family, son, you know that. But I'm sure you also know that he's just playing around. If you did go to Slytherin he would love you and be proud of you just the same. Don't doubt it, alright?" he said, putting his hand on the boy's shoulder, and then hugging him briefly. "Don't worry, it'll be fine!" he said cheerfully "Now, come on, we better go before you miss your train. You go in first, I'll be right behind you alright?"

The boy nodded, feeling reassured about his fear, his father had that effect on him. And he positioned himself between the two platforms right before he made a run for it.

He closed his eyes, inevitably afraid of the impact, but it never came and when he opened them again he was already on the other side. Surely enough he could see the sign "Platform 9 ¾" on the wall and an enormous scarlet engine on the tracks. "Hogwarts Express" it said.

There were a lot of different people around. Students wearing their house colors going up and down as they load their trunks: red, blue, yellow, green… there were the continuous hooting of owls, meowing of cats and even toads making all sorts of noises together with family members that were enrolled in cheerful or tearful goodbyes.

"Kiddo, the way is Slytherin-free!" Sirius announced, suddenly coming to his side. "Where's Remmie?" he barely asked to see his lover appearing behind his son. "Well then, let's go load your stuff?" he said as soon as the man joined them. He was still so excited one would think he was going to Hogwarts again.

He took Harry's trunk and owls to the man who was doing the loading and looked back to the clock on the wall; it read "10:53".

"Almost time to go" Remus announced smiling back at his boy, he had been imagining this day for a very long time, and it was very strange having it actually happen. Harry hugged him and clung onto him for some time, he'd miss his fathers very much, he was sure of it. "Oh, come on now, you'll have fun! Don't worry! If you need or forgot anything, just owl us, alright?"

The boy nodded smiling and said "I'll miss you dad"

"I'll miss you too, Harry" Remus said smiling back.

Then Sirius got the boy into a breath-taking, life-squeezing embrace. "Come here, you! Give your old man a hug" he demanded, squeezing the boy even tighter "Hey, be sure to makes loads and loads of trouble for that greasy old Snivellus, alright? And don't forget you are the son of three marauders! Make Filch remember your name!" he said grinning as he messed up his son's hair and placed a kiss on the top of his head.

"Dad! Don't do that!" the boy complained trying to, though unsuccessfully, smooth his unruly locks.

"See that Remmie? This age and he's already embarrassed of us" Sirius mock whined making his lover laugh.

"I'm just playing" Harry said hugging the animagus "I'll miss you too dad".

He finally let go of them and ran off to the train, waving back when he reached a window.

"Bye Dad! Bye Dad!" he called back, smiling widely.

Sirius couldn't help but put and arm around his lover's shoulders as they both waved back.

"Oh, they grow up so fast" the animagus said in an overly-dramatic voice, mock-wiping a tear from his eyes.

"Stop talking like an old man, love" Remus said, poking him and then, quickly, placing a kiss on his lips.

The train they were watching slowly disappeared out of sight and surely enough it marked a new beginning.

It was now Harry Potter's turn to write his own story.

-The End-



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