Hey yall I know I need to work on my other 2 stories, but this is just ANOTHER random idea swimming around in my head- its rated T, but if you want me to include more, um details, itll go up to M. Tell me what u want! enjoy! 3 years after MR3

Max POV:

I woke up, groggy and remembered what had happened ONCE AGAIN- we were back at The School.

Just wonderful.

But as I opened my eyes, I realised the walls wern't all white. It was a normal bedroom, except it had no windows, and steel doors.

So we were probably at the school I guessed because of the steel doors, but why the heck was I in a bedroom?

I slowly closed my eyes, pinched myself, and opened them again. Great. I wasn't dreaming. I guess the school was trying to make me more at home during my stay, eh?

I then realised that there was even, slow, breaths next to me, so I turned to see who it was.


I shook him, and he began to wake up too.

" Where are we Max?" he asked.

" I think we are at the school, but I dont know why the heck we are in a bedroom"

" This is kinda-"

He was cut off by the sound of the tv in the corner randomly turning on.

" Ah, glad to see you two are awake."

The director. Great.

" and I suppose you two are wondering why you were the only ones captured and the rest of the flock wern't and why you are in a bedroom?"

" Well, Duh!" I repiled

" First off, when we captured you, while we injected you with stuff to knock you out, we put a serum in them that will tell them to not look for you and that you will come back when it is time. Don't worry, we will not bug them until at least one of you is back with them." She chuckled lightly, as though it was funny in some wierd, twisted way, before she continued.

"Well, we have wanted to conduct an experiment for a long time. The maiting ex-" Of course I cut her off

" What the hel-"


I decided it would be best to shut up, for I knew she wasn't kidding.

" The maiting experiment. No experiments besides you and your "flock" have ever reached the age of maturity except for one other. Max and Fang, as I am sure you know, have both had the signs that 100 percent humans have that you are physically mature. So has Iggy. Nudge, as you probably know, has not yet, along with Gazzy and Angel. So Max was the only female canidate for this experiment. It was either Iggy or Fang as the male canidate, and we thought you would prefer Fang, Maximum as your mate and father of the child. The details of the experiment are as follows: You both have had vials of poision put inside of you that, with the touch of a button, will seep out the poision into your veins and cause you to die within minuites. You must, um, mate, at least once every 48 hours over the course of 1 month, and at the end of the month. So starting as soon as our conversation ends, you will start your 1st 48 hour cycle. There will be 15 of these before Fang gets to leave. If he lives that long. You see, if during each 48 hour cycle, if you two do not mate at least once, the poision button shall be pushed and he will die in a few minuites. Max, you however, shall be kept alive, and will complete however much time in that month is left with the other experiment of age, Omega. You may mate as many times as you want during each cycle, but must mate at least once. This is to insure that Max becomes pregnant. Max, after becoming pregnant, however, will have to stay at the school, no matter whether or not it is Fang or Omega who is the father of the new experiment . But, comply to these demands and Fang gets out, alive and healthy in a months time, or he dies. Do not even try to escape. The walls are a foot and a half of steel. Also, cameras are all throughout the room, for we are interested to see if mating in you is the same as in, um, humans Also, to meet to your food demands while here, there is a large, walk in refrigerator with plenty of food for the month and a bathroom. Good day."

My eyes were tear filled and basically, I was Niagra falls.

Fang and I knew we loved each other, and were, I guess, a "couple" since we were 15, but it had never gone past making out.

We had both agreed that we wanted to wait for marrige for this sort of thing. I knew, though, there was no way I would let Fang die, or get with Omega for that matter.

I scooted over to Fang and just leaned on his rock-hard shoulder and he rubbed my back

He then asked "Max, what do you want to do. There is no way to escape. Do, you, um. want me or-"

I stiffled my snobs, and said "do you serously think I could let you die. Unless you want to die, we're gonna have to have sex with everyone WATCHING US!"

" What should we do, then, right now. Unless you want to get it over with..."

"Lets wait just a little longer, ok?"

"Ok. We can just talk, theres not much else to do."

I whispered lightly in his ear: Fang, I have an escape plan"

All of the sudden, we heard the director talking.

" We heard that, Maximum. We hear everything. So, should we press the button."

" NO!" I screamed, with tears rolling down my cheeks.

" I thought so."

Gah! Why me?

" Max, lets just talk, ok?"

I sniffled and said "Okay"

" We don't have a choice. We haev to comply, otherwise were gonna die. Just listen to me, okay?

" Okay."

" I love you, Maximum Ride. Will you marry me?"

I felt my eyes go wide. We both were pretty sure we had wanted to get married one day, but NOW?

" What!"

"Well, we both agreed we wanted to get married before we had sex, and so why don't we just marry ourselves, in front of God, or whoever else is up there. We can never officially get married anyway because we don't have birth certificates. So lets just get married, right here, right now. What do you say?"

I think I gawked at him a full minuite before I came back to my senses, smiled and said " yes"

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