Disclaimer: No surprise, I don't own Tin Man.

Characters/Pairings: Cain/Adora

Author's Notes: Written for the Tinman100 drabble community on LiveJournal, prompt "cool". First ever attempt at a drabble, so critique welcome.

Letting Go

His fingers ghost over the cool glass. Adora beams out at him, smile frozen in a moment of happiness lost to all but memories. With a sigh he wraps the picture in cotton and places it with the rest of the mementos that fill the trunk.

The ring is easy to shed, although the emptiness chafes against his finger. He drops the silver band in his pocket; Jeb might have use for it someday. If and when Cain is ready he'll choose a new symbol of a new life.

The trunk closes with a soft snick.

He doesn't look back.