New Life, New Home, New Hope.

By: Alexandria

PS This is my first fic. So please be gentle.


Three years. That's how long Harry had been running from the World he once knew, a world that had betrayed him after they were done with him after he had done his duty. Voldemort had been defeated. So what did they need him for know? So they turned on him, Calling him a murderer, traitor, even the next Dark Lord. So he took what money he had in Gringotts and ran. He didn't stop running until he reached a city called St. Louse. There he hides from both his past and the creatures that rule and roam the city.

Harry knows of the rules that govern a vampire ruled city, as well as with those who follow and ally themselves with said vampire. So usually he had no problem with revealing himself to those in power, but the current Master of the City, Jean-Claude, was currently pursuing a woman with Necromancer powers. Something Harry could not accept. So instead of insulting the Master he just conveniently forgot to inform him of his presence in St. Louis.

He went unnoticed for a few years, at least until he was caught outside, at night, on the full moon. He was attacked by a werewolf on his way back from his Cyber-Café, Aragogs Web, about half-way to his house in the middle of no-where, a werewolf jumped on to his back, knocking him to the ground. Before he could withdraw his wand, another were-wolf pulled his attacker off, though not before the wolf tore his back up.

This is where our story begins….

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Chapter One

Harry looked up into big amber eyes before his body caught up to his head and he ran. He ran faster than he had ever done before all the way to his two-story house. As he slammed the door and fixed the lock into place, the events that just took place finally processed through his mind. Harry froze in place as the pain in his back made itself known. The only thought in his head was 'Oh Shit.'

As the pain escalated as the full moon rose, he knew he had been infected. "All those years of hiding, gone, just because I chose today to close early, Just my luck!" was Harrys last though as he fainted, his body landing on the carpeted floor with a soft 'THUMP'. He never felt himself fall to the ground or feel his wounds heal.




Harry woke to the hard knocking on his front door. He groaned as he lifted his pain filled body off the floor. A whine escaped as pain pierced through his back with each movement. Leaving the chain on he opened the door to see a very TALL man standing on his doorstep, he could just see another, smaller man standing behind him. The tall man had a gentle smile on his lips while the other simply looked guilty. "What," Harry snipped. He was not in the mood to see or speak with anyone after his night, add that to the fact he hadn't had his morning tea, and Harry was not a happy camper.

The man's face fell a bit before brightening "May we come in?" The man asked politely, though his voice held a distinctively demanding tone that made Harry want to surrender right there.

The man was tall, about 6'1" maybe 6'3", His earth brown hair fell down to about shoulder length, his eyes where a chocolaty brown with an amber tint that you wouldn't see if you weren't looking. He held himself like a king, 'Which' Harry mused 'Probably isn't far off, if what I'm feeling is any indication.' Harry knew he has the Ulfric of the local werewolf pack on his door step and Harry was not happy about it. "Why," was Harry's cautious reply?

"We simply wish to talk about what happened last night," The Ulfric said, His voice was soothing in its dominance, causing a shiver to travel up Harry's spine. 'Shake It off Harry' he quietly rebuked himself, you could almost see him pulling himself together, if you knew what to look for.

"Very well, please come in." Harry answered politely as he opened the door to his home. "Would you like any tea, coffee, or soda" he offered courteously. "No, Thank you," the Ulfric responded as he walked in, giving Harry a chance to examine his companion. The other were had long blond hair about shoulder length, it had a slight wave to it. He was about 5'7" causing him to tower over Harry much to his chagrin. Harry only reached about 5'4" so pretty much everyone was taller than him.

"So…" Harry sighed "what did you need to talk to me about…Oh… you wanted to talk about the fact that I'm a werewolf, and how sorry you are..." Harry sniped; you could practically feel his sarcasm leaking from each word. With each word the Ulfric face slowly turned into a frown. His eyes glowing sharp amber at Harry's obvious disrespect. "By the way, what are your names" Asked Harry breaking the Ulfrics unblinking gaze.

"Oh, sorry," the Ulfric looked a little uneasy, as though forgetting something so small was a crime against humanity. Harry snorted at the thought before turning his attention back to the wolves before him. "I'm Richard, Richard Zeeman, Ulfric of the Thronnes Rocke Clan. This is Jason." Richard said pointing to his companion. Jason smiled and waved a little though he still looked guilty.

"That's nice... Look. I appreciate you coming to talk to me, but I really don't want to get involved with politics, of any type" Harry said standing, deliberately not telling his name. "Besides I would only cause trouble in your pack," Harry stated, as he put his tea cup in the sink.

Richard didn't look happy at Harrys response. "I don't think you understand. Tomorrow is another full moon. It will be your first and you will need the help that the pack can offer." Harry raised an eyebrow at that. "Yes, but what would I have to do for this so called 'Help'?" Harry asked dubiously.

"Nothing, why would you have to give something?" Richard looked genuinely confused.

"Don't give me that. I know how Packs work, and I'll make this very clear right now, I bow to no one. Unless they prove they can dominate me. Which no one has done." The last part was said almost absent mindedly. Like an afterthought.

Richard's eyes had almost bled completely to amber; a growl could be heard rumbling in his chest. Harry just smirked 'Apparently the Ulfric doesn't like such a blatant display of defiance, or he's not used to it. Either way this could be fun.' He could see Jason backing away shaking his head softly. Harry could tell Jason was trying to tell him to back off, though his eyes never left those of the irritated Wolf King in front of him. "Looks like I hit a nerve."

Richard visibly pulled himself together, his eyes slowly turned back to their chocolaty brown color and the growl slowed till it to quiet. "Perhaps I should come back another time. Jason can stay to explain and answer any questions you may have. Good Day." Richard said as he rose to depart.

"No need," Harry said, as he made to rise. "I know all I need to know. So you both may leave. I have work to do, lycanthrope or not." stated the now green-eyed wolf. With that said he led Richard and Jason to the door before slamming it in their faces.

"Well, that went well." Harry heard Jason say as 'The Growl', as Harry had dubbed it, returned. "Shut up Jason," was Richards reply, "We'll try again later," was the last thing Harry heard as they walked away from his doorstep.

Harry sighed as he looked around his house. He'd had it built especially so he wouldn't be bothered. It lay in the middle of the woods on the outskirts of St. Louise. It had two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, and a Living room. It was simple even as it showed his family's wealth.

The bedroom in which he slept held a four poster bed complete with red silk hangings. The bedding was made out of the finest and softest cotton as are the clothing in the closet.

The bathroom was made of expensively crafted marble that created a deep tub, with pricey shampoos and soaps lining the wall next to a floor length mirror and a marble sink lay above towels crafted from the finest Egyptian cotton.

Though Harrys favorite room by far was the living room. It held all the latest in technology, which Harry learned to use shortly after his departure from the wizarding world. It also held all the magic artifacts he had collected from his travels as well as his school books and trunk. Pictures of his family and friends were scattered around the room, on the walls and tables, though no matter how big it was it still didn't feel like home to him.

Harry sighed as he ran his hand through his night matted hair. 'Maybe I should take a bath' Harry thought even as his feet led him to the large bathroom. Harry sighed happily as he submerged himself into his warm bath; it was charmed to make the water always the perfect temperature. "At least nothing I have in the house is silver," he muttered to himself as he washed his knee-length, raven black hair before getting up and returning to the nap that had been interrupted by the wolves' appearance.

"I wonder what will happen when that Ulfric and his little pet returns," was Harrys last thought before sleep captured his mind once more.

End Chapter 1

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