Chapter 37: New Home

Harry stared up at Jean-Claude, "I'm pregnant." He replied bluntly, only to laugh when Jean-Claude, Asher and the wolves in hearing range all fainted. "Well, that's one way to tell them." Harry said, his voice filled with amusement.

While Harry waited for the vampires to wake up from their impromptu nap Remus came up behind him. "Harry, what's going on?"

Richard close behind, "Harry, what's wrong? What's happened?" So harry explained, from the pregnancy to the invasion of Weasleys. When he was done he sighed, Remus had joined the vampires in the land of the unconscious.

Jamil, who had been listening, asked the question that was on everyone's mind, "How did the Weasley's get past your ward?"

Harry smiled sheepishly, "I hadn't thought about them until they appeared to day. The wards are based on my thoughts and feelings, so they will change if I will them to. They shouldn't be allowed past the wards now." Harry assured as he stood and went to get a couple glasses of water.

"What about the yelling from earlier?" Richard said, joining the conversation as he eyed the glasses Harry carried. Harry looked slightly guilty when he explained, "That was Ginny. She thought that I loved her, when Jean-Claude told her I loved him she went ballistic. She fired the killing curse at Asher; I was able to raise a shield in time but not the kind I would have wanted. She is dead now and her body hidden where no one will be able to find her."

Richard looked slightly startled only to burst out laughing when Harry dumped the glasses of water over the still out of it vampires. His laughter only rose when they awoke spluttering.

Asher glared as he wrung out his soaked hair. "Was that really necessary, Mon Joli Loup?" He asked bemused, Jean-Claude simply shaking his head with a sigh, before addressing the issue that had caused him to faint in the first place.

"Mon Joli Loup, Did you say you where pregnant?" Harry blinked at Jean-Claude before smiling brightly, happy that the attention had turned from his little prank. "Yep, I'm pregnant with twins." He said simply, smiling at the looks of confusion that had crossed everyone's face.

It was once again Jamil who asked the questions on everyone's mind. "How did you get pregnant and how did you know you where?" Harry smiled secretively, "How I got pregnant should be obvious." He said causing everyone to blush.

"I think they want to know how a male could get pregnant, Harry." Remus had woken up. "May I ask whose it is?" Remus asked as he stood and moved over to where Richard and Jamil where standing, both of which wrapped their arms around him, bringing a smile to the pregnant boys lips.

"I don't know who yet, but I found out a week ago when I went to see a healer, under glamour of course. You see I had been getting sick for a while and I wanted to know why." Harry explained as Jean-Claude sat, pulling Harry on to his lap.

"It took the healer al of three minutes to find out I was pregnant, I've been trying to find a good way to tell you." He said blushing as he looked at the ground. Jean-Claude just laughed and pulled Harry into a kiss.

"This is wonderful news, Mon Joli Loup," Asher said as he too swooped down to steal a kiss. "But I still wonder how a man could get pregnant." Asher wondered out loud, a pointed look directed at the bright red boy.

"My magic, when it fused with the lycanthropy it changed made it so I could conceive. The Healer has also told me that the babies should last through the full moons." Harry assured when he noticed Micah, when did he appear, shooting concerned looks at a hopeful Nathaniel, who was standing next to the Nimir-Ra.

"What about all the fact that it can be a child with any number of diseases?" Jamil asked, once again being the voice of reason. Harry simply smiled wider, "I already asked the Healer about that, He said the children have no signs of any diseases, but he wants me to check in every month just to be sure." Harry assure, one of his hands going to rest on his belly. The hand was soon joined by two others.

"Are you sure you should be raising a child with the life you lead?" This time it was Micah who asked the difficult question.

"I see no reason why not. Thanks to my ward, well my new one any way, St. Louise is now the safest place to be. No one with malicious intent may enter or stay in the wards boundaries." Harry assured before he yawned.

Jean-Claude seeing the yawn picked Harry up. "It seems we will be taking our leave." Jean-Claude nodded politely to the guest who where still ignorant of what had happened, before carrying a sleeping Harry to the limo that was waiting.

Asher started to follow when Remus stopped him. "Harry forgot to mention that while male pregnancies are rare, they don't last long, only about three to four months." Remus warned. Asher nodded his thanks before following the path his lovers had taken.

Four Months Later (After the birth)

Harry lay in the magical hospital; his two beautiful babies cradled in their respective fathers arms. The eldest, a baby girl name Alexandria, was cooing at Jean-Claude as he looked at her, wonder written on his face. Her black hair and deep blue eyes were filled with mischief as she grabbed a lock of his hair and pulled.

The youngest, a baby boy named Michael lay asleep in Micah's arms. His green eyes closed to the world as his sandy hair fell over his face. It turns out Micah wasn't as sterile as they all thought. He 

looked at the boy with love clear in his eyes. Harry laughed when Michael turned into a leopard kitten in his sleep.

Life couldn't get any better.

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