SpinMax! Okay, I was gonna keep my fingers out of it, but there's just not enough out there! I know I'm not the only one freaking out over this week's episodes. V-Day? Monday's kissy-kiss? I can't wait!
So this is for lj's 1sentence community.

If you're one of those people who goes ballistic over proper English, run while you can. I found it impossible to do this correctly, so there's lots of run-ons. Also, in case you get confused, no prompts have anything to do with each other.

As Time Goes By

01. Comfort
There's no remedy for this kind of ache, but at least they can take comfort in each other.

02. Kiss
Maxie's got more experience, hands down, but Spinelli's definitely making up for ineptitude with pure enthusiasm.

03. Soft.
She's like some spiky ball of doom to the outside world, but Spinelli marvels at how soft and unguarded she is when they're alone.

04. Pain.
It's their first fight and Spinelli's heart is stuttering and wrenching about in an attempt to understand where things went wrong.

05. Potatoes
During his first dinner with the family, Mac stares him down over a plate of meat and potatoes, and Spinelli figures he should just be thankful he didn't get a fork in the eye.

06. Rain.
Maxie whines and complains about her hair tangling and make-up running, but when Spinelli pulls her out into the rain and twirls her around, she laughs and laughs.

07. Chocolate
Stone Cold assures him that the clichés always come through, but Spinelli can't help feeling that she deserves more than some heart-shaped box filled with chocolate.

08. Happiness
Lulu can't believe it, she honestly can't, but there's no denying the absolute happiness on their faces.

09. Telephone
When Jason comes down the next morning, Spinelli is still waiting by the phone, and the older man doesn't have the heart to tell him she won't be calling.

10. Ears
"The-the Maxiliscous One and I have come to an understanding!" Spinelli tries to explain, but Lulu covers her ears and won't hear it.

11. Name
She leans forward and whispers in his ear I'm not so bad now, am I and he vows to start thinking of a new name for her as soon as his brain starts working again.

12. Sensual
Spinelli likes to do little things, like brush her hair and kiss her palms, and Maxie finds it incredibly sensual.

13. Death
It was death that brought them together, and it doesn't take long for Spinelli to decide that death will be the only thing that can tear them apart.

14. Sex
It takes them a surprisingly long while to get to the sex, but that's how Maxie knows this time is going to be different.

15. Touch
He doesn't notice the almost cautious distance between them until he realizes how much he wants to touch her.

16. Weakness
Spinelli never knew he had such a weakness for miniskirts until Maxie wore that little black number and his resolve crumpled away.

17. Tears
Maxie always thought it was silly when she saw people crying out of happiness but it's a nice change of pace, and Spinelli just looks so damn pleased with himself.

18. Speed
He tries to think of it logically, of how far they've gone over the short unit of time they've been together, and finds that when it comes to Maxie, mathematics don't even apply.

19. Wind
Lulu calls her "hurricane Maxie" but Spinelli starts to think of her as a refreshing breeze.

20. Freedom
Spinelli takes the term freedom of speech to heart pretty much everyday, but he keeps it in mind particularly when he stands on a table at Kelly's and tells anyone who'll listen that I love Maxie Jones.

21. Life
Over the years, Maxie Jones had learned exactly how precious and easily lost life is, and she plans to help Spinelli discover the multitude of ways it can be enjoyed.

22. Jealousy
"Oh, I get it," Maxie laughs when Spinelli confronts her about her night out with some boy, "you're jealous!"

23. Hands
Suddenly there's gunshots and screaming and the only thing Spinelli can think of is holding onto Maxie.

24. Taste
"Well, I guess there's no accounting for taste," Logan sneered when he saw them together for the first time.

25. Devotion
He's always been a romantic at heart, but he can't seem to find any words in his extensive vocabulary that quite describe his feelings for her.

26. Forever
Milo is the one who points out the fact that forever is a long time, but Spinelli just fingers the vows in his pocket and can't think of a better way to spend eternity.

27. Blood
It's just a little nick with barely a welter of blood, but he howls and moans until she rolls her eyes and coos over the injury.

28. Sickness
Dr. Julian is trying to be comforting about the whole thing, but Spinelli has been sick to his stomach, just sick, since he first saw The Bad Blonde One looking so helpless in a hospital bed.

29. Melody
Spinelli has to admit he's impressed when he tries to show off his Dance Dance Revolution skills and Maxie beats him four-to-one.

30. Star
A shooting star streaked across the background, but Spinelli buries himself in Maxie and can't possibly imagine what else he could wish for.

31. Home
"This is the Jackal—and Maxie , sorry we're not home at the moment, please leave a message--after the beep, duh!"

32. Confusion
"Spinelli?" Mac asks, and the confusion in his voice tells Maxie that he just doesn't get it.

33. Fear
She's got this nagging fear that soon he'll realize just how wonderful he is, and then she'll be alone again.

34. Lightning/Thunder
Spinelli knows she's taken a liking to him when the storm knocks out the power at Kelly's and Maxie doesn't mention his manly scream.

35. Bonds
Spinelli knows he and Maxie are a mix-and-match sort of couple, but it's like there's some force in the universe keeping them together.

36. Market
When the guy, buff and handsome, approaches Maxie there's a second where Spinelli feels his heart drop, but Maxie just pushes the Neanderthal away with a disgusted look and tells him flatly that she's not on the market.

37. Technology.
The Jackal cannot even begin to describe his happiness when he can finally change the status on his online profile from "single" to "happily taken".

38. Gift
"Look at daddy," Spinelli sings, dancing the little stuffed monkey around on his wife's shoulder, trying to get their beautiful bundle of joy and wonder to giggle.

39. Smile
She's got those skinny designer jeans, fashionista tops, and glamorous accessories, but Spinelli thinks she just looks best when she's smiling.

40. Innocence
"Oh right, like I couldn't possibly have kissed you because I actually like you." Maxie snarls, angry at Spinelli's disbelief.

41. Completion
When they finish their job, their quest for justice, their mission to discover the truth, Spinelli realizes with a painful jolt that Maxie no longer has a reason to spend time with him.

42. Clouds
"It's a cloudy day for the Jackal," Spinelli sighs, which means Maxie is mad at him.

43. Sky
The sky is dark and the streetlamps dim, but he swears she's smiling so brightly it lights up the night.

44. Heaven
The latest mob war is over, Jason has Jake, Lulu is happy, and Maxie Jones recently gave him a look filled with –dare he hope?—affection.

45. Hell
Then one day his Minxy Maxie is in the hospital, her bp is falling and we're sorry there's nothing else we can do but wait, and suddenly he knows what hell must feel like.

46. Sun
The sun filters through the blinds and lights up the pink room, and it casts such a beautiful glow on Maxie's face that he can't admit the night before was a mistake.

47. Moon
"It's because of the full moon." Spinelli tries to explain to himself, crazy over trying to understand what could have possibly made him think it was a good idea to kiss Maxie.

48. Waves.
The waves of terror that sweep over him when she presses a hand to her chest and winces leaves him shaking and scared for days.

49. Hair
Spinelli's hair has always been a large part of his jackalhood, but he becomes really proud of it when Maxie tells him, honestly, that she's starting to like it.

50. Supernova
Nothing was going perfect, but it was alright, okay, consistent, until Maxie Jones decided what she wanted and blew his whole world apart.