So Susan (suerum here on , suerm on lj) wrote a really great 50 sentences set.  And then we traded word lists( as in, I gave her 50 word prompts, and she gave me 50 words prompts), and this is what I came out with…
As usual, these did not even come out as sentences.  Some of them are more than one, and some are run-ons. And I may have, um…took a little artistic liberty with some of the words. Whoops?  But in my defense, Susan gave really difficult words!
Of course, if you see any mistakes, please point them out to me so I can fix them!



This is what hell will sound like, Jason thought firmly, trying to will himself back to sleep over the sudden thumps and peals of laughter from the other room.

"Oh god," Spinelli choked, trying not to gag, and pushed the protein shake back to Maxie quickly. "That is disgusting."

Maxie spat into a napkin, while Jason put his down with a grimace, but Spinelli just mumbled happily through his mouthful, "It's the fruit of the Gods!"

A sly smile, a quick wink, a subtle batting of the eyelashes – he recognizes the tricks for what they are, yet falls for them every time.

"I don't even know…" Spinelli started, shifting awkwardly on the hard plastic of the hospital chair, staring at Jason with rapidly wettening eyes. "I don't even know how I'll ever even begin to pay you back for all the things you've done for me."

Santa Fe
"Sometimes you just need a little faith." He said, and wiped the tears from her cheeks.

He hopes that fifty years from now there will still be Maxie, hair pinned and eyes bright, still giving him something to reach for.

Just because Lulu was the Original Blonde One didn't necessarily mean she was his favorite.

He takes a job for Lorenzo Alcazar because he needs money –what he gets is a whole new life

Sacrificial Lamb
And so Jason, like a shepherd, unwillingly led his flock.

"He's my…" Maxie said, gesturing wildly, "You know."

"I'm in big trouble." Spinelli groaned, hands in his hair and eyes on the rip on Jason's jacket. "Leatherworking is not part of the Jackal's repertoire."

The Tempest
Even after the trauma of the plane crash, Spinelli finds himself thankful—because, really, if he had to pick any two people to be stranded on a desert island with, it would be them.

Cold, Maxie writes him that second week, and between the lines he can read lonely.

"Please…"Spinelli pleaded, and behind him Maxie gave her best pout and puppy dog eyes – but it was no use, Jason absolutely refused to go.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers
"I think there's something wrong with Spin…" Maxie said hesitantly, and they both turned to look at the strangely quiet, stoic young man.

Anachronism (istic)
"So – you mean- one day, the Maximista and I will--?" Spinelli asked, and he –well, the other him, just smiled knowingly, the age lines around his eyes crinkling.

"What the hell happened in here?" Jason shouted when he stumbled over the mess in the living room, but, honestly, he already had a pretty good idea.

Dark Matter
And there was Maxie, building galaxies with her smiles.

"I'm pretty sure that's illegal." Spinelli quipped at the evidence sheet Maxie has swiped from Mac's desk, but he quickly shut his mouth after she gave him a pointed look.

"It's—" Spinelli's mouth went dry, his heart quickened, his lips fell open in a gasp of pure delight as he caressed the smooth finish of the new laptop. "It's the best gift the Jackal has ever received."

"The Maximista rules my heart with an iron fist." Spinelli told the interested women unapologetically.

The first thing Jason notices in the sirens, then the smoke, then, as he gets closer, the sight of the fire billowing over the top of the apartment building – and his chest is suddenly tight and cold.

"So cute!" Maxie laughed over the frayed picture of a baby with the biggest blue eyes ever, and Spinelli braved Jason's glare to mutter something about Stone Cold Version 1.0.

And then one day Spinelli had the most brilliant idea ever – instead of switching between the Jackal playlist, the Maximista playlist, and the Stone Cold playlist, he could just put them all together.

Carpe Diem
"Hey." Spinelli said, and moved a little closer.

"Don't you think that—that." Spinelli flailed, stuttering under the two inquisitive blue gazes. "Don't you ever think that the three of us were meant to get together?"

It's Maxie's hand on his back, soothing in broad strokes, firm and steady – and he melts.

"Come on, Spinelli!" Maxie growled with a well aimed jerk of her knee. "Stop hogging the blanket!"

Global Warming
Spinelli shrugged, embarrassed under Stone Colds' scrutiny and all too aware of the lipstick on his collar, his kiss swollen lips, the extra disarray of his hair. "The Jackal thinks he may have experienced a Global Warming."

"Which belt do you think goes better with these shoes?" Maxie asked Jason honestly and sighed when he just blinked at her.

Surge Protector
"Thank the Deities!" Spinelli exclaimed, clutching his laptop to his chest in the now dark apartment.

Angel Falls

"Um, I know it's not Rome, but…" Maxie cut Spinelli off, "—it's perfect!"

"Oh!" Maxie sighed, tucking the suit back into the bag and matching Jason's glare. "You're so picky!"

"Two more guards outside the penthouse." Jason told one of his lackeys, because what had happened at the wedding was just a reminder of how fragile the two other occupants of his home were.

"Don't be stupid." Maxie said, scowling at Spinelli's lack of self-esteem. "I'm like totally shallow; you don't really think I'd get myself a best-friend who wasn't good looking, do you?"

"Hump day." Maxie whispered suggestively, just to watch him squirm.


"Think of our children." Spinelli told Coleman, hiccupping. "They'll be smart and beautiful."

Paul Newman
"Always wished I had his eyes." Spinelli murmured.

Off the beaten path
"Taking a scenic route?" Maxie suggested, followed by Spinelli's offer of "wandering off the beaten path", but Jason just looked at the unfamiliar road signs and frowned – they were lost.

In the night he dreamt of ruling over his cowardice, but in the morning light the courage fled him.

"But it's good for you." Maximista insisted, her eyes wide and imploring, and Spinelli glared at the tiniest hint of a smirk that formed on Stone Cold's lips.

"Manslaughter in the first degree." Says the judge and Spinelli buries his head in Maxie's shoulder, too heartbroken to cry.

"Ugh!" Maxie cried, so suddenly that Spinelli jerked out of his slouch and Jason tensed at his desk, and pointed at the television. "Those shoes totally clash with that dress!"

Quantum Mechanics
If wishes were raindrops he would have filled the world a long time ago.

"Definitely more than meets the eye." Maxie said up to him breathlessly.

"Let me worship you." Spinelli murmured, lowering his lips to the warmth of Maxie's neck.

"No." Jason says firmly, backing out of the penthouse the second he sees the stereo, the microphone, Spinelli's dance moves, the tears that are running down Maxie's face from laughing so hard. "Just no."

"Huh." Maxie said, leaning in for a closer look at the laptop screen. "Well, you're definitely a cuter Jackal than that."

Ill-gotten gains

Killing , revenge, so many people hurt because of him – and yet, looking over at the two giggling youths on his couch, he couldn't' bring himself to push them away.