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Summary: Joseph is getting married. Can Clarisse win his love before it's too late?

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Clarisse sat alone in her office, her head resting on her hands. She was exhausted. She had been working since the early hours of the morning, just signing papers; she didn't feel her hand anymore.

Taking a little break from the work, she moved to the window and looked outside. She let the rays of the sun bathe her face; she had always loved it, feeling the sun on her. One of her favorite things was get up early to see the sun rise, and even more, watch the sunset. It was something she had not time to do anymore. Moving her gaze from the sky to the garden, she admired the view. Oh, how beautiful the sight was. The well-kept garden, the beautiful flowers and… and then she saw him. Joseph was walking through the gardens in the direction of the castle. He had obviously just got in, for the car was still at the gates. "Oh, dear Joseph", she thought, "What were you doing in Pyrus again?"

This had become a routine. Almost everyday, Joseph would get one of the sports car and drive to Pyrus, spending hours there doing God-knows-what. Clarisse never asked him what he was doing there, and he would never comment it with anybody. It was clearly something important, for it was taking so much of his time. Joseph didn't even seem the same anymore. Clarisse couldn't tell what, but something about him was definitely different. He started neglecting his job. More than once, he had sent one of the security men to watch over Clarisse in meetings and parties, and that was so unlike him. He would never do that, unless it was a very good reason. She kept wondering what was taking her dear Joseph so much time, but she figured that if there was any problem he would tell her.

So deep in her thoughts occupied by the man that held her heart, no matter how hard she tried to forget him, she didn't notice the knock on the door and was startled when heard it opening.

"Your Majesty", Joseph stood on her doorway.

"Oh, Joseph" she looked down to the garden to make sure he was no longer in the gardens, that it was not her imagination making things up.

"Clarisse", he decided to throw the formalities away. "I've got something really important to tell you"

The happiness was evident in his voice.

"Say it, then"

Surprising both of them, he picked her up and spoon her around. He was laughing, and feeling good because he was happy, she started laughing too. After a few seconds, he put her down, but continued to hold her. Clarisse couldn't think; his strong arms held her and she felt safe, she was lost in his eyes, his face so close to hers…

"Clarisse, I…" his voice trailed off. He cleared his throat.

"Yes?" she encouraged him.

"Clarisse, I'm getting married"

She had never experienced such pain in her life.

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