Okay so my Eiji one shot got a lot of reviews compared to my other stories so I decided to make it into a full fledge story! (No one claps) …I feel so un-loved! I'm starting whether you like it or not! Oh yeah, by the way, the one shot would've taken place some where after the two meet. This story starts BEFORE they meet. And it doesn't fit the whole 'they meet in the tennis court' scene. It's totally different. Story starts now!

Chapter One

Okay, here I was, in Seigaku, in a pink and green uniform… I want out now! Why was it that my parents just had to put me in this school!? Why did my mom call me adorable when I put this stupid uniform on!? Was she going color-blind? I miss my red and black clothes!

While I was spazzing out in my mind I didn't notice the person I was a bout to-


"Itai," I mumbled as I rubbed my aching head; it had hit the locker next to it.

"Sorry about that, I wasn't looking where I was going." A hand was held in my face as I looked up at a spiky black-haired guy. He had purple-ish eyes.

I took his hand as he pulled me up off the floor.

"It's okay; I should've looked where I was going as well. My name is Tsukiakari Ushiro-Amagumo." I smiled at him; he seemed nice.

"Mine is Takeshi Momoshiro, but everyone calls me Momo so fell free to." He gave me a cheesy smile.

Suddenly remembering something, I dug into my bag for my schedule. I gave a triumphant smile when I found it.

"Do you happen to know where this class is?" I asked, handing the paper to him.

He quickly scanned the paper, "Oh, sure, Tsuki-sempai. You're in the same class as a couple of friends of mine. I'll take ya there."

I smiled as we head off to my new class.

"You should be careful about doing that Tsuki-sempai,"

I looked up at him with a confused face.

"Doing what?"

"Hehe, never mind. I can tell by your facial expressions that you wouldn't be able to stop anyways." He gave me another smile as I continued to sport my confused face.

We soon stopped in front of a door. I saw him open it then walk inside, motioning for me to follow. I shyly followed while fiddling with my long black hair. I saw him walk up to a red-head and a brunette sitting near the windows. I stood in the doorway, looking around the classroom curiously as they talked. The room wasn't that big and the teacher was no where in sight.

"Hey," I saw that Momo was back, "My friends will take care of you for now, Tsuki-sempai."

"Arigatou, and there's no need to call me 'sempai', Momo-kun." I waved as he ran back down the hall to his class.

Turning around, I looked over at the two boys he was previously talking to. They both smiled and called me over.

I shyly walked over to them and sat in an empty seat next to the red-head. I looked down to the floor.

"Ohayo," I mumbled, looking up from behind my bangs.

"KAWAII!!" I was suddenly tackled to the floor in a monster hug! "Nyah, Fujiko, don't you think she is so kawaii!?"

"Ah, yes Eiji, but don't you think she needs to breathe?"

The so called 'Eiji' quickly let me go, leaving me to gasp for breath. I looked up at the brunette.

"So far, you're my favorite." I said, still struggling for breath.

"Why, thank you. My name is Syusuke Fuji. Please, call me Fuji. And the red-head who nearly hugged you to death was Eiji Kikumaru. What is your name?"

"Ah, Tsukiakari Ushiro-Amagumo desu, nyah!" I gave off a peace sign.

"Nyah! That's my sign! Don't copy me!" Eiji started to freak out. I swear I laughed so hard I fell to the floor!

"Nyah?" He suddenly stopped, noticing my sudden attitude change.

"I'm sorry, that was funny." I gave a sheepish smile as he grinned at me.

"Nyah, so kawaii!" He was about to glomp me again when the teacher came in.

"Okay class, take your seats…"

Class pretty much went on without anything big happening. I was called up to introduce myself, was seated in between Fuji and Eiji, got glared at by girls, class ended, Fuji and Eiji helped me find my classes, got glared at, I figured out I have all the same classes Eiji does, got glared at, I walked to them with Eiji, got glared at again, and now I'm in art class with Eiji. Oh, did I mention I got glared at? I think Eiji noticed too because every time it happened he apologized.

I was sitting in my desk, right next to Eiji, when this girl passing by bumped my desk, knocking over some of my stuff! I quickly scrambled on the floor for my stuff. I was just about to grab the last book when another hand got it for me. I looked up to see Eiji.

"Sorry about that." He had an apologetic smile on.

I smiled back up at him, "No prob. Fan-girls… 'Scary'." I said the last part sarcastically while rolling my eyes.

He started laughing hysterically and I laughed along with him.


The bell signaling that school was over rung through my head as I put all my books back into my bag.

"Ne, Tsuki-chan? Do you want to come to the courts with me?" Eiji asked as we walked out of class.


"Yeah, the tennis courts! I have practice today but I'm sure you could watch."

"You play tennis?" He hadn't told me this.

"Uh, yeah…" He rubbed the back of his head, "I'm a Seigaku regular."

"No wonder I was being glared at all day! I thought I had done something wrong!" I cried anime style as we walked.

"Nyah! Tsuki-chan, kawaii desu!" Eiji glomped me as I sweat-dropped.

/At the Courts/

"Nyah, Fujiko! Look who I brought along!" Eiji dragged me along, against my protest, onto the tennis courts where I saw Fuji, Momo, and some other people I didn't know.

"Saa, Tsuki-chan, it's nice to see you again." Fuji gave me that smile I learned he had on all the time.

"Yeah, to bad I'm here against my own free will…"

He chuckled at my comment.

"Hey, Tsuki-chan! How was your first day of Seigaku?" Momo walked up to the group, "Tiring I see," He said when he saw my facial expression.

"No le duh," I said in a 'way-to-state-the-obvious' manner, "Getting hugged all day wasn't on agenda for the day."

I noticed Eiji had walked off somewhere.

"Eiji, where'd ya go?"

"Over here Tsuki-chan!" I looked over to see Eiji on the other side of the courts with another person, "Come on Tsuki-chan, I want to introduce you!"

I quickly ran over to him.

"Tsuki-chan, this is my friend Oishi! And the other way around!"

"Hello," I said to him.

"Nice to meet you," He smiled a kind-hearted smile.

"Okay Eiji, if you just dragged me here to introduce people then hurry up so I could go home."

"Okay, okay," He started pointing towards some people as Oishi walked off, "That's Takashi, otherwise known as Taka, that's Kaidoh, also known as Viper, that's Inui, that's Ryoma, I call him O'chibi…"

"Eiji! 20 laps around the court now!" A strict voice yelled and Eiji winced.

"And that's Tezuka-buchou."

I turned to see another brunette with glasses.

"You too! 20 laps, now!"

I gawked at him, "I'm not even a part of the team!"

"30 laps! Now!"

I started running after Eiji, deciding it was best not to talk back to the strict guy Eiji calls 'Captain'.

"Nyah! Why do I have to run too? I don't even play tennis at this school!" I complained as I caught up to Eiji.

"Ne, that's just how Tezuka-buchou is. If you disrupt practice, no matter who you are, you have to run laps."

"Great," I said sarcastically, "This guy seems like loads of fun."

Eiji laughed at my comment, which only caused him to do more laps around the court, to which I silently laughed.

Once we finished our laps Eiji and I collapsed onto the benches to rest.

"That was so tiring, nyah!" Eiji complained as he took out his bottle of water.

"Hey, at least you have water! I have to walk home in order to get a decent drink!" I yelled at him; or at least I would've yelled if I wasn't so tired.

"Maybe you would like to try my new Inui Juice?"

I squeaked as Inui was suddenly behind Eiji, which caused him to stiffen. I stared, gaping at the green goop in the pitcher he was holding. A bubble made its way to the top.

'Wait a second… Did it just bubble!?' I thought with disgust.

"Saa, is this the new juice you have been talking about Inui? I would love to taste it for myself, but it would be rude not to let Tsuki-chan taste it first." Fuji was suddenly near us. He had a suspicious smile still plastered on his face.

A cup of the bubbling substance was suddenly in my face. I had to think quickly if I was to save myself.

"Uh… I'm sorry but I… uh… can't do that right now because I have to save my… appetite for dinner because my family is going out to eat tonight to celebrate a successful move! Sorry again, but I have to go! Bye!" I quickly dashed out of the courts gates and ran frantically to the schools entrance; leaving behind an amused Fuji, a depressed Inui, and a still stiff to the bone Eiji.

The last thing I heard was an "Eiji, Fuji, Inui, 20 laps, now!" from I guess was Tezuka.

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