Main Characters: Hinamori and Hitsugaya

Summary: On the eve of the Winter War, Hinamori awakens with new powers and new challenges facing her, challenges that will extend far past Aizen.

Authors Notes: Okay, this is my first work of fanfiction and I'm really excited about it. This story will probably last a while, so be patient. Also, in the future I may or may not be 'borrowing' a few characters from other series if I hit a writers block and can't come up with my own, but rest assured, it will still all be taking place in the Bleach Universe.

Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach or any characters in this story.

Chapter 1 Troubling Events

Captain Hitsugaya sat in his dimly lit office in the Tenth Division. He looked at the large pile of paperwork in front of him and sighed. After several hours of failed attempts to get Rangiku Matsumoto to do her paperwork, he finally dismissed her and she left to get drunk somewhere. Just as well, he thought. This work can keep my mind occupied so I don't have to worry about…events

The last several weeks had been plagued with trouble. The arrancars under Aizen were mobilizing far faster than Seireitei could, and panic was beginning to rise in many shinigami. He himself could not help but worry after that arrancar Shawlong Qufang so badly injured him. He won in the end, but such damage from a low level arrancar was…unexpected. Then there was the kidnapping of the human girl Orihime Inoue at the hands of Aizen. That had been a tremendous blow to them all, that they were unable to stop her abduction right under their noses.

But most of all, he was thinking about her. His best friend, the person he had known longer than any other, was now once again unconscious in the fourth division. He was elated when he first learned that Momo Hinamori was awake, but that joy soon soured.

"Please save Aizen!" she said just before the Captain-Commander knocked her out. He cursed Aizen. Cursed him a thousand times over. Momo Hinamori, once a sweet innocent girl with sparkling brown eyes and a smile that could brighten the darkest room, now reduced by Aizen to a pale shell of a person. Her eyes did not contain even a hint of their former glimmer. Her chocolate brown hair was now dull. Her mind was warped by Aizen's lies, deceptions, and betrayal.

Hitsugaya did not know if she ever would even partially recover. It was almost better if she had died on the floors of the central 46. No! he told himself, don't even think that, she will recover. It was hard though. Hard to see the most important person in his life suffering like this. Attached to machines just to live. Unohana had told him that this time her unconsciousness was only temporary, but it had already been a week since the Captain-Commander had knocked her out. He was beginning to lose hope that he would ever have his friend back.

He looked back to his paperwork sighing. Just as well to get it over with, he guessed. He bent down to fill out a form, when a knock rang out.

"What is it?" he asked, annoyed at the interruption.

"Important message for Captain Hitsugaya, sir" came the reply from the other side of the door.

Hitsugaya sighed. This likely had something to do with Ichigo's rescue attempt to Hueco Mundo. He thought that he had convinced the Captain-Commander that he had nothing to do with it, but the old man likely still held some suspicion. Renji and Rukia's joining in the unauthorized rescue did not help his situation.

He opened the door, expecting to find a first division messenger instructing him to report to Yamamoto's office at once, but instead there was a member of the fourth division bowing before him.

"Sir, I'm here to report an emergency situation with Vice-Captain Hinamori, She's-" he was cut off by a whoosh past him. Looking up, he realized that Captain Hitsugaya was no longer there.

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