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Chapter 36

When Momo and the others returned to Soul Society, they were greeted with a deafening cheer. What seemed like every shinigami in Seireitei was there, jumping up and down and cheering. They were ecstatic that Aizen was defeated. It was as if a huge dark cloud had been lifted from the place, making the mood suddenly cheerful and uplifting. Momo smiled at the huge crowd.

For the next few days, Momo was in a daze as she was dragged from one party to another (most of them started by Matsumoto). It was overwhelming to suddenly be the focus of attention for everyone in Soul Society. She maintained her bright cheerful smile as the disorienting mass of people kept on coming up to her and congratulating her.

As she was being ushered off to yet another party, she felt someone taking a hold of her arm and dragging her off. It was Toushiro. He Shunpoed her miles away, outside Seireitei and back to their old childhood home in Rukongai. The place was largely in disrepair, but in the back, a large peach tree was still there, just as it had been when they were children. Momo walked with him, smiling as they sat under the same tree that they had sat beneath throughout their childhood.

"Thanks for helping me out back there," she said.

"No problem," Toushiro replied, "Hows it coming for your captaincy application?"

"Oh, well Captain-Commander Yamamoto says that there are still some technical proceedings to take care of and that I have to demonstrate that I've mastered bankai and not just achieved it," Momo said.

"Don't worry, he won't be able to prevent it forever. You deserve the Captain's spot, and nobody outside of him will disagree. I bet that you'll be Captain within a month," Toushiro said.

"Thanks Shiro-Chan," Momo said, "by the way, why did you take me all the way out here?"

"Ah, that. Well, um…there's something I needed to ask you," he said, standing up and reaching into his pocket. Momo also stood up.

"What is it Shiro-Chan?" she asked. Toushiro bent to one knee and pulled out a small black box. Momo gasped. He opened the box, revealing a beautiful ring with a piece of amber in the shape of a peach at the center and a cluster of emeralds near the top, resembling a leaf.

"Momo, will you marry me?" Toushiro said. Tears of joy came to Momo's eyes.

"Oh Toushiro…Yes! Of course I'll marry you!" She cried as she embraced him, her eyes blurry from tears of happiness.

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