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Still no messenger…

(Leandra POV)

I looked up at my master, he had taught me everything that I knew and now he was going to send me away to look after her. My sight moved to the youngest princess of Stormhold, her long brown braids flowing behind her as she chased after her older brother. The stars were dying, there was revolt on the kingdom's doorsteps, and so now I had to leave just to make sure that the princess was safe. I sighed, lowering my head, strands of my hair slipping into my face. "Do I really have to do this…why not send someone more experienced?"

"Because, Leandra, the runes clearly state that you should be the one to look after her…I will even cast a spell on you so that you may appear younger and keep an eye on her even better in the other world." My master set his hands on my shoulders. Times had changed, witches once feared and hated were now normal in society, thanks to the previous king. "You will still have your magic, but you can't use it around anyone…not even the princess…she can not know that she is from here."

"So this is it then…we're to remain there until it is safe for her to return, this is only a precaution to prevent every last heir to the throne from dying…but I still don't understand, why to the other world…why not send us into another city?" I didn't want to leave here, I didn't even want to look after the princess. I looked in her direction when I heard a thud and a sudden burst of crying. There she was, sitting on the ground with her knee scraped open, such a clumsy little child.

My master pushed me in her direction, we weren't even in the other world yet and she had already hurt herself. I walked over to her and knelt in front of her, moving her hands away from the bloodied knee. I forced myself to smile warmly at her, "don't worry little princess…"

My hands glowed white as I healed her scrape, the princess laughing once it was done and hugging me quickly before she ran and hid behind her brother shyly. So she was cute, she was still making me leave my home. I stood looking back to my master, the time for arguments was over…this was my last night in Stormhold.

(Third person…)

Leandra walked away from the middle of the courtyard, moving further into it. The mazes of rose bushes, trees, and fountains giving her some form of peace. Stopping at a more worn down fountain she'd sit on the edge of it and look into the water, catching sight of her reflection. She seemed like an ordinary girl, save for her eyes, even the water revealed the color of the irises changing between a deep red and pale blue. Her eyes had always revealed what she was feeling, but that was why hair was there, her long auburn locks falling to cover her eyes. She seemed to be around the age of thirteen, but she knew that her master was going to change that…probably changing her body figure back to that of a child without any curves.

Twirling her right index finger over the water she'd watch it spin, reaching out above the fountain and swirling about in front of her. I don't want to go…I want to stay here, where I'm me…I hate having to hide. She thought that to herself, knowing that there wasn't technically anything that she could do about it, after all she was the one chosen to protect the princess…no matter how dull or dangerous the job. Soon her reflection in the water spinning around her began to change into that of someone else, no…it was still her, only younger. The water stopped moving, time had seemed to stop moving, until Leandra dropped her hand and looked at her master. "You should get used to the change in your body before you run off into another world, Leandra."

"But…" she clasped her hand at her throat, her voice was higher than it had been before. Leandra looked at her hands then, noting the change in size. "What if things go wrong while we are there…what if we get stuck there for forever?"

"I trust that in due time the two of you will return and lady Adalia will take the throne of Stormhold…the two of you will be safe." He smiled, holding his arms out for her as she ran at him to take him in a big hug. "Just remember, my magic will protect you, there will be no need for you to use your own magic…in that world it doesn't exist…using it would harm you, so please be careful."

"I will…but, will you be here when we come back, master?" She looked up at him, his old age already beginning to show. "We won't be gone for long, right, maybe only a couple of years?"

"Leandra…" he sighed and knelt down in front of her, his large hands closing over her shoulders. "I don't know what fate has in store for me, you know that…but know that even if I die, the stars will always be watching you, and protecting you."

"The stars are the ones that started this mess…" she muttered under her breath before her master forced her to look at him.

"You are the only thing that I have in this world, Leandra…but the stars are the same in this world as they are in the other, they are the only things that connect us…so maybe the stars aren't to blame, what if the people in the other world are responsible?

The people in that world do not believe in the magic that exists here; they are closed minded people that believe that anything their books tell them is true, their books say that magic is unreal and to practice it is evil. That alone prevents the magic of the stars to reach their world, making them seem far away and distant, they can't even comprehend that the stars watch us and protect us…I believe that they are the ones killing the stars."

"They're killing them?" Leandra tilted her head back to look up at the sky, seeing a flickering star in the night sky. She knew that each time one flickered like that it meant that the life of it was coming to an end. "Then we have to stop them..."

"No…that is not your job, Leandra. Your duty is to protect the princess, that is all…the worry of the stars will be mine, so while you do your job I will do mine, alright?" He stood and looked down at the girl, even now he knew that he would never see her after this night, and yet he still smiled at her.

"O-okay…I promise to do my best, master." She smiled up at him, her eyes changing back to their normal hazel color.

The area around them began to fade, the sorcerer falling into a black pit as Leandra fell after him. She screamed, the sound of wind flying past her ears as her master disappeared from sight. She couldn't see anything, but she knew that she was falling and nothing was going to keep her from hitting the bottom, she was sure to die. Something came into her sight, a small light, as the light grew it seemed she was slowing down. Just as she began to think that the light was going to blind her a young man wrapped his arms around her, long black hair flowing around them. His hands held her close as they floated there, his deep green eyes gazing down at her. He smiled as her body changed into that of a young woman, "Leandra…wake up…"

Leandra's eyes snapped open, her vision blurry for a moment before she sat up in bed, her auburn hair falling into her face. That dream again…that's the third time this week. She shook her head, walking into the bathroom and looking at her reflection in the mirror. Her long auburn hair was tangled, eyes a bright hazel as they peered into the glass. "Fifteen years…and still no messenger…"

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