I wrote this a couple days ago while in the midst of a very deep depression im still trying to get out of. I guess you may be able to tell by this.

Warning!! If you dont like mentions of self harm, insanity dont read and dont flame. Sorry about spelling mistakes.

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Their eyes watched him. Judged him. Mocked him. Their mouths talked about him. Whispered cruel, harsh, unforgivable words behind his back.

He wouldn't look at them. Refused to. He wouldn't give them the satisfaction of seeing his pain. Of extorting it to the fullest.

They were vultures, circling. Relentlessly waiting to devour him. Without remorse. Or guilt. Their eyes never wavered from him. Even in the sanctity of his own room their eyes pierced him.

Savage darkness tore through him. Consuming him. Anger laced his vein with deadly poison looming up and toppling him over the edge. Whatever sanity that had remained instantly fled from him.

The knifes silver blade was cool to his skin. Soothing the raging beast inside. Without hesitation he drew it sharply across his forearm slicking open skin littered with old and new scars.

He watched the gaping white cut as blood slowly bubbled forth and rose to the surface. Desperate to see the wonderous sight again he drew the knife across untarnished skin and watched as the blood, his blood. Bubbled to the surface.

He felt the light, barely there caress as his dark red blood slid sensuously down the side of his arm and dropped onto the paper towel beneath. A slow sadistic grin made it's way onto his lips.

It was almost sexual in a way. It brought him great pleasure to watch his blood. His life force flow out of him so easily. He felt a tightening in his pants and shifted uncomfortably. Oh how he hated when that happened.

One of the demons inside his head whispered to him," just cut it off, think of how much blood will spill forth. Think how beautiful it will be."

He moved the knife lower towards his groin, "No! The arm, finish the arm. See how much virgin skin you have left? Cover it with out kisses." Another demon spoke harshly, quickly.

His flickered over all the exposed smooth scar free skin on his arm. "Yes that first, make it beautiful. That later."

There was more blood then he had seen in ages, it coated his arm fitting like a glove. His eyes were wide in excitement, "must have his a vein" he laughed manically. "Vein vein vein vein vein" he sang to himself.

"Hey baby can you bleed like me?"

His vision blurred and things started getting fuzzy, his heart sped up in a frantic desperate plea. It was hopeless.

"C'mon baby can you bleed like me?"

The lines in italics are from a song that i just love, its called bleed like me by Garbage.

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