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Jungle Planet. That's what echoed in the leader of that planet's head as he looked out of the Hyperborea's large windows. It was only three of them on the ship now; Backstop and Snarl were sitting down, setting the next coordinates to their planet. A small growl escaped Scourges' mouth as he turned his head towards Backstop, who had turned in his chair.

"We're almost there Scourge. Jungle Planet should be coming into the Hyperborea's scanner range. Its been a long trip, but now we're close to being home." Scourge nodded his head, grinning while in his right hand moved slightly, holding the Plant Key of Jungle Planet tightly. Snarl twisted his head to the side as to eye the larger mech and Backstop.

"Its been along time since I've seen Jungle Planet. It would be a relief once we step back onto our home world again." Snarl stated, putting his two cents in.

"No Decepticons to worry about now. Even with the Decepticons that are left, they wont be bothering us anymore." Scourge replied, then looked over at the Hyperborea's large windows, then grinned once the green planet came into view.

Not a single native on Jungle Planet would be ready for what would happen some time from then. Not even Scourge, who secretly but unknowingly carried it with him, a deadly, but dormant fragment from a unknown source when he was retrieving the Cyber Planet Key from within the black hole. The fragment, which would later turn into the deadly virus towards the natives, was never suppose to come in contact with unstable elements, like Jungle Planet's already wild and unstable environment. The unstable elements would cause a sudden, and strange reaction, changing it with dangerous effects to the infected. Jungle Planet would soon be a battleground, and a very deadly one at that, and soon after, Earth would be in danger as well.


The legendary ship slowed slightly as it bore its way through the atmosphere, storm clouds blocked out the land below, and frequent streaks of lightning and claps of thunder shook the ship violently as it went. Scourge almost grinned once again. Oh how he missed the frequent storms and the deeps parts of the jungle, not to mention the countless number of natives down on the planets surface. Scourge, as well as Backstop and Snarl peered out at the oh so familiar sight of the new temple the ship was heading towards. The three could see the flying natives had taken to the sky, flocking towards the temple, though close enough to the trees so that they didn't attract lightning to themselves. Rain continued to splatter against the large windows of the ancient ship as it came to a stop in a large clearing behind the temple. Snarl was the first one to stand up from the control panel seat, eager to set foot on his home world again. Backstop joined Scourge and Snarl as the headed out of the ship. Once outside, the three 'bots were greeted by a lot of the jungle Planet natives.

"Its good to be back." Scourge said, grinning as all of the natives had their optics locked onto the leader. Snarl started off to the temple, following after Scourge, the Cyber Planet Key and some of the natives in his wolf mode. Backstop lingered behind has he was approached by two of his current students, who were in their beast modes.

"Its good to have you back teacher." one of them, the panther, said, tilting her head to one side to look up at her teacher.

"I hope you two, as well as the others were alright while I was gone." Backstop stated. The other native, a white and grey gryphon nodded slightly.

"We were more worried about you, Snarl and Scourge." she explained, shifting her wings as she proceeded towards the temple, following after Backstop. Stormshadow, as the panther was called, glanced around, then quickly followed after the gryphon, Windstalker, and Backstop, who was now in his rhino mode. The rest of the natives, whether they were ground or flying based, followed Backstop as well through the rain towards the towering figure of the temple.


Inside the newly built temple, the natives shifted slightly, either in beast, or robot mode as they were eagerly waiting to hear what Scourge has to say. Scourge, with Backstop to his left, and Snarl to his right, grinned, then started to speak.

"My fellow friends, we have succeeded in building large amounts of space bridges to more planets, but most importantly, to Earth and Cybertron. This is a new era for Jungle Planet will be stronger than ever. Depending of the space bridges that are connecting this world to others, we might even have visitors dropping in from time to time, but I caution you all, do not hesitate to attack and drive off any Decepticons that decide to show their faces here! In other news, I must warn you, if any of you decide visit Earth for any reason, try to blend in like the Autobots there if you can. If you have a mode like mine, a mystical creature or an extinct animal, it will be harder for you to hide. You will have to move under the cover of darkness until you don't have to worry about the humans seeing you." Scourge took this moment to pause, as the majority of the native that were present muttered among themselves. The small group that Backstop was training were huddling in back of the large crowd of Jungle Planet citizens, which was near the entrance of the temple as well, stared at each other for a few moments, then looked back at Scourge. The larger mech's green optics swept across the large temple at the moment.

"To Earth? If you ask me, that would be a giant leap for all of us, if many goes there I mean." A mech called Soundstriker, with a form of a Haast's eagle beast mode hissed. The rest of the small group, included Charger, who has an American Bison as his beast mode, Razorwind, having the form of a Peregrine Falcon as his, Stonegazer, having the form of a Manticore as hers, Slashclaw, having a Leopard as his, Whiplash, having a Komodo Dragon as his, and the two sisters, Windstalker and Stormshadow. The group, in their robot modes, nodded slightly, then turned back to Scourge as he started to speak again, but the small group half listened to him as he went on about building the bridges. Soon enough, his speech ended and the natives started to exit the temple, muttering amongst themselves. The small group left as well, but they were well in front of the others.

Scourge watched on as the last of the natives exited the new temple and smiled. Movement to his left caused him to turn slightly.

"Scourge, I think it was too early to tell them about going to Earth, or even Cybertron! I don't think that Optimus would want a whole bunch or Jungle Planet natives showing up on Earth out of all the other planets that we have space bridges linked to. Its just as dangerous as going to Speed Planet; we wouldn't fit in there." Backstop explained, turning his head to look up at the larger 'bot. Snarl tilted head slightly, then nodded, agreeing on what Backstop said.

"I… would have to agree with Backstop Scourge. But the good this is - that if the Jungle Planet natives decide to go to Earth to explore like you said - they could just as well be introduced to the kids, as well as to Optimus Primes' group if they are back. I don't think they'll mind at all." Snarl said, looking from Backstop to Scourge, who folded his arms across his chest.

"Think about it Snarl. They haven't been to other planets like we have. It would be a perfect opportunity for all of them to visit any planets where we have built the space bridges to. They could explore new worlds like we did with Cybertron and the Giant Planet." Scourge stated, green optics staring down at both the wolf and rhino. Snarl sighed, turned slightly, then transformed into his wolf mode.

"What about the humans Scourge? Ever thought about them? Almost all of them haven't seen a dragon before, or any other mystical animal! What would happen them?" He growled, then took off towards the new temple entrance and dashed off into the rain, lightning flashing above him as he disappeared out of sight. Scourge blinked, then looked down at the smaller mech standing next to him.

"I'll take to Snarl later. We have to be careful with the space bridges though. I don't think the humans would be happy to see hundreds of beast modes come charging out of a space bridge, or as humans would call it, 'a vortex in the sky.' Scourge, please be careful of what you say next time." Backstop said. The larger transformer nodded slightly, then released a sigh. He looked down at the Cyber Planet Key that was still in his right hand, and didn't move until he heard Backstop transform and lumber towards the entrance, leaving him alone. The mech would have to contact Optimus Prime later and speak with him - after the current storm clears up in a few days time. He transformed after he placed the Planet Key in a safe place deep within the temple, then activated his Cyber Key power, dashing out of the temple, and heading deep into the vast jungle, releasing a loud roar.


Charger lifted his massive head, grunting as he heard the roar.

"That was Scourge… wonder what he's up to?" he snorted, listing his head to peer up at the four flyers in the group through the sheet of rain that whipped around him and the others. Windstalker was currently laying on a large branch in one of the surrounding trees, eagle claws hanging over the branch and Stonegazer, in her winged manticore form, crouched down on a lower branch in the different tree, her leathery wings flexing as her scorpion tail was locked into position over her head. Both Razorwind and Soundstriker were peering down on a higher branch above Windstalker, blue and yellow optics locking onto Charger. A slight movement, then a grunt from the shadows of the underbrush caused Stormshadow, who was laying on the ground near a small pile of rocks, to jump to her feet, growling, as Whiplash, the komodo dragon slowly came walking out, shaking his head.

"Slipped off that rock again Whiplash?" Slashclaw asked, jumping down from his own rock, smirking slightly. The medic flicked his tongue out at the leopard, growling back at him.

"Clamp it Slash." the now grumpy native hissed, tail flicking in back of him as he glared into the yellow optics of Slashclaw. The leopard matched his with a glare of his own, dagger like teeth being shone off as he continued to smirk.

"Both of you shut it. We're suppose to wait for Backstop to come back, not to start another argument like last time, if you all can remember that clearly…" Stonegazer growled, her lioness head peering down at the others, her scorpion tail rolling up on her back, stinger tucked away, since she was being careful not to sting herself on accident.

"Heh… you're right about that Gazer. If it wasn't for Backstop showing up, we would have caused trees to snap and fall… probably start a fire as well." Slashclaw growled, glaring at Whiplash, who just snapped at him. The two pairs of siblings looked over at each other, sighing.

Movement in the bushes behind Whiplash, made him, more than anyone else, whip around swiftly; growling, hissing or snorting. Without warning, Charger bellowed, then charged into the underbrush, disappearing from sight in a matter of seconds.

"Charger!! Frag it! Get back here!!" Stonegazer yelled after her older brother, then swiftly glanced over at the other members.