A painful grunt came soon after, alerting the rest of the students immediately. The small group wasted no time in darting off into the underbrush, but quickly halted when they saw Charger trying to get his large horns out from a large tree. Backstop was shaking his head, and then walked over to the large bison.

"Charger…" he sighed, then began to help the mech pull his horns free. The three femmes exchanges several looks, then shook their heads.

"Not again… that the seventh time he did that today." Stormshadow sighed, continuing to shake her head. Windstalker nodded her head, shifting her weight slightly as Razorwind tried to get out of the dreaded rain, though the young mech was unsuccessful with that action.

"Teacher, do you know why Scourge roared? The roar seemed… a little off to me." the medic stated, turning his neck slightly as he glances at Backstop, who had just managed to free Chargers horns from the large rain drenched tree.

"I'm not sure Whiplash. I was to meet up with him against after I saw to it that you eight are alright. You all had a long break from training when I was with the Autobots, but now, its time for you all to get back to training. That understood?" Backstop said, eyeing his students, who were glancing at each other, then they all silently nodded.

"We'll be waiting right here for your return." Stonegazer said quietly. Backstop nodded, then lumbered off in his rhino mode. The group of eight stood there for a few moment, then turned to each other.

"Do you think something's wrong?" Charger asked, swinging his massive head to shake off the rain that was still falling from the dark clouds above the trees. Slashclaw growled as he clawed his way up a tree, growling as he tried to get out of the rain, but failed. Soundstriker turned his large head, flaring opening his large ten foot long wings as he jumped up into the air, hovering over the bison.

"We could always go and follow after Backstop, but as you know, we have to wait here until he comes back to find out.. So I guess we're stuck here… out in this rain… again" he said, landing on the back of Charger, who grunted, turning his head slightly to look back at him. This caused Stonegazer, Stormshadow and Windstalker to snicker. Whiplash growled at them, causing them to stop.

"Do you always have to make your perch on my back Striker?" Charger questioned the younger 'bot, who tilted his head, giving him a eagle smirk.

"You don't seem to mind though Charger." he replied.

"Glad its not me he wants to bug for once…" Stonegazer growled, eyeing the large eagle who shifted his gaze over to her, a smirk of his eagle face.

"You want to bet Gazer?" he said, smirking as he lifted off his perch on Charger, then transformed as he flew towards the manticore. Stormshadow and Windstalker were beside her in one quick moment.

"Not this time Striker!" Stormshadow growled, as the other two femmes and herself transformed as well and launched themselves towards the oncoming mech. Windstalker let a smirk pass over her faceplate just a moment. Soundstriker was thrown back when three pairs of clawed feet slammed into his chest and shoulder armor, sending him crashing into a tree a few feet away, "Told you Soundstriker… Its not fun to watch Stonegazer rampage around and destroy almost everything in her path… You know that!" Windstalker hissed, an annoyed look passing over her faceplate. With that, the three transformed back into their beast modes, glaring at the eagle, who slowly got to his feet in beast mode.


Scourge grunted slightly, ramming into a tree once again. He didn't know why, but his whole body was being racked by extreme pain, its source unknown. But he did know it hurt like getting hit by a power beam from Primus himself… twice in a row. His two hydra heads released streams of fire into the air, but were quickly doused by the rain. Noticeable red markings began to show up on his armor, glowing in the flames that continued to pour out of his hydras' mouths. Scourge's optics stated to change slowly, turning red from the corners, then after each passing moment, it shifted the color little by little. A few moments later, his processors warned him that his systems were heating up rapidly, and were threatening to overheat. Tail whipping around, snapping one tree completely in half, he stumbled backwards, releasing another roar into the rainy dark jungle, causing any nearby natives to flee away from the sound. A few moment later his systems to start shutting down because of them overheating, and the unbearable pain that was still racking his body caused him to crash into the ground, his optics, now completely blood red in color, flicked for a moment, then shut off as the rest of his systems rapidly started to shut down. As he entered stasis lock, the virus started to darken the colors of his armor to black, making the red markings stand out even more.


Backstop met up with Snarl along the way in Scourge's direction. Snarl tilted his grey and blue head peering over at his sensei, hearing one more roar, then all went silent, well as silent as Beast Planet could be when it was storming. Lightning darted across the sky, lighting it up for a few moments as thunder soon broke the silence. Backstop sidestepped as the ground to the side of them shifted, creating a massive crevice on the left side.

"We're not going to get to Scourge this way Snarl. We have to find a different route." Backstop said, looking up at the dark sky, heavy rain still pouring down from the clouds.

"We have to find the quickest way Backstop. I fear something bad has happened to Scourge!" Snarl growled, then took off, followed soon after by Backstop. The two mechs halted as several natives darted out of the underbrush to the right of them, passing them at a rapid pace. The grey wolf followed the last native with his optics until he disappeared from his sight.

"They seem to be frightened by something in that direction Snarl… But what would cause them to act like that?" Backstop turned to Snarl with a concerned look as he said that, "Let's go!" The rhino lumbered off in the direction that the natives had been running from. Snarl hesitated, then took off after his teacher, who had disappeared from sight for a moment. It took them awhile to catch sight of the small clearing where the Beast Planet leader was in… but something was wrong - deadly wrong.

"Scourge! By Primus!" Backstop shouted, slowly approaching the now infected leader, eyeing the discoloration of his armor and the red markings.

"What… happened?" Snarl asked, shock filling his optics as he transformed, followed by Backstop.


The owner of the voice came from behind the downed mech. Undermine and Brimstone came into view, looking worried.

"Do you two know what happened to him?" Snarl asked, a small amount of panic in his voice.

"We're just as lost as you two are. Who could have brought Scourge down like this…" Undermine muttered, looking over the red markings and darkened colors on Scourge's armor. The four natives had their backs turned away from Scourges' head, so they never saw his optics flicker on, locking onto the four figures around his him as he silently moved his head. The natives were taken by surprise as three streams of hot flames slammed into them, burning their armor and knocking them all off balance. Surprises, then transformed back into their beast forms, recovering from the flames. Swiftly turning, Backstop charged at Scourge, who had gotten to his feet, tail snapping in back of him.

"Scourge! What has happened to you?" Backstop shouted, ramming into his chest with his ramming horn, but felt the dragons' teeth clamp down on his back, then tossed his into a tree.

"He's… gone feral…" Backstop groaned, stumbling to his feet a few nanoclicks later, wincing since Scourge actually managed to puncture through his armored hide. A moment later, he pitched forward, the virus invading his system, just like it did with Scourge, but this time, it sped up slightly. Snarl dodged a tail swipe from Scourge, while Undermine and Brimstone backed him up. The grey wolf leapt up onto Scourges' back and held on as his head snapped around to face him, releasing a stream of flames that knocked him off, but not before Snarl closed his mouth on one of Scourges' back leg plating, causing him to roar. Undermine and Brimstone took that change to attack his other side, but only managed to get the dragon even more angry than he already was. His two hydra heads snapped out as Scourge turned swiftly as the other two natives came to attack him again, snatching and clamping down hard on them as his two blood red optics searched for the wolf, who had just let go of his armor. A few nanoclicks later, he dropped the two now limp natives onto the ground, letting loose another roar.

"Show yourself…" Scourge growled, shaking off the water that was collecting on his shoulder spikes as he turned around in a full circle.

"Cyber Key Power!" Snarl howled, saber fangs sliding down from his jaws, leaping out form the underbrush, optics flashing. They both clashed together, jaws snapping at each other.


A painful howl broke the silence of the forest, which made the group of eight natives snap their heads in that direction. The komodo dragon smashed his whip like tail into the ground, hissing, making Stormshadow bare her teeth slightly at the medic, moving away from the him since his tail had almost smashed into her right hind leg as well.

"That didn't sound good… Wait! That was Snarl!" Stonegazer yelled, her scorpion tail uncurled and poised over her head in a striking position. Charger twisted his head slightly to the left to look over at Soundstriker, who had just walked over to Slashclaw and Whiplash. A roar echoed through the jungle a bit later, but this time, it was closer that last time, really close. A few moments pasted before Razorwind lifted off from his perch from the tree branch that he was currently on, then rose up near the treetops, the falcons' blue optics scanning the jungle and the clearing carefully. Only a bolt of lightning and a loud clap of thunder made him retreat back down, shaking his head slightly.

"Scourge is coming, with Snarl and Backstop… But something is wr-" Razorwind was blasted into a tree, then landed on the ground in a daze. The three femmes quickly darted over to him, worry flashing across their optics, surrounding the younger mech as he slowly got to his feet a few moments later. Immediately after he got up, Windstalker, Stormshadow, Soundstriker, Stonegazer and Slashclaw were the only ones who were able to activate their Cyber Key Powers; which consisted of the 6 plasma wing guns, plasma class, small missile launchers under his wings, found rows of spines on her scorpion tail and double set of saber teeth respectively, before they were attacked by the now infected Backstop, Brimstone, Snarl and Undermine. Scourge came up behind the four infected natives, smirking.

"Scatter!" Charger bellowed. Snarl pounced on Stonegazer, tackling her to the ground, but a quick whack from her spikes scorpion tail slammed into the wolfs' head, knocking him off her. Growling the winged manticore leapt up into the air, followed by the other three fliers in the group, but were followed by Brimstone.

Whiplash hissed as he whipped his tail at Snarl, making his back off as it smacked the side of his face, "Back off puppy! I don't know what happened to you… but you're getting no where near me!" His tail snapped around, narrowing hitting the wolf again, if he didn't leapt back away from him, jaws snapping at the tip of it. Stormshadow yowled as Scourge sent flames towards both her and Slashclaw through the rain. The two big cats landed beside each other, growling, then attacked Scourge, being careful not to get in the way of the flames again.

"Hey! Get off our tails bird brain!" Windstalker screeched, pulling up higher into the lightning control sky, putting her body in front of Razorwind and the infected native. As Brimstone came towards her, she quickly fired off her plasma guns, but all but two shots missed its target. Cursing, she fired again, but was promptly slammed back as Brimstone slashed at her wings, leaving fairly deep scratch marks under the fur. The gryphon screeched as she was sent tumbling down towards the ground. In one quick moment, he clamped his beak hard down on Razorwind's neck, but not before Brimstones' chest got racked with the claws of the peregrine falcon. The infected native released his hold on the younger mech, making him fall right after Windstalker, both transforming into their robot modes. The two crashes startled Whiplash for a moment, causing him to pause for a moment, but in that split second, he knew he had put himself in danger, since he was pounced on by Snarl, who was trying to claw at the medics' armor.

"Get off!" Whiplash hissed as he felt claws dig and rack into him, making his twist violently, trying to get the wolf off him, but then felt extremely pain. Stormshadow shouted as both herself and Slashclaw, he still in his beast mode, but her robot mode, as they got batted away into a tree, snapping it in half by Scourge, who laughed.

"Pitiful… truly pitiful!" The dragon sneered, then glanced over at Backstop, who had just rammed horns together with Charger, but a move from Backstop made the bison stumble backwards, sparks flying from his right shoulder area. Scourge turned his head back towards the two cats just has they recovered and leapt towards him. He smirked, them his two hydra heads snapped forward, catching Stormshadows' upper arm in his mouth and Slashclaws' right shoulder in one of his hydras' mouths and started to close both of them. The panther released a yowl, Slashclaws' roar of pain blending into hers. Another cry was heard at the same time, but this was an angry roar came from Stonegazer who, with Soundstriker, was dodging the claws and mouth of Undermine. Soundstriker screeched, racking his claws at Undermines' snout, making him pull back his head, growling. Crouching down he leapt up into the air as Stonegazer dove down towards him, claws extended and scorpion tail poised, ready to strike. Surprised by this action form the dinosaur, she banked sharply, throwing her off balance and made her crash into the ground, releasing a angry growl.

"Stonegazer!" Soundstriker screeched, diving down to intercept the large native, who had closed in on the downed native, who was stumbling to her feet, shaking her head. A burning paint was all the greeted her when the winged manticore got to her feet as Undermine bit down on her shoulder, fangs digging into the armor underneath her fur. Soundstriker cried out for Stonegazer again, but only attracted Undermines' attention, as well as Backstop, Snarl, Brimstone and Scourges'. Undermine turned towards Soundstriker as he dove down towards him, large eagle talons, stretched out in front of him, wings extended to their full length. The Haast's Eagle let out a loud shriek as a spiked tail smashed into his chest, sending the mech tumbling backwards, transforming into his robot mode and landed in a crouch. His yellow optics flashed under his orange visor, glaring at Undermine, then shot towards him, firing a dozen missiles from under his wings, scoring several hits on Undermine before getting smacked with the spiked tail, hard enough in the stomach that one spike cracked the armor, making him double over, coughing as he glared up at the other natives. His optics flickered over to the other group members, who were down, scattered around the clearing - a blow to the back rendered him unconscious at that time, optics flickered off behind his visor.