The following Thursday at Zack and Cody's school was the day the teacher began to hand back the re-writes one by one to their fellow classmates. In doing so, she requested to see Zack and Cody after everyone else had left.

"Now boys," she said, "I have a few words to say about your little re-write. First, it is the funniest and most creative re-write in the entire class. I immensely enjoyed the first fourteen chapters or so. The characters felt very real and very true."

"So this means an A, right?" said Zack hopefully.

"Let me finish," said the teacher, holding up one hand. "The last two chapters was when everything began to go downhill. In addition to the comedic spirit being lost, the solution was ridiculous and unbelievable. You did not give much rhyme or reason to the villain's actions. For that matter, you gave little rhyme or reason to Maddie's actions, either, and you never did resolve if she truly was guilty or not. In fact, Maddie was perhaps the most weakly developed character in the whole story."

"Yeah, so?" said Zack defensively.

"So," said the teacher, "I am afraid I will have to give you a B."

Cody's eyes widened in horror. "A B?" he whispered.

"Yes," nodded the teacher. "A B. But do not fear; you two do make a very good creative writing team together. I have hope for you yet, boys. Now off you go."

"Can you believe it?" lamented Zack as he and Cody walked through the hotel lobby. "We slave away for two whole days over this sucker and all we get is a lousy B! What's the Aesop of the week supposed to be now? Work hard and you'll get zilch in return? Be funny and creative and people will tell you it's not good enough?"

"How about, it doesn't matter if you get an award; all that matters is having fun?" suggested Cody.

"Hey," said Zack, grinning. "You're beginning to sound just like me." Then, "You know, I did have a lot of fun. I can't wait until we get to do our Death on the Nile project!"

"Ah," said Cody, raising a hand. "Let's not go there."

Just then, London came in through the revolving doors on roller skates. "Hi, everybody!" she announced. "I'm back, and I got fabutastic new roller skates!"

"And you made up a new stupid word," said Maddie dryly.

"That's not a nice thing to say to someone who pays for your hair extended-thingies," scoffed London as she roller-skated down the ramp. She soon lost control, however, and nearly bumped into Muriel who cried out, "Watch it, girlie!"

London nearly bumped into Esteban who cried out, "Eep!" Her rollerblades hit the table stand, causing the vase that had nearly been broken once and somehow managed to magically avoid being broken again to tip over.

"NOOOOO!" cried Mr. Moseby, leaping from his desk to the floor, where he caught the vase just in the nick of time.

"Boys?" said Carey, running into the lobby. "What's going on?"

Zack and Cody smiled at each other. "Nothing, mom," said Zack. "It's just another normal crazy day at the Tipton—as it should be."


Credit song: Here I Am by John Adair and Steve Hampton

Quote: Persons attempting to find a motive in this narrative will be persecuted; persons attempting to find a moral in it will be banished; persons attempting to find a plot in it will be shot—Mark Twain

A/N: And now...for the first and only author's note in the entire story, lol! I wanted to steer clear of author's notes as much as possible for this one because I wanted this to be Zack and Cody's story, not my story. I always thought it funny there were plenty of "Ten Little Somethings" on this site that never once referred to the actual book. Instead of going the usual route, I decided to do something different: Make it a literal re-write by the characters.

I could not thank Cluedokid from the theartofmurder forums earlier for his suggestion on whom the other characters should be, and so now, you have my deepest thanks.

PS Don't be putting me on author alert just because Zack talked about a Death on the Nile re-write; that was just a joke not meant to be taken seriously. But please, if you are a fan of ATTWN, do put me on author alert just for that, lol.