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As for the convo between Hot Rod and Bee in the beginning, interpret it as you want. Maybe Bee likes Sam, maybe Bee likes Mikaela, maybe Bee is going all paedophile on Annabelle, maybe Hot Rod is just being a douche, I dunno. If he does like Sam or Mikaela in your head, it's unrequited, though. I won't break them up. I like their theme song too much. As for myself, I think Bee saw an episode of "Hannah Montana" and wants to get in on with Miley Cyrus. Yup. I'm totally serious! Don't ask how I think up this stuff, cos I dunno. My theory is that someone places drugs in my tea every morning when I'm not looking.

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The only coherent thought she could think as she stumbled into the rec. room (where the Autobots had kindly installed a fridge for their human friends) the next morning was to thank the deities she wasn't working that day. Her head hurt, she was dizzy, and her mouth tasted like stale vomit. At least there was still some cake left in the fridge - German chocolate, apparently. How many different types of cake had there ben the previous night? She couldn't remember - she could barely remember her own name!

"Uh, Maggie?" Ah, right, there it was. "You sure you should be eating that?"

"Bite yer bum, Sideswipe," Maggie sat down right on the floor and took a big bite of the cold cake, glaring at the red mech as she chewed. "Why aren't you as hungover as I am?"

"I don't get hangovers. You should see Jazz, though. Purged his intakes all over Prowl! It was hilarious!" the Lamborghini grinned like an idiot.

"I hope you burn in hell for being so happy this early in the day."

As Sideswipe's shenanigans continued to annoy the poor girl, a few metres away, Hot Rod and Bumblebee were having their own discussion:

"I don't care how valuable the alliance with the Junkions is - I think it's stupid to keep ignoring it!" the flamed mech was exclaming.

"You just think that cos Arcee thinks that..."

"Okay, that is not true! You know as well as I do that organics don't have sparks. Anyway, I'm not saying there's anything wrong with them having a fling, but for him to try anything otherwise - it's only gonna end with her leaking."

"You mean 'crying'," Bumblebee corrected. "Or at least I hope you do. And I don't see anything wrong with it if they're really in love. He'd never do anything to hurt her."

"I suppose you wouldn't," Hot Rod scoffed, ego bruised. He hated being corrected, regardless of how minour the correction.

"I wouldn't what?" The Veedub's doorwings twitched.

"See anything wrong with it."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Well, no offense, 'Bee, but Arcee seems to think you have a fetish for the younger organics, and she is pretty smart about these things."

"Wh-what?!" Bumblebee sputtered. Had he been organic, he would have been bright red with embarassment. "B-but I-!"

"Hey, we won't judge you, ya big perv," Hot Rod shrugged, grinning.

"Who's a perv?" Sideswipe waltzed into their conversation, Maggie right behind him, snapping at him for running off in the middle of her sentence. "You're one to talk, Roddy. I've seen the way you stare at Prime when we all rince the dirt outta our joints."

"I do not!" Hot Rod protested, as Bumblebee nodded his thanks to the Lamborghini. Said Lamborghini continued:

"Though, I can't say I blame you, after watching joors of Arcee's cycle of flirting and being a big fragging prude. I'd get tired of her, too."

The flamed mech glared, and Bumblebee could barely stifle his laughter.

With a tone of voice that was either extremely perceptive or completely oblivious, Maggie replied, "Ugh. You are so right on. Women are such teases! That's why I went back to men."

"...you guys are dicks," Hot Rod turned and walked off, causing Sideswipe to snicker. The two had never really gotten along very well.

As soon as he was out of hearing range, the red mech asked, "So, seriously, what were you guys talking about?"

"I was trying to convince him that there was nothing wrong with what happened last night." Here, Maggie perked up a bit - what had happened last night? Bumblebee continued, "I mean, sure, Wreck-Gar's far from normal - no offense, Maggie - but he isn't an idiot. I think he knew exactly what he was doing when he proposed."

"What!?" the Aussie squeaked. When Bumblebee and Sideswipe looked at her strangely, she glanced at her left hand - and shrieked.

"Well," the red mech backed up a bit, "I should probably go get Sunny up..."

"Yeah, and I'm supposed to take Sam and Mikaela somewhere..."

"Later, Mags!"

Barely processing their words, the blonde could do nothing but gape at the diamond ring on her finger.


She knew exactly where he'd be at that time of the day - down in the caverns, trying to learn maneuvers off the Chinese channel with the lesser Junkions. And so it didn't phase her to storm down there, march past all the underlings who she'd never bothered to learn the names of, snap at them not to bow to her, walk up to the junk-throne, and shout, "What the hell, Wreck-Gar?!"

The Junkion leader wasn't sure whether to grin or glare at her. "Uh... no?"

"What business do you have popping the question!?" she demanded. "I just got out of college, and we just started seeing each other, and even if that weren't the case, it was completely inappropriate for you to have done so when I was shit-faced!"

"Boss, she's got a chicken," one of the lesser Junkions said meekly, another one adding:

"Could be more than a chicken."

"Shut up!" she threw her hands up in frustration. "Just shut up with all your stupid obscure pop culture references! I am not some Junkion toy - I'm a human being, with rights, and a life to live, and a high-end career! And for you, Wreck-Gar, to be so selfish - not just last night, but since I've met you! You think just because I'm not some fancy, centuries-old machine, I'm automatically your property or something? That's not how a loving relationship works! So you can take this back," she yanked off the ring and threw it at the throne, "because I would never marry anyone as self-centred as you."

As he watched her walk away angrily, Wreck-Gar picked up the ring, twirling the tiny trinket in his fingers. He couldn't help but comment, though too quiet for her to hear, "Love, desire, ambition, faith - without them, life is so simple, believe me."

The lesser Junkions clicked and whirred at their king, but when he ignored them, they exchanged worried glances - had the flesh-queen shut him down for good?


A week passed, and Maggie refused to answer any questions, changing the subject whenever Wreck-Gar or the proposal came up in conversation.

Another week, and not even Optimus could get it out of her.

Two more weeks, and right as Glen finally got the courage to ask her out, she went on a date with a friend of her boss, a man named "Tony". Glen was distraught, and everyone else started to worry.

Three weeks and two Decepticon attacks later, a large crowd of Junkions invaded the common room, where Maggie was currently on her MacBook. She didn't acknowledge them when they tossed their unresponsive leader on the ground in front of her and stood back amongst the other Cybertronians in the room.

When nothing happened, it was Jazz who broke the silence. "Mags... talk ta him."

She looked at Wreck-Gar, then calmly replied, "I have nothing to say to him. We're over."

"Don't look over to him. Jus' talk ta him. Look at him - he's completely shut himself down. Give him some closure, at the very least."

She looked away, biting her lip. "Uh... there's not really anything I can say. I'm with Tony now - a human. And a wealthy one, at that. One who can provide for me."

"One who you love?" Mikaela was the next to speak up.

Maggie looked uncomfortable. "Well, no, but... I mean, not yet, I... I never loved Wreck-Gar!"

"You accepted his proposal," the brunette arched a perfectly-plucked eyebrow.

"I was drunk."

"You still accepted."

"Mikaela - "

"Maggie, look at him! Look at yourself!"

Not sure how to reply, the blonde timidly looked at Wreck-Gar as he sat up and stared directly at her feet. He looked miserable, and she could feel her stubbornness melting away as her heart dropped into her intestines.

"Maybe..." she sighed. She just knew she'd regret this. "Maybe it's time to break things off with Tony... not like it's going anywhere, I suppose..."

"And?" Mikaela prompted. The Aussie glared, but continued:

"Maybe I overreacted a little... Okay, a lot..."


"And maybe Mikaela needs to shut up and quit pushing me," Maggie grumbled. "Look. I'm not perfect. I can be really stubborn. I never think before I act, and even if I know I'm wrong about something, I'd rather live in denial than admit it. But... I was wrong, Wreck-Gar. I'm... I'm sorry..." The Junkion leader sat up straighter, his optics beginning to glow and his wheels beginning to spin. "I don't expect you to forgive me. Hell, if I were you, I'd hate me."

"Apology accepted," he leaped up and scooped her up, nuzzling her hair. "Happy birthday."

"You're welcome," Mikaela grinned.

As the pair departed, undoubtedly to go have steamy make-up sex (at least if the twins were to be believed), Blurr turned to Glen:

"Hey, yougonnabeokay? CosIknowhowyoufeelabouther, andIdon'twantyoutobeupset, soIwasjustcheckingthatyou'regonnabeokay, cosifyouaren'tokaythenI-"

"I'll be fine," Glen sighed. "She's better off with him than that rich jerk, right? Anyway, as long as she's happy."

"Areyousure, because-"

"Shut up..."


WOW, that turned out differently than the outline. Where the hell did ASIMO go in this chapter? I really don't know where to go from here, except I've got a whole scene that I wrote for this chapter that didn't fit when it took on a (much darker than I intended) mind of its own. I guess it comes next chapter, when I decide whether or not they really are getting married. Gah, I don't know. This was supposed to be the penultimate chapter, but then it had to go be uncooperative and turn into this huge drama-fest...

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