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Chapter One

Yugi walked among the various flowers and bushes lining the palace walls. Yugi often enjoyed walks in the quiet gardens. It's been nearly a year since he moved in the palace. It was like a dream come true. The young man was truly in love with the young pharaoh. Yugi sat at the small fountain, staring at his reflection His skin still remained pale even though he was outside a lot more than he used to while Marik ruled his life. Yugi ran his fingers over his bare arms. He was grateful for the pharaoh's medicine men because their creams allowed all his wounds to seal with barely a scar. Yugi fixed his while sleeveless shirt and rose from where he sat. Seth walked up to him, bowing before speaking, "The pharaoh wishes to speak with you."

Yugi turned his head and nodded. "Where is he?"

"In the throne room. I'll walk with you."

"Thank you," Yugi replied. "Are you alright. You don't sound too well."

"I'm fine," Seth said, walking down the hallways until they reached the door to the throne room. "He wishes to speak to you privately. I will wait out here." Yugi looked up at his lover's cousin concern clearly written on his face. "This was not his decision. Please hear him out fully." That comment left a very uneasy feeling in Yugi's stomach.

Yugi moved into the throne room, walking slowly at first until he saw his lover with his back turned away from the door facing the back wall. Yugi walked up to Atemu and wrapped his arms around him. "What troubles you, my love?"

Atemu sighed and leaned against his smaller lover. "I must tell you that this is not my decision. I love you, Yugi, beyond the gods. I wish I didn't have to do this. The council believes that it's time for me to think of an heir. With Egypt's future in mind, they arranged the marriage. I'm so sorry, Yugi. I don't want to lose you, but they are giving me no choice. Please don't hate me for this."

Yugi smiled as best as he could and hugged Atemu, trying to be strong for the pharaoh. "You have to think of Egypt. I understand." Yugi moved away from him, knowing that some day this would happen. "I'll return to Malik's farm."

Atemu turned quickly around grabbing his lover. "No! I didn't say you had to leave. Plus I don't want you going back to that horrific place. I want you to stay."

Yugi lowered his eyes. "Your new wife wouldn't like to be used just for an heir and nothing more. Please love her as you would me. I could never provide Egypt with a future. As for the farm, Marik is gone and I'm sure Malik wouldn't mind some company."

Atemu held Yugi close not giving him enough room to run away. Atemu felt like his heart was splitting into thousands of pieces. He expected Yugi to fight and show more emotion. Now he wasn't even sure if Yugi loved him to begin with. He pulled slowly away and bowed his head. His heart couldn't take anymore. First everyone told him that his new fiancé would be arriving tomorrow and now Yugi showed no emotion towards losing him.

Yugi, in fact, was dying on the inside, but he wanted to remain brave. He knew that if Atemu were to move any closer to him, he would break down and cry. He needed to get out of there quickly. "Thank you, my pharaoh, for everything," Yugi whispered unable to get his voice to sound strong and not betrayed. "I-I got to go." Yugi ran out of the room just as Atemu turned around.

Yugi brushed passed Seth, ignoring the man calling his name. Yugi couldn't handle anymore. Tears stung his eyes and melted into his skin as they trickled down his cheeks. He continued to run pass all the servants and guards lined up in various places of the palace. They stared at the young man, but none tried to stop him. Yugi ran through the palace gates and the market place directly outside. The crowd of people ignored him, assuming that he was a thief regardless of how royal he was dressed. Yugi swiftly moved through the desert trying to keep his body cool. He moved into the oasis that Malik's farm laid within. He collapsed against a tree curling his legs up as his tears continued to slide down his face. His fairytale was over far too soon. He wished he had more time with Atemu.

Atemu sat on his throne with his head buried in his hands. Seth approached his cousin and placed his hand on his shoulder. "I'm sorry, my pharaoh."

Atemu frowned as he wiped the tears from his eyes. "I cold never freely love him again, could I?"

Seth smiled. "You are the pharaoh. You can do whatever you wish. The only person you have to answer to besides the gods is yourself. If you wish to love both and keep both, no one would ever say anything. It's your decision; your life. Be true to yourself and make a decision that you would be happy with."

Atemu nodded but continued to frown. "I must think of Egypt first and my own happiness last. That is my responsibility. My people must respect me, and they would never respect a man that would choose a wife just for an heir and throw her away like that." Atemu rose and looked at Seth. "I must sacrifice my happiness for Egypt. Thank you, Seth. I appreciate your kindness. Now when will my bride-to-be arrive?"

"Tomorrow afternoon."

"Perhaps I'll try to talk to Yugi one more time. I just can't seem to stop loving him even though I must try."

Seth bowed. "Can I give you one little history lesson, my pharaoh?" Atemu nodded as he slowly started to walk away. "It is not uncommon for a pharaoh or any ruler to have more than one wife. Whoever said that all their lovers had to be women."

Atemu slightly smiled. "Are you suggesting that I have both?"

"I am only helping you to be true to your heart. Don't abandon your first love if he truly made you happy."

"I will think about it, but I wish to ask Yugi how he feels about it first. I don't want to upset him more."

"I understand. Shall I summon him?"

Just as Atemu was about to answer, one of the guards came running in. "Lord Yugi left the palace and ran into the desert!"

Atemu's heart skipped a beat. "Prepare my horse. He's probably going to Malik's farm. Seth stay here. I'll be back by nightfall."

"Understood, my pharaoh." Seth bowed as Atemu walked out of the throne room, hoping that Yugi doesn't get hurt before he managed to get to his young lover.


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