Jiraiya walked towards Hokage Tower holding his sides and ignoring the snickering of civilians as he passed by.

I can't believe she sent ANBU after me for doing research! Jiraiya screamed to himself as he entered the building feeling some blood drip from his swollen lip.

No one even dared stop the sanin as he made his way to the Hokage's office with murder in his eyes.

slamming open her office door (After checking her chakra signature to make sure she wasn't in there, he was mad but not stupid) he saw a stack of her very own Jutsu's on her desk that she would no doubt use herself before giving to her star pupil.

Jiraiya laughed to himself as he closed the door behind him and altered some of the writing for the Jutsu that kept her youthful appearance.

"She'll be begging me to do some research on her before a week garanteed!" Jiraiya smirked to himself only to drool and blush at the perverted images now flooding his mind.


"Oh god Shishou is gonna kill me for being late dropping off these medical scrolls!" Sakura chastised herself as she ran from rooftop to rooftop.

Luckily for her the window was already open but she didn't see the Toad Sage about to exit the window until it was too late.

"EEEEEEK I'm sooo sorry Jiraiya-Sama." Sakura apologized after bowling into her Teachers teammate and finding herself straddling the sanin on the Hokage's desk.

"thamgts om prmfmfe" Jiraiya mumfled as he found his head buried in her chest.

Sakura quickly got off the older man blushing from embarrassment as she tried to find her scattered scrolls.

Jiraiya was about to say something that would probably get him killed until he felt the familiar chakra signature of Tsunade and quickly jumped out the window with a nose bleed and a big smile on his face.

Sakura watched the Sanin hurried retreat only to feel her Shishou's presence as the door was opened.

"What are you doing Sakura and why is my office a mess?" Tsunade asked with a raised eyebrow.

"It looked like this when you decided to leave for an afternoon drink." Shizune said with a roll of her eyes.

"I'm sorry Tsunade-Shishou I woke up late and wanted to return these medical scrolls to you before you got too busy." Sakura apologized.

"Did you learn all the techniques and Jutsu's in the scrolls?" Tsunade asked while picking up a large scroll that Shizune seemed surprised that she had picked up.

"Yes Shishou and I'm ready to learn more. I want to be at my strongest before Naruto and Kakashi return." Sakura said with steel in her voice.

"I know you want to show them how much you have grown under my tutelage and I'm proud of you so I want to give you this." Tsunade warmly smiled to sakura as she handed over her rejuvenation Jutsu.

"Are..are you sure?"

"I'm positive I wouldn't trust anyone else with it." Tsunade assured with an authoritive voice.

Shizune and Tonton were silent in awe of the moment. Giving Sakura one of her most famous Jutsu's meant not only Tsunade thought that Sakura was ready but also competent and worthy of it.

"Thank you Hokage I will make you proud." Sakura bowed as she prepared to leave.

You already have Tsunade thought to herself only to roll her eyes as Shizune and Tonton wiped the tears from their eyes.

Sakura walked home staring at the scroll in her hand with awe and wonder. The person she looked up most to had just given her one of the most sought after and wanted techniques in history.

CHIAAAAAA! Inner Sakura screamed making a victory pose.

"I'm finally recognized as someone and not just that girl with Kakashi,Naruto,and sa-..." Sakura stopped herself before she uttered that last name as she reached her apartment.

Even though Naruto was on a mission at the moment to bring Sasuke back Sakura had given up hope and truly found herself not caring about the Uchiha seeing him as nothing more than a past teammate and childhood crush.

Sakura walked into her apartment thankful that she finally convinced her parents to let her live by herself as she walked towards the bathroom taking her clothes off on the way.

All I need is a quick shower to clear my mind before I try it. Sakura sighed to herself as she let the water sprays wash away all the sweat from her training yesterday which left her too drained to do it previously.

With a smile and renewed energy Sakura quickly dried off and put a towel over her body as she sat on her bed and opened her shishou's scroll.

Sakura was a tad puzzled by the last part which seemed to be different then the rest and required her to hold the last hand sign for 2 minutes and using only a bit of her chakra.

"Well here goes nothing." Sakura huffed as she quickly performed the hand seals and applied chakra to the last one feeling a tingling engulf her entire body.

Wait..somethings wrong! Sakura's eyes grew as she felt her chakra grow causing her to pass out.

Jiraiya chuckled to himself in the bar when he felt the spike of Chakra.

"Let the games begin."