Sakura was down the hall with Shizune who had bought Sakura an outfit to change into.

"I'm sorry I've been causing so much trouble Shizune-San." Sakura bowed somberly.

Shizune smiled and embraced Sakura.

"Your test results say that your body is producing more chakra than it can expel. The pain you must be in outweighs anything I can do for you Sakura-Chan."

Sakura looked up in awe.

Plus I really love shopping!" Shizune giggled as she pulled out a medium length spring skirt and tanktop.

Sakura sweat dropped and went behind a changing screen only to find herself jostled by the loud yelling and screams coming from the hospital room Tsunade was in.

"Ha! This will be the easiest mission ever! I get to hang out with my team like in the old days! Oi! What grade mission pay do we get for this?" Naruto jumped around excitedly and asked.

"This will be a S-ranked mission because of the danger you will all be facing once she's in full gear." Tsunade said somberly.

Kakashi was quiet as he stared at Tsunade his visible eye switching between nervous and upset.

"S-Ranked! But it's just Sakura-Chan!"

"You really are stupid. Think about it." Jiraiya said with his head in his hands.

"One of the highest ranked konoichi in the village..." Kakashi said somberly.

"...on chakra overload..." Jiraiya added in.

" constant heat..." Kakashi gulped.

"...and we'll be the only ones around..." Jiraiya said with a suddenly perked interest.

"...she knows the in's and out's of the human body..." Kakashi visibly sweated.

"...and she has the most endurance of any ninja..." Jiraiya said with a small smirk.

"...and the most strength." kakashi finished.

The room was silent as Jiraiya and Kakshi shared a shiver of fear.

At that moment Sakura came peeking into the room with a worried look on her face.

Naruto saw her and his grin grew wider as he walked over to her and held her hands.

"You know Sakura-Chan if there is anything, anything at all you need. I'm more than willing to help you out."

Sakura smiled warmly until she saw his eyes glass over at the line of her boobs.

"You'd think he's never seen boobs before. If Hinata had her way ours would be nothing in comparsion...hmmm." Inner sakura mused.

"Oh thank you so much Naruto!" Sakura beamed as she wrapped her arms around him tight pressing her chest firmly against his but at the same time cutting off all his circulation.

"She is ripe and ready for mating! Mark her as yours you stupid pup! Don't let anyone else have her!" Kyuubi screamed in Naruto's head.

"If I ever catch you ogling my breast again like that I'll cut off the circulation for your "other" brain." Sakura said sweetly in Naruto's ear before she let go.

"...she's playing hard to get pup. Interesting." Kyuubi chuckled while Naruto fell to the ground when Sakura let him go.

"Even thought a lot has happened today, don't think I'm going to be some floozy just yet. I will fight to remain me." Sakura told the room triumphantly.

"You do realize the justu is not changing who you are. It only heightens the one thing you keep hidden or deny yourself. A.k.A. Your sexuality. I'm going to probably need a chastity belt for both of us by the second month knowing how chaste you've been." Jiraiya smirked.

The death glare's he received from Tsunade and Sakura quickly made him poof out of the room.

Sakura sighed and left the room. Though she put up a brave face she was truly scared.

"I just need some time to clear my head"

Mindlessly Sakura headed towards team 7 training grounds.

At that moment Lee was in the field walking in circled too distracted in thought to notice Sakura's presence.

"...Sakura-chan, no no no. Sakura...too informal. Forget it! I'll just use the power of youth and love!"

Sakura was curious to what Lee was doing and as she saw him stop pacing and turn to a tree she was shocked.

"Sakura-Chan please marry me so that I can pollinate your lotus of youth!" Lee screamed on bended knee at the tree in front of him.


Lee froze on the spot as he heard soft feminine giggling behind him.

"How dare you laugh at a confession of love and youth!" He turned and yelled only to have the color drain from his face as his one and only love was bent over laughing.

"Your right, I shouldn't be laughing ..snicker...but...giggle...I really needed that right now." Sakura said between laughs as she tried to catch her breath.

All the fire and emotion dropped from lee's eyes as his dropped.

"I'm sorry Sakura-Chan. I didn't know you found my feelings so hilarious. I'll leave you alone." Lee said sadly as he started walking away from Sakura.


Sakura grabbed Lee's arm as he was walking away.

"I was only laughing because only you could tell it was a Sakura tree and it's not even in bloom yet. Spring is almost over and it has no buds at all." Sakura said letting go of Lee's arm and leaning under the tree.

"Sakura looks so sad" Lee thought to himself as he watched Sakura looking up at the canopy of the tree.

There was a pregnant pause before Sakura sighed and was about to leave but Lee's words stopped her.

"Just because it's taking it's time to bloom doesn't mean it shouldn't be recognized by it's beauty. Sakura's are known for their strong roots and solid trunks. They also protect those who come to them for shade. It wont be until it blooms that it will scatter its love kissed blossoms to everyone whose willing to look."

Lee walked over and leaned next to Sakura against the tree.

"Oh my god. When did Lee get all romantic? And those muscles of his are not being hidden by the jumpsuit at all!" Inner Sakura was gasping.

"Uh Lee...about your proposal..."

"If you could please let me be selfish Sakura-San." lee said earnestly and with determination.


"I don't mind waiting for the Sakura to bloom. Id rather have it the way it is and know all the different kinds of beauty it has before it blooms and everyone else finally realizes how beautiful it is. At least when I'm old I'll know my youth wasn't wasted."

Lee stood up and took his leg warmers off before kissing Sakura on the forehead and running off.

Sakura was left in a state of shock and awe as she was left standing in the breeze.

Meanwhile 29 kilometers away from Konoha a certain green spandex ninja was crying tears of joy and sorrow as he kept running as both a reward and punishment to himself.

"I told Sakura-San how I feel and kissed her! But without her permission! 50 more kilometers!"

Later that night Sakura took a long hot shower followed by a cold one as inappropriate thoughts about Lee began to filter into her mind.

"Maybe I should give him a chance...he is sweet,nice and really seems to care about me." Sakura smiled to herself as she began drying her hair missing how much easier it was to do when it was short.

She gave a heavy sighed as she realized the main reason she never dated him was the fact he has way too much energy and his eyebrows scared her.

"Chapter 2 of biology section 17: Human Hormones. Testosterone is present in all human beings drasticly more in males, and even more so males with a plethora of body hair and redheads." Inner Sakura dictated as Sakura was changing into a pair of shorts and a over-sized T-shirt.

Sakura just rolled her eyes at her inner-Self's attempts and went to her kitchen to make a cup of tea only to find Naruto and jiraiya fighting at her window-sill as someone was knocking on her door.

Confused and still watching the fight Sakura opened the door to find a smiling Kakashi with a duffel bag and an exhausted Sasuke.

"We thought it would be best to enter through the door seeing as we've been ordered to intrude." Kakashi said as he walked past Sakura with a scowling Uchiha behind him.

"Wait what!" Sakura shouted as she slammed the door closed.

"Sakura-Chan your my mission for the next few months! Believe it!" Naruto shouted as he pushed past Jiraiya through the window.

Before Sakura even registered what she did her fist was already out and Naruto was firmly implanted in her living room wall.

"Now does anyone care to explain what is going on? Or do I have to start a bloodbath." Sakura seethed.

Jiraiya's nose started bleeding as his mind took over but he quickly hid it from sight.

"Calm down Sakura. Tonight were just checking the place out to see if it can fit us all, or what shifts we'd have to do. Tsunade is just worried and knows that this is going to be hard on you." Kakashi said gently as he rubbed the top of Sakura's head.

"That might be so but you and Naruto have been in my apartment enough to know that i cant fit all four of you guys in here!"

Sasuke was leaned against the wall of her living room uncaring of what was going on when he noticed an old picture of team 7 hanging up next to him. When he took a closer look he realized there were water marks on the glass.

"Did she cry that much when I left?" He pondered to himself.

"Keep your hands off!" Sakura barked at she saw Sasuke touching one of her pictures.

"Tch, there's nothing here I want anyway. Id rather wash Lee and Gai's jockstraps than be babysitting you."

Sakura visibly seethed until Jiraiya stepped forward triumphantly only to be blocked by Kakashi and Naruto who both slung an arm over her shoulder.

"I know this is going to take some time to get used to, for all of us. But there is a little perk Tsunade put in the mission for you." Kakashi smiled.

"A certain Teme of ours will be your personal servant. You can order him to do anything and if he doesn't comply you or Tsunade can give him a vasectomy!" Naruto grinned.

"WHAT?" Sakura and said in shock as Sasuke glared at her.

"No little Uchiha's for dark and gloomy if he doesn't act like a good little puppy." Naruto teased Sasuke only to have a fireball thrown at him.

Immediately after Sasuke and Naruto both found themselves on the ground.

Kakashi and Jiraiya were surprised but not shocked at how fast Sakura moved and shared a knowing nod as they sat back and let her take control.

Sakura had used her new found surplus of chakra and in 3 seconds paralyzed the nerve endings of both Naruto and Sasuke by evaporating it off her body and sending it to them when they took deep breathes to yell at each other.

"I don't care what's going on, but there will be no fighting, and NO fireballs in my house!"

Sasuke found himself able to move again and as he was coughing and gasping for breathe he inwardly shuttered. He had never had anyone seen anyone look at him with that much disgust since he last saw his brother.

"I will talk to Tsunade in the morning about these arrangements, but for tonight NONE of you are sleeping here!" and with that Sakura pointed to the door and reluctantly to the window.

Naruto hung his head low and said sorry before jumping out the window.

Sasuke stood up to say something but soon found Kakashi's Sharingan eye motioning for Sasuke to leave.

Jiraiya bowed to Sakura as he followed behind Sasuke out the door.

Only Kakashi and Sakura were left.

"This can either be a hell on earth or a soul searching adventure. Make it whatever you want it to be but don't push everyone away who wants to help. Were only here because we care." Kakashi said seriously as he to exited the room and closed the door behind him.

Sakura looked at the closed door sadly. As she put her cup of tea away and laid in bed letting her tears slowly drift her to sleep.

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