"You want one?"

I shake my head at Rob, signaling that I do not want a beer. He shrugs and shuts the refrigerator door, leaning back against it and giving me a smile. He pops the top of the aluminum can and takes a swig, then sets it down on the counter beside him.

Normally I'd probably take the beer. Okay, so I'm not exactly twenty-one yet. But I'm almost twenty. Hitting the two decade mark is a pretty big accomplishment, if I do say so myself. It's not like I'm a minor or anything. And I drink responsibly.

But I just refused it because…well, I think I might be pregnant. Again, yes I know. I haven't said anything to Rob yet, because I haven't had a chance to run out to the store and grab a home test. But just the thought of being pregnant has been making me anxious.

And yes, you would think I would have learned my lesson, to practice safe sex. And we do. But…there was one time last month where Rob and I, to be blunt, got it on, and I'm not sure whether we used a condom or not (more likely not), but I don't think he ever realized it. And I'm not about to tell him until I know for sure.

"What are you thinking about?"

I glance up to see Rob looking at me with an adorably crooked smile on his face.

"What?" I ask dumbly.

He laughs. "I said, what are you thinking about?"


I shrug. "Nothing really. Just stuff…and you."

He laughs again, but this time it sounds more intimate. "Oh, really?" he asks, taking it as an invitation to come over to me. "What about me?"

He slides his arms around my waist, pulling me flush up against him. "Anything I should know about?"

I laugh, trying not to sounds nervous. But it doesn't really matter, because he lifts me up onto the counter and starts kissing me. He tastes like beer, but honestly, beer's never tasted so good before.

He groans into my mouth, stepping in between my legs. I can feel him, hard on my thigh, and it makes me want to kiss him like there's no tomorrow, to hold him and never let go. His hand slides down my side and rests on the small of my back, but then he pulls away and looks down at me.

"Damn," he says, breathless.

I look up at him, my eyelids feeling heavy with arousal. "What?"

"I wanted to show you something. I completely forgot." He looks like he's a little unhappy that he remembered.

"What?" I repeat. I'm not very wordy when I want him, and he knows that.

He laughs again, and it's a wonderful sound, something that I could listen to over and over again and never get sick of it. But maybe it's just me wanting him so badly.

"God," he says, leaning his forehead against mine. "I got so carried away. You know, with Kia not being here and everything. But there was something I wanted to show you, give to you."

I smile, my stomach feeling a little fuzzy. He got me a present? "What is it?"

He smiles, which makes him look even more gorgeous than he already is. "You'll see." He steps back from the counter, and it feels empty without him being there. "Follow me."

No need to tell me twice. I hop down from the counter and trail after him like a dog. Speaking of, Chigger saunters into the room, looks at us, and starts following behind us.

Rob looks back at me, knowing that I'm still horny as ever. "Don't worry," he says with a smirk, "we have all weekend. Your mom has her until Monday, remember?"

I nodded. He was right. My mom absolutely adores Kia, and Kia absolutely adores her back. I think if it wasn't for Kia, my mom might never have forgiven me for leaving home.

That day in Douglas's hospital room was the worst. Right after I announced that Kia was not only my daughter, but Rob's as well, the room went dead quiet. No one said anything, made a sound, or even blinked.

And then my dad, bless him, walked toward Rob and said, "May I?" gesturing toward Kia. Rob nodded and my dad plucked her out of his arms and held her at arms length.

"So," he said with a large grin, "you're my granddaughter."

Kia, who had been looking a little uncomfortable, grinned at that point. "And you're my grandpa?"

My dad laughed. "I sure am. I'm glad to finally meet you, Kia."

"It's good to meet you too, Grandpa." She then looked over at my mom and said, in her cute little kid voice, "And you're my grandma?"

Which just made my mother burst into tears. Kia looked sad too, like she thought it was her fault that my mom started crying.

"Yes, honey, that's your grandma." He looked over at me and smiled. "She's beautiful, Jess."

I nodded, tears in my eyes, threatening to spill over. Rob came beside me and slid his hand into mine and squeezed it. I looked up at him and he smiled at me, mouthing 'told ya so'. I smiled back at him, relieved, and the tears spilled over and onto my cheeks.

"Why are you crying, Mommy?" Kia asked, sounding upset.

I went over and gave her a kiss on the cheek and she wiped the tears off of mine. "They're happy tears, sweetie. I'm really, really happy."

Which made her smile. She had the best smile, once again something she took after Rob. Her smile encouraged me to get this done, and right. So I proceeded to introduce her to everyone individually, telling Kia who they were and what relation they were to me.

It wasn't long before everyone fell in love with her. She just had that charm about her, you know? And it didn't hurt that she was possibly the cutest thing I'd ever seen.

Everyone welcomed me back with open arms, including, to my surprise, my dear mother. I was accepted back, Rob was accepted as my boyfriend again, and Kia was accepted as my - no, our - daughter.

My mother was still pissed at me, I could tell. But I think…well, I think she realized why I had to do it. Leave, I mean. Not just about Kia, either. She must have realized what it took for me to leave everyone I knew and loved and start over someplace new, and pregnant all the while.

I think my mother was finally beginning to understand me. And that was nothing short of a miracle. I believe I have Kia to thank for that.

Rob is right, though. My mom took Kia for the weekend. She knows that Rob and I haven't been able to get any alone time recently, so she offered to take Kia, under the pretence that she wanted to teach Kia how to bake. Which is a good cover, because God knows I can't. Bake, I mean.

Rob heads in the direction of the barn. He recently made some kind of hallway/tunnel thing that leads to the barn, so you don't have to go outside to get to the barn. You know, you can just open up this door and head down this hallway and, hey, you'll be in the barn. It's pretty cool, actually, the things he's done to this place since he bought it from his mother.

He opens the door at the end of the hall and shoos me in, shutting the door quietly behind us. I look around the barn, trying to see if anything looks different. But…no. There's a bunch of bikes that Rob's been fixing up - that's how he's been getting the money to fix the house up. But other than the bikes, there's nothing else that's different.

I look at Rob questioningly and he just grins. "No guesses? Come on, I figured you'd have a ton."

I roll my eyes and he laughs. "Okay, okay. Close your eyes."

I don't immediately. I look at him warily and he says, "Before I have to blindfold you." I sigh and close my eyes. "And no peaking."

I smile, with my eyes still closed. I feel Rob slip his hand into mine and then leads me a few feet and then stops. It sounds like he's pulling a tarp off of something and then, "You can open your eyes now."

So I do.

And I'm staring at THE most gorgeous Harley I've ever laid eyes on. I mean, it's…indescribably beautiful. The only thing I can describe is it's color, which is a sky blue. A name pops into my mind. 'Blue Beauty.'

Rob grins at my reaction. "You like it, huh?"

I look at him, feeling tears well in my eyes. "This is for me?" I ask stupidly.

He laughs. "Well, I wasn't going to give it to Kia. I think I should wait a few years."

I laugh and then give him a huge hug. "Oh, my God, Rob. It's gorgeous. Thank you so much."

He hugs me back and just holds onto me for a little bit. He pulls away slightly and gives me a sweet, tender kiss. "Anything for you."

I smile up at him. "But what's the occasion?" I ask. Because it's not like it's my birthday or Christmas or anything. It's just…a plain old Tuesday in the middle of April.

Rob let's go of me and cocks his head toward the bike, completely ignoring my question. "You gonna get on, or what?"

I don't dwell on him not answering my question. I give him a giddy smile and hop on. And, holy lord, I can almost touch the ground. Now isn't that a miracle.

I look up and Rob's grinning at me. He has a helmet in his hand and he hands it to me. I shove it on my head, just for show, because we're still in the barn and nowhere near the street.

I look back up at Rob, but I can't see anything through the helmet. Now this is odd. Maybe I put it on backwards?

But no, it feels right. What the fu…

I blink and try to read what's taped to the inside of the helmet, right in front of my eyes. It's so close that I can barely read it, but…

Oh, my God. No way. No freaking way.

Marry me?

That's what it says. I'm not kidding.

Rob's awfully quiet and I know that he knows that I saw it. Now what the fuck am I supposed to do?

Say yes, dumbass


Well, yeah. But…

I flip the visor up and look at him through the empty space. And then I give him a huge grin. Then I realize he can't see it and stop. "That was pretty creative."

He's looking at me warily. "Yeah…it took me a bit to think of it, but-"

"Yes," I say, even though my voice is kinda muffled from the helmet. "I will."

And then he grins too. "I was hoping you'd say that."

I laugh and hop off the bike. I run to go kiss him, but realize at the last minute that I still have the helmet on. I laugh again and take the helmet off and then give him a big smooch. And then we finish what we started in the kitchen.

Rob laughs as I'm sitting on his lap, in the barn, completely naked. His arms are around me and I can feel his breath on my neck as he laughs softly in my ear. "I didn't even get a chance to put the ring on your finger."

I take my head from where it's positioned on his shoulder and lift it so I'm looking into his face. And I laugh, too, because the fact that I forgot about a ring is hilarious. Isn't that the point of being proposed to?

Rob reaches over on the table we're sitting on and grabs something out of his pocket. His hand is completely surrounding it, so I can't see what it is - but I'm assuming it's a ring.

Rob looks down into my face and gives me an amused smile. "Close your eyes again."

I do so obediently. I feel Rob take my hand in his and then slip a ring onto my finger. And then I feel his breath on my ear as he whispers, "Open your eyes."

I do and look down at my hand. And gasp. Because it is the most perfect ring I could ever imagine ever receiving. Actually, more perfect, because I could never imagine ever getting a ring that infallible. It's simple and I love it. No over gaudy rock-the-size-of-Texas that could blind you for life. It's just a small diamond set in a simple gold band.

I look up at Rob and he's watching me critically, like he doesn't know what to expect. I feel the tears in my eyes spill over and I throw my arms around him. "Oh, Rob," I say, "it's beautiful. It's absolutely perfect."

He laughs, but it's more of a relieved one. "I'm glad you like it." He hugs me back, but then loosens his arms around me so he can kiss me. "I love you," he breathes against my lips.

And then I realize…well, maybe it is possible to get that happily ever after.

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