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the introduction of chapter titles!

Chapter One: Blond Mannerisms
There were times- times like these- that Uchiha Sasuke found himself to be a man of little patience.

"Senseeeeeei, Konohamaru is stabbing his desk with a kunai again!!"

"Am not, am not!!"

"Are so, I seen you!"

"It's 'saw', stupid. You saw me do it!"

"I told you he did it! And he called me stupid, Sensei!"

The piece of chalk Sasuke held between his fingers snapped, along with that little patience he had left. His back was on the twenty or sm students of Konoha Ninja academy. It was his bad luck to have to come to the place he had escaped around... god, what was it, five years ago? Six? He sighed. Six years ago he'd graduated into a genin, then spent less then a year before he became Chuunin, and in just under two years he became a Jounin. And now...

He was back in the academy, teaching runny nosed little brats about doujutsu and blood-line-limits.

There really was a downfall to the Sharingan... and it came in the form of a substitute teaching position.

"Konohamaru, stop stabbing school property, Moegi, don't be a tattle-tale." he snapped at the 'pre-pre-teens' whos names he could care less about. He couldn't understand how he had somehow escaped this job as a Chuunin, but he was glad he had.

He really hated kids at this age.


The class erupted in cheers, and Sasuke let out a deep breath. The bell had rung, the nightmare was over. He gathered up his things, running a pale hand through his spiky black bangs tiredly as he walked from the now empty class room.

As he walked through Konoha, all eyes were, as usual, on him. Sasuke had to admit it was annoying, being the object of everyone's affection. Their idol because of a name. Around the village, being an 'Uchiha', esspecialy the last one, pretty much secured your popularity. Sometimes, more often then not, he wished he could be a nobody.

"Sasuke-kun, Ne, Sasuke-kun!" a loud voice broke aformentioned Uchiha out of his musings, and he stopped. There, running up to him, was his old team mate back in his gennin days, Haruno Sakura. Her pink hair was easy to spot in a crowd, so it wasn't a big task to identify her.

He sighed. She was the type to only ever have one thing on her mind.

She ran up to him, panting a little, before straightening up and giving a big 'charming' smile.

"Sasuke-kun, Tsunade-shishou would like to see you." she informed him happily. He inwardly groaned, but gave Sakura a nod and began walking back the direction he had come from. Somehow, the pink haired medic-nin had taken this as an invitation to join him. Sasuke knew from experiance to keep his elbows in, or else that too, would be an invitation to Sakura to hook herself upon him.

He sighed, deeply while she chattered on beside him. He didn't not like Sakura. She was his old genin team mate after all, but she had... 'ideas' about him that he did not share with her. He always wondered why it was only the two of them as a team, while all of the others teams had a three member limit. Not that he wanted another member to their team, or even Sakura for that matter.

He'd just felt like... something (someone?) was missing...

"Sasuke-kun, you're going to pass the tower..." Sakura tapped on his shoulder. Sasuke 'hn'ed' and turned, covering up his mistake with a suave air of casualness. He entered the stark red painted building and climbed the stairs, his hands stuffed in his pants pocket. He tilted his head in a 'friendly' manner to the two Anbu guards, who's return nod was barely noticable.

After a moment, the door opened and Sasuke made his way into the large room, at the very end, a blond woman with an obtrusive bust sat at an oak desk.

"Tsunade-sama." Sasuke greeted with a formal bow. The Hokage lifted her amber eyes lazily and squinted at him. It was commenly known that although Tsunade had the body of a woman in her late 20's, she was, in reality, a 50 year old with an aging complex.

"Hm? Who's that supposed to be?" she asked in a slurred tone. Sasuke inwardly sighed. She'd been hitting the sake again, a favorite pastime of the Godaime, along with gambling.

"Jounin Uchiha Sasuke. I was informed you wanted to speak with me?" he drawled out. Tsunade blinked for a moment before slamming her palm flat on the table.

"The Uchiha Brat! Thats right, I wanted to have you do something for me... what was it again...?" the woman began asking herself, rubbing her temples. Sasuke sighed again, this time out of the confines of his conscience. However, if there was to be any more elaboration on Sasuke's part, it was could off by a sudden, and quite loud, bang.

Tsunade's head shot up and Sasuke whipped around as the office door was thrown open. Sasuke tensed, fully prepared for some form of attack. But as he stared at the door frame, he saw it empty. That is, until he lowered his gaze about three feet.

"Baba-chan! I don't want one! I don't need a stinky fart-faced Instructor!" shouted a young boy, maybe around twelve, as he stormed into the room.

Sasuke blinked down at him, obviousely the boy hadn't noticed Sasuke standing there, but the Uchiha most certianly noticed that young boy. He was wearing a bright orange jump-suit with a flufy white fur teim around the collar. If the cloths weren't enough, even his hair was loud; soft spikes of golden yellow blond that fell down past a hitai-ate into startling baby-blue eyes.

"Ah! Naruto! Thats what I wanted to see you for Sasuke-kun." Tsunade exclaimed. Said man blinked once more and looked between the blond woman and the young blond boy a few feet away from him.

'I dislike where this conversation is heading...'

Apparently, the boy, this 'Naruto', had finally registered Sasuke's presence. He drug his big blue eyes from the toes of the older man's ninja sandles all the way up to Sasuke's black irises. He glared.

"Who's this guy, Baba-chan?" Naruto demanded, pointing up at him. Sasuke glared back down. Didn't that boy's mother teach him it was rude to point? Honestly...

Tsunade lifted a cup of sake to her lips, draining it quickly with a smirk.

"Naruto, this is Uchiha Sasuke. To you, he will be 'Sasuke-sensei'. Sasuke-kun, I'm assigning you to be Naruto's Jounin instructor." she said with a deadened sense of finality. The room was quiet, and slowly Sasuke's eyes trailed down to the shell-shocked pre-teen gaping at the Hokage. He quickly followed Naruto's example.

"What?! You're assigning this dobe to me?! I don't want a Charge, esspecialy this little brat!" he shouted, momentarily forgetting his usual careless tone. Tsunade's eyebrow twitched.

"Thats right! And I dont want this emo-bastard as my sense- HEY WHO ARE YOU CALLING A BRAT?!" Naruto launched himself at Sauske, who effortlessly kept the rapidly thrown punches at bay with his hand against a spiky blond head. Tsunade huffed.

"Both of you are pissing me off. Listen, Sasuke-kun, you've been a Jounin for a while now, its time you take someone under your stuck-up wing." she pointed a finger at the Uchiha, who glared at her. Next she directed her gaze at Naruto.

"And you. Naruto, you know your position. You've been a genin for six months, yet no matter what team you're assigned to, you're unable to remain there. You've pissed off every other Instructor that I trust enough to let teach you, so we're both out of options. This guy here is one of Konoha's elite, and for me to have him train a brat like you is costing me, so just shut up and deal with it."

When Tsunade finished, Naruto had slowly calmed into a more silent rage fit, his fists clenched and shoulders stiff. Sasuke stared at him, not removing his hand from the rather soft spikes of hair. The boy suddenly slapped the mans hand away and stomped the floor angrily.

"I dont care!! He won't want to be around me either so it makes no difference if hes some elite guy or not!! He's... he's a bastard!!" the boy shouted loudly befor turning tail and running from the room, allowing the door to bang in his wake. Sasuke huffed indifferently while Tsunade sighed in agrivation.

"That kids such a pain in my-"

"Assuming you're going to tell me the truth, I'd like a full explination of this Hokage-sama." Sasuke interjected, crossing his arms over his chest. Amber eyes lifted dully.

"Whats to explain? Its the same thing almost every Jounin goes through. You've got yourself a genin pupil. Uzumaki Naruto, age 12, blond haired idiot and a little brat. I'm trusting that you can handle him. You're good at handling missions that others have failed at." Tsunade explained with a wave of her hand. Sasuke raised an eyebrow.

"Failures?" he inquired. The Godaime just shook her head.

"Never mind that now. Your first task as that boy's new sensei; go find him and make sure he's not somewhere causing trouble. Make sure the little brat gets home." she mumbled out the last bit, but Sasuke had heard it quite clearly. He frowned.

"Am I his Instructor or his body-guard?" he asked. Tsunade snorted.

"Its the same job, you little brat! Now go find him or I'll poke out those preciouse eyes of yours!!" she shouted and hurled a sake cup at his head. Sasuke just barely dodged it, deciding now was the time to back off and leave the Hokage to her... important business.

The young man left the Tower quietly, sighing when he got to the bottom. It seemed like his entire career was begining to revolve around taking care of little kids. First the academy, and now he had finaly been assigned to a gennin team.

'No, its not a team. Just that one boy. That 'Uzumaki Naruto.'' Sasuke mused. To be honest, it confused him. He had expected to be assigned three little brats sooner or later, but just one? Why was that little blond boy getting special treatment?

With yet another sigh (and the mental note to himself that he'd been doing that quite often today) Sasuke began his search for bright spiky blond hair through the sea of dark browns and blacks. Besides that, wasnt that Naruto kid wearing bright ass orange? It would be easy to find a person with such flamboyant traits.

After about an hour of searching all the playgrounds, candy shops, and other child-attracting places, Sasuke was out of ideas as to where the kid could be, and was more then ready to just give up and go home. It was getting dark anyway. Suddenly, a middle-aged man was pushed intp the raven haired juonin, and as Sasuke helped him right himself, he distincly heard the mumble of:

"Filthy little monster almost touched me..."

Sasuke, internaly, was a little taken aback at the animosity in the man's words. One would think a hidiouse creature was roaming the streets. Yet sure enough, Sasuke could see from his tall stature, that the villagers who were walking the market streets parted to make way for something hidden from Sasuke's view. So he looked to their faces, and was surprised to see looks of disgust that matched the man's violently heated words staring down at whatever made its way through the street.

With silent ease Sasuke leapt up to the rooftops, eyes searching for the offender.

He was a little taken aback to see that bright orange jumpsuit and brilliant golden yellow head of hair. The civilians were backing away from the oncoming boy as though he were something unpleasent to look at, or like he had a disease they were afraid of catching. From as far up as he was, Sasuke couldn't clearly see Naruto's face, and he had a feeling that he wouldn't be able to even if he was directly next to the boy, as the kid had removed his Hitai-ate and his golden bangs covered his eyes.

What color were they again? Sasuke thought back on it and could only recall a light blue that was unlikely to match in reality, as it was more close to the color of the sky at mid-day.

Fighting back the urge to release another sigh, Sasuke moved to follow the blond to wherever he was going. Naruto walked for a bit before turning down the street into the shadier part of Konoha residential district. Sasuke raised an eyebrow as the boy began to climb the stairs of a dilapidated apartment building. Dark eyes watched Naruto go all the way to the top floor and after fumbling around with his keys for a good ten minutes, only to find his door already open, enter the room that undoubtedly belonged to him.

Sasuke slipped across the gaps between the buildings via a rickety water pipe. He jumped and landed gracefully upon the railing of a plank-like balcony that grew off the apartment window. Behind him, the sun was rapidly setting and with help of the orange-ish-red light, the Uchiha gazed into the small room where Naruto was busying himself.

The blond boy was arranging his forehead protector on his dresser befor staring in the mirror with a big frown for a few minutes. Sasuke scanned the room, taking note of the cloths all over the floor, empty cups of that foul instant ramen, and various technique scrolls. Naruto just ignored the clutter and pulled out an electric stove-top from a small cabinet and began to heat water in a kettle.

Sasuke frowned at the image. Where exactly were the boy's parents? Maybe he didn't have any; it wasn't that unnatrual in a shinobi village. Parents who had Ninja backrounds were killed in missions at times, leaving their children to be taken care of by relatives or godparents. But Naruto was all by himself in this small apartment, making himself a cup of ramen while staring blankly at his own empty walls.

'That guy seems to hate me too..." the whisker-marked boy whispered to himself in a tone that made Sasuke's unwillingly feel guilty. He didn't hate the kid, he barely knew him. He had no opinion on him other then knowing he was an idiot with a loud mouth. Well, in public anyway.

The Jounin remained watching through his window perch untill Naruto began to change into his pajamas. Sasuke had to tear his eyes away for the sake of preserving the boy's privacy. Yet... it was interesting to note on Sasuke's part that Naruto wasn't chubby under those obnoxious baggy orange clothes. Apparently, Sasuke wasn't quick enough to pull his eyes away, becuase all quite suddenly, there was a shrill girl-like scream and Naruto was pointing straight at Sasuke's face through the window.

"Hentai, hentai!! "

Sasuke nearly dropped three storiesbefore catching himself via chakra infused feet on the side of the building. His heart was pounding in his chest and he was embarrassed beyond his own control. He didn't quite know if Naruto had seen his face or not, but wished he hadn't.

Sasuke began his walk off to his own apartment, hoping for a non-awkward meeting between he and the little blond idiot when he officialy began training tomorow afternoon.

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