"Kagome when is Ella going to get here!" whined Souta as he stood next to Kagome in the airport.

"Stop whining, she should be coming out any moment." Kagome said looking around trying to spot her cousin from America.

"Hey come on, I think I see her!" Souta shouted grabbing Kagome's hand pulling her forward. Crouched in front of a large crate was a tall woman, her long auburn hair twisted into a bun.

"ELLA!" Souta yelled as he ran forward and tackled the woman as she stood up looking around for the voice, only to have the boy wrap his arms around her waist. Ella let out a small 'uff' sound then smiled and laughed at the boy that quickly moved from her to the crate next to them. Kagome smiled largely when her cousin opened her arms inviting her for a hug. The raven hair woman became another child in her cousin's arms.

"I missed you all so much." Ella said smiling softly at the two. Souta was pushing the wagon that held the crate and her luggage.

"Kagome are you up for a walk?" Ella asked as they paused in front of the cab waiting to take them to the shrine.

"Uh, sure." Kagome said unsure.

"Good. Duke needs to stretch his legs." Ella said happily as she pulled a leather leash out of her cream trench coat. The cab driver was looking at the crate oddly not knowing what to do with it.

"Souta will you mind going back by yourself?" Ella asked putting her hand on the boy's shoulder. He pouted at her then nodded.

"Fine…" He mumbled and climbed in the cab. Kagome told the driver were to go and paid him for the drive. Ella opened the crate and clipped the leash on the heavy harness around the large sable German Shepherd.

"We'll see you at home later!" Kagome called as she followed behind her tall cousin.


"So what have you been up to in these past years?" Ella asked as they rounded a corner. Kagome laughed slightly getting nervous, Ella's dark violet eyes exposing her secrets.

"Oh nothing to much, school, boys that kind'a thing." Kagome said smiling looking away. She heard Ella laugh lightly as a stout businessman lunged out of Duke's way. The dog was at the end of his leash and pulling hard wanting to run. Ella didn't even seem to notice the dogs pulling.

"Now don't expect me to believe that, I've spoken with grandpa and your mother, I know everything." Ella said looking over at her in a mischievous way. Kagome stopped walking and gasped. Ella stopped as well seconds later. Duke spun around and looked at the two women then snorted and sat down waiting.

"I can't believe that they told you without me knowing!" Kagome fumed, and then she looked up at Ella and calmed down. She always had that affect on people, "Maybe Inuyasha should spend some time with her." Kagome thought with a chuckle. Sighing she stepped forward and Ella linked her arm though hers.

"SO! Tell me all about him, your mother said he was very handsome, I am dying to see those ears!" Ella squealed, laughing. Kagome smirked thinking back to her first meeting the half demon.

"Oh, well he's very arrogant and stuck on himself." Kagome said and jumped when Ella snapped at her.

"I don't mean that, what is he capable of!" Ella said looking down at her intensely.

"Well he managed to nearly kill his full demon brother…" Kagome said softly trailing off. After that Ella was silent her mind turning over. Finally they arrived at the long stairway up to the shrine and Ella unclipped Duke.

"You up for a race?" Ella asked looking over at Kagome, who shook her head vigorously.

"No way, I come home for rest!" she said exasperated. Ella nodded in understanding and watched as Duke dodged off the stairs and into the trees around them.

"Aren't you worried he'll get lost?" Kagome asked looking around for the dog.

"Nah, he stay's near by, ya just don't hear him until he's jumping on you." Ella said laughing. Kagome nodded and kept an eye out for the dog who would streak over the steps then vanish again.

Once at the top Kagome was forced to show Ella the well, then finally the jet lag set in on the woman and Kagome helped her unpack her room quickly. Duke was lying on the bed enjoying himself watching the women fill the closet.

"How do you afford all of these clothes?" Kagome asked looking at the expensive clothes she was putting in the closet as Ella stuffed her dresser with underclothes that Kagome saw were all Victoria Secret.

"Training rich people's dogs pays really pretty nice." Ella said with a devious smile.

"Are the dogs the only one's getting trained?" Kagome teased raising her brow as Ella blushed slightly and threw a pillow at her.

"Shut up!" Ella hissed as Kagome started laughing and threw the pillow back at her.

"Well anyway when's supper?" Ella asked patting her flat stomach. Kagome smiled at her and hung up the last shirt and sighed.

"In a few hours. Why don't you get some rest till then?" Kagome suggested, Ella nodded stifling a yawn.

"That's not a bad idea. Wake me when its ready, kay?" Ella said as she pulled the pins out of her hair. The wavy hair cascaded down to her waist as Ella ran her fingers though it quickly.

"Sure." Kagome said as she slipped out of the room as Ella slipped out of her tight blue jeans and into a comfortable pair of dark blue shorts with small stars and changed her green blouse for a pale blue tank top with lace around the chest. Pushing Duke out of the way she slipped into the bed and took a deep breath and relaxed.


Ella stood and popped her back as she looked at the small silver diamond encrusted watch on her wrist and yelped. It was close to 8:30 in the evening. Muttering under her breath she grabbed her housecoat and tied it around her waist. Walking down the hall and stairs she looked out cautiously when no sounds greeted her ears. Duke walked silently at her side looking around. She walked into the kitchen and saw the remains of supper and popped a few won tons in her mouth and snatched an apple. Duke went over and began eating out of his bowl of food as well as Ella jumped up on the counter as she ate. She saw a light flash out of the corner of her eye and Duke sat down at her feet. Ella looked out the window over the sink, which showed a view of the well house. Growling Ella walked out the door and headed for the well. She flung open the door and looked around confused when she didn't see anyone. Shrugging her shoulders she walked over to the well and peered down in it. She squinted her eyes when she saw a small pink glint at the bottom. She felt Duke jump up and place his front paws on the well next to her. She then yelled when the dog decided to jump down the well.

"I swear to all the gods, I hope you hurt yourself!" Ella yelled down at the dog as she looked around for anything to get him out.

"Stay there and be a good boy, mommy will be right back!" Ella called to the dog as she rushed back out of the small shack and called for her aunt and uncle to come help her. When no one came or called back and Duke began to whine she darted back into the shack and began talking soothingly to the dog. Finally Ella admitted to herself she was going to have to go down and get him herself. She swung one leg over the ledge and braced herself for the hard landing at the bottom. As she plummeted downward she felt dizziness washed over her then and she heard Duke snarling at something. Then she landed hard on her stomach with Duke licking her hand. Slowly she got up to her knee's her ribs were on fire and she gasped for breath. Looking around she saw vines now on the inside of the well, her eye's traveled upward and she saw star's above and she whimpered in fear.

"Duke I don't think we're in our Japan anymore?" she mumbled out as she slowly stood and saw that there was a thick rope also in the well she smiled and pulled on it. Seeing that it was held at the top she looked over at dog. She groaned knowing what she had to do. She pulled off her robe, which was really a blue satin kimono with red, pink, and white flowers covering it. She wrapped Duke in it so he was in a type of harness she then tied him to the rope and told him to sit and stay she began the task of climbing up the rope. Once at the top and after scrapping her knee a few times she began to pull Duke up. Once he was on ground next to her she undid his binding and put the kimono back on quickly. She knew the moment she landed that she had managed to get to the world that Kagome visited so often. Feeling something fall out of the sleeve of her robe she picked up a pink shard of some type of crystal. Shrugging her shoulders she tucked it in her bra for a lack of better places and looked around in the dark for a path that may take her to the village Kagome talked about. Finally they stated down a well-worn dirt trail as she clutched her aching side from her fall. Duke stuck close to her glancing around nervously.

"This is all your fault you know that?" Ella hissed down at the dog that didn't even look up at her. She growled under her breath and kept walking, trying not to stumble over the root covered ground. She heard a rumble in the distance and the hair on the back of her neck rose.

"We need to find this village quick or someplace else for shelter… a storm is coming." She spoke aloud. Duke moved in front of her and finally turned off the path; Ella followed behind him fearing getting separated. Just as the rain started to trickle down from the sky they found an over hanging stone that would give them cover from the rain. Ella crawled under it and pressed her back against the hard dirt wall. Duke sat in front of her staring out into the pouring rain, Ella wrapped her arms around the dog and pulled him close to her to fight of the chills that were sweeping over her body. After a while she drifted off into a fitful sleep.


She snapped awake at the sound of Duke growling. Rubbing her eyes she looked around her arms still locked around the dog. It had stopped raining but the sky was covered in dark clouds. Ella spotted something moving in the trees about 30 yards from her spot. Bright material flashed between the trees and she spotted a small boy dart closer to her, he had a small sword strapped at his hip and he wore a type of ancient armor. The boy paused when he was about 10 feet from the over hang and Ella tried to get Duke to stop growling, if the boy got any closer Duke would attack on instinct. The boy took another step forward and caused a twig to snap and Duke lunged out of her arms and toward him. Ella darted out from behind him as the boy yelled and jumped back from the dog.

"Duke return!" Ella called as other men emerged from the trees brought out by the sound. The boy ran back to the other men and hid behind a tall man with black hair tied into a long tail at the back of his head. He wore two swords at his waist and Ella swallowed hard, knowing this man was a samurai. The mans hard eyes appraised her as she crouched down holding onto Duke by his harness.

"Forgive me, I had no intent on harming the boy." Ella spoke in Japanese bowing her head. The man considered her for a moment then grunted. He motioned for two of the men to go for her and Ella's eyes widened in fear. She glanced around for anything to defend herself with, seeing nothing she stood up fully and stood perfectly still. A small wind swept over the area and her kimono fluttered open at the very bottom and her sleeved billowed out. The men coming toward her paused and looked back at the man in charge. Ella almost smirked when she read the fear in the men's eyes.

"Get her you fools!" Snapped the tall man. The men jumped then ran at her. Duke let out a vicious snarl and knocked the man closest to him down on his back and put his mouth around the mans throat in warning his hind paws standing on the mans arms keeping him pinned. Ella dodged out of the way of the other man and pulled the pinned mans sword free. "Thank the gods that I took sword lessons back in the states." Ella thought with a chuckle which the man heard and backed away as she advanced on him a strong wind hit her back causing her long hair to raise in the air like a while mane and crown. The man barely blocked as she slashed the sword downward at him. She sent a swift kick to his side and knocked him over and pointed the sword at his throat.

"Who are you?" she heard the tall man ask from behind her as she felt the point of his sword at the back of her neck.

"Ella of the west." She said then somersaulted forward as he slashed at her then paused taking in her words.

"You are from the Lands of the West?" He asked still holding his sword up toward her.

"Yes, or close enough." She stated only muttering the last part to herself. She was of the west; she lived in Colorado back in the US.

"Hmmm, we are heading west why don't you accompany us?" He asked watching her close. She slowly nodded and put the sword down to her side. The man smiled at this and nodded. "Now would you mind calling off your friend?" He asked waving a hand toward Duke who had began to draw blood.

"Duke off." She said in a resonating voice. The dog jumped off the man who rolled away from him and stood up and wiped the blood from his neck. The dog trotted back to her and sat down.

"Thank you, I am Uzamaki, Kane. I am the Caption of the Lord of the West's human legion." He said proudly. Ella nodded and smiled. The warrior who's sword she had borrowed eyed her and the dog.

"Oh, here." Ella said tossing the sword at him it landed in the soft ground next to his foot, he bent down and picked it up and brushed off the mud. She walked with the caption back to his men and he introduced her. She bowed to them in respect and they nodded their heads to her, the small boy that Duke had attacked bowed to her though. A man brought a bay horse forward and the caption swung up onto its back. Duke eyed the horse; he never cared for them. Ella walked behind the other armored men looking around not knowing where they were going really. Around noon they stopped at a small open field with a stream flowing though it. Ella walked toward it and looked down at it. She saw large plump fish swimming in it. She saw some of the warriors reach into the stream and pluck a fish out and spear it and took it over to a fire they had built. Ella looked away not feeling hungry. She pulled off her muddy socks and cleaned them in the stream. She laid them on a flat stone to dry off in the now warm sun. She smiled when small fish came up to her feet in the stream and tickled her feet. She felt Duke lay down beside her and place his head in her lap. She stroked the dog and worked herself into a trance she didn't hear the Caption near her until he tapped her on the shoulder. She jumped slightly and looked up at him. He sat down next to her a looked at her closely.

"Why would such a young and fair demoness be traveling without an escort?" He asked her. Ella looked at him surprised, not knowing he was referring to her.

"Maybe she got lost." Ella suggested. The mans black eyes gazed at her then softened.

"I see… well would you like anything to eat?" He asked, she looked down at Duke when he stood up in a flash and began wagging his tail. Ella gasped feeling bad that she hadn't thought to find anything for Duke to eat.

"I'm sorry love, I forgot all about that you may be hungry." She said as she hugged the dog. "Yes that would be nice." Ella said looking up at the Caption. He looked at her oddly then stood and offered her his hand. She allowed him to pull her up. He looked down at her hand for a moment, seeing the long red nails; it furthered his belief that this woman was a demon. Her odd hair, her soft hands and long clean nails, her ability with the sword, and those strange eyes. They sat down and one of the men passed her a fish on a long stick she picked off large chucks of meat and tossed them to Duke, eating a few bites as well. She looked over to her side when the small boy sat down next to her.

"Hi, I'm Uzamaki, Jin." He said smiling at her unsure what to say.

"Its nice to meet you. Are you the Captions son?" She asked. She caught the sight of the caption out of the corner of her eye and saw him smile proudly. The boy nodded and smiled largely.

"Yep, are you one of the Lords mistress's?" the boy asked, at this all the talking between the other men stopped all turned and listened to her answer. The Caption began to stand to slap his son when Ella let out a musical laughter.

"I have never even met the Lord! I seriously doubt I would be to his taste anyway." She said smiling. The boy blushed and kept quite and ate his food. After a while longer the Caption announced it was time to continue. Ella stood with a groan and clutched her side; it still ached like a damn bitch. Jin noticed this and walked toward her.

"Are you alright Ella-hime?" He asked worried. Ella smiled down at him and nodded, he couldn't be older then 9, he reminded her of Souta really.

"No, I'm fine, just a little sore is all." She said assuring him. He nodded and ran off as one of the warriors called him. Just as they were ready to set out, one of the warriors called out in alarm. A large bear like creature stormed into the field and charged the men. Ella stood stunned till Jin grabbed her hand and pulled her toward the cover of the trees.

"We have to hide. Father will defeat it." Jin said confidently. Ella peered around the tree they were hiding behind when the beast stood on its hind legs and roared in rage.

"Where is the jewel!" it snarled scanning the ring of men around him. Ella gasped silently and placed a hand to her chest. She only felt her pendant necklace, but no shard. She looked at the ground around them and spotted it a few feet in front of her.

"We have no Jewel Shards!" called the Caption at the beast that only slashed at him the Caption was knocked backward into a thick tree with a sickening thud.

"FATHER!" Jin yelled and started forward. Ella grabbed his arms and pulled him back and held him close to her so that he could not see the slaughter happening before him. A few of the warriors managed to give the beast a few good slashed along the legs and stomach.

"Jin listen to me!" Ella said finally, the boy looked up at her his cheeks streaked with tears. "I am going to lead the beast away, stay with Duke, if he runs in one direction go with him." Ella said, the boy nodded slowly and Ella sat him down and kissed his forehead. She turned to Duke and hugged the dog close and whispered in his ear her commands then kissed him on the head and jumped around the tree and snatched up the jewel shard and ran forward. She grabbed a long sword off of a dead body as she ran by. Some of the warriors spotted her and yelled for her to go and hide.

"Hey you ugly fiend, is this what you want!" Ella yelled up at it, holding the shard up. The beast let out a laugh and charged her. " OH FUCK ME!" Ella yelled in English as she ran she slipped the sword though her belt as the other warriors stared in shock at her. She darted in and out of the tree's the beast lumbered behind her, slowed by his injuries from the fight. She slipped behind a tree to catch her wind and screamed as the bear slashed at the tree knocking off the tree just above her head. She took off again and skidded to a halt at the end of a high cliff over hanging a gorge and fast flowing river below. She turned around when the beast came to a stop behind her and laughed.

"Now hand it over, little pretty." He said stalking closer, he dropped to all 4's and Ella backed away from him.

"Never!" She spat out at him. He roared at her and swiped a clawed paw her way. She spared a second to look over the cliff and saw large thick roots and vines jutting out. Swallowing hard she smiled at the beast and held the Jewel up.

"You want it well go get it!" She yelled and tossed it up, the bear ran forward for it and Ella pulled the sword free and stabbed it into his back as he knocked her off the cliff.

"You little wench!" the bear raged as he plummeted down into the rushing river below.

Ella hissed in pain as she dragged her arms and legs against the cliff side grasping for the roots. Finally her foot stopped on a thick root and she managed to get her hand on some others and stood still for a moment she didn't dare look down incase she lost her balance. Taking a deep breath she grasped the thick root above her head and dug her bare feet into the wet dirt. She hadn't fallen too far down luckily. Once at the top she laid on her back panting she stared up at the sky above. She slowly closed her eyes and felt herself drop into darkness.


She came too later in the evening to the feeling of something cold on her arms and hands. Groaning she cracked open her eyes and saw Duke's dark brown eyes and she raised her arms slowly to rub her eyes.

"Help me up." She said to the dog who stuck his head close to her so she could hold his harness. Once sitting up she looked around and saw it was dark out but she noticed a warm glow to her other side. She turned slowly, she was sore all over, seeing a small fire she smiled and literally crawled closer to it. She heard Duke growl lowly and Ella stared around them finally Jin walked into the light with the remaining living warriors.

"Jin." Ella said softly, the boy was immediately at her side.

"How are you Ella-hime?" he asked worried. She noticed that her arms and hands were wrapped in white cloths.

"I've been better." She said managing to crack a small smile. Her lip hurt and she ran her tongue over it and felt that it was split slightly. "Is there anything to drink?" she asked in a whisper, one of the warriors walked over and handed her a small clay cup filled with water. She swallowed it in one gulp and sighed content.

"I would have moved you closer to the fire but Duke wouldn't let anyone move you." He said softly looking at the dog lying at her side. Ella nodded and pet the dog. He looked up at her and almost glared at her for leaving him with this kid.

"Is this everyone left?" Ella asked looking the warriors over, most were older and had a harsh look.

"Yes…" the boy whispered and Ella reached over and pulled him to her side and wrapped him in a tight hug. He dug his head into her and cried silently at the loss of his father.

"We'll get you home to your mother soon…" Ella said unsure what to tell the boy, she turned her head when she heard one of the warriors cough at her statement.

"I have no mother to return to!" the boy cried out and stood and wiped his eyes. He stomped off into the trees to hide his shameful tears. Ella sighed and winced when she moved. The oldest warrior walked over to her and sat down.

"You are not a demon are you?" He asked seriously, she shook her head and he nodded and relaxed.

"I thought not. You may look like one but you don't act like them." He said looking her over.

"We will go into the nearest village and get you a new kimono, it's the least we can do to repay you for saving our lives." He said then stood and moved back to the others. Finally Jin came back to camp and Ella encouraged him to sleep. She had moved to a tree and was lying against the thick trunk with the help of Duke. The boy lay next to her claiming that he would be her escort now, as he had no other family to give his duty to. She nodded at this and smiled. She woke later at the sound of Jin yelling in his sleep. She pulled him into her lap and tried to wake him, he wouldn't wake but he seemed to calm slightly with her voice.

"Sing to him." Suggested the warrior that was watching over the small camp at the time. Ella nodded and looked over at the boy trying to think of a song to sing to him. Finally finding one that wasn't going to mess with his head to much she began, all the while never knowing the eyes that were watching her miles away…

There's some things that I regret

Some words I wish has gone unsaid

Some starts that had some better endings

Been some bad times I've been though,

Damage I could not undo

Some things I wish I could do all over again,

But it don't really matter,

When life gets that much harder,

It makes you that much stronger

Oh oh…

Some pages turned

Some bridges burned,

But there were lessons learned.

Every tear that had to fall from my eyes,

And every day I wonder how I'd get though the night,

Every change life has thrown me,

I'm thankful for every break in my heart,

I'm grateful for scare

Some pages turned

Some bridges burned

But there were lessons learned!

There's mistakes that I have made,

Some chances I just threw away,

Some notes I should never of taken,

Some signs I didn't see,

And hearts that I hurt needlessly,

Some wounds that I wish I could have another chance to mend,

It don't make no difference,

The past can't be rewritten,

You get the life your given,

Oh oh

Some pages turned

Some bridges burned

But there were lessons learned…

And every tear that had to fall from my eyes,

And every day I'd wonder how I'd get though the night,

And every change life has thrown me,

I'm thankful for every break in my heaarrtt----

I'm grateful for every scare,

Some pages turned

Some bridges burned

But there were--- lessons--- learned-----

And all the things that break you are the things that make you strong,

You can't change the past,

You just gotta move on

Because its allllllllll----lessons learned

Every tear that had to fall from my eyes

And every day I'd wonder how I'd get though the night

From every change life has thrown me…

I'm thankful for every break in my heart--

I'm grateful for every--- scare!

Some pages turned

Some bridges burned

Oh oh

Some lessons learned-----------

She ended in a soft whisper as she stroked the boy's dark black hair. He was tucked comfortably in her side and she smiled softly at the warrior who had suggested it. Jin slept peacefully now. The guard gazed at her stunned, probably by the fact that she could even carry a tune. She sighed and leaned her head back drifting off to sleep again.