"I'm Koga of the wolf tribe." he growled with a cocky grin. She stared him down for a moment then snorted and slapped a hand over her mouth.

"Oh my god...she was definitively exaggerating!" Ella laughed pointing at the increasingly frustrated male in front of her.

"Who the hell are you laughing at?" he growled stepping forward. She glared up at him sharply and stopped laughing.

"You of course." she snapped then snorted in laughter again. With a snarl Koga launched at her and attempted to slam her body with him enhanced legs. Pushing out her barrier she slid backwards from the force of his attack.

"You know if a certain someone knew you were attacking me they would be very pissed off." she jeered tightening her barrier and jumping toward the wolf. The man dodged easily and scoffed at her.

"Your to slow to hit me bitch." he snapped as he began to run in a circle around her. She smirked at him and closed her eyes, feeling the power moving inside her body and pulsing toward her hands with a frown a thought came to her mind and she redirected it to her feet. Spreading the power into the ground she felt his fleeting steps as they passed over of the ground. With a smirk she shot the tentacles upward and snagged one of his legs. He lashed out as she spun toward him spear raised. Koga thrashed about and kicked at her dark power with his free leg and weakened the flow of power enough to break free before she plunged the spear deep in his chest. Its sliced open his upper chest as his pack rushed to his side to help him escape. He brushed them off and went to go at her again as the tentacles shot up around her waving around in the air with their shifting tones of purple and black.

"I'll make you regret that you little wench!" he snarled and charged toward her only to be blocked by a tall form of white and silver.

"Leave or die." came the deep monotone of her traveling companion. Koga acted like he was going to continue charging but finally jumped backward and fled with the rest of his pack into the thick forest line.

Sesshomaru turned to look at her in her short soaked yakata. "Lovely...take now?" his inner beast begged as he stared coldly down at the female before him. Her long lean legs were lightly tanned, her curves were very noticeable in the clinging top, and her eyes glowed after the small fight. She looked stunning to his primal instincts. With a mental snort he stalked off back to their camp. He felt her power shifting back into her body as she took her time coming back. When she returned she looked fresh and smelled clean. Rin and Jin pestered her with questions about the barrier forming around them when they were fine in the camp. She just told them they she had had a feeling that something was lurking around and wanted them to be safe. They seemed to let the issue rest with this explanation as they held her hands as they continued on.


Days passed in a the mildly calm manner that followed after their meeting with the the wolf pack. Ella was sitting on Yoshi's back with Rin teaching her a new song as they came to a stop. They were just outside of a small village. With a soft happy smile she looked at his back as he began to continue forward into the village. "So he did listen to me after all." she thought happily. Jin was bouncing in his seat on AhUn and Rin was smiling brightly as she sat up more in front of Ella to look around better. The villagers gasped and backed away in fear at the procession of demons that were entering their village. Duke was walking at Sesshomaru's side as a small group of human warriors stepped out in front of them. Duke started to growl the fur on his back rising as then men shook slightly while holding their weapons.

"Demons a ar aren't wel welcooommme heereee!" a young man yelled at them as he stuttered in fear. With a sigh she saw Sesshomaru reaching a hand toward his sword. She urged Yoshi forward handing Rin over to a waiting Jin on the twin headed dragon. She moved forward on the demon horse to next to him.

"We mean no harm. It will only be a single night that we will be staying at your inn."she stated sweetly putting on a brilliant smile. The warriors all started to lower their weapons until a young woman threw a knife at her. Sesshomaru instantly grabbed the knife out of the air before it made contact with her and turned on the village woman. She cowered back in fear causing the warriors to go on the offensive again.

"Use your barrier." he stated blandly as she nodded immediately the purple barrier shimmered into place around her and the children.

"Stupid humans." Yoshi snorted as he reared at them and stomped his feet at the men.

"Move." Ella commanded in annoyance. The thought of a soft bed and a real bath over road any desire to be nice at this point. Sesshomaru glanced over at her almost showing surprise on his face at her tone. As he looked back at the men though they had all parted for the woman, she and the massive demon horse moved forward. He growled slightly at the human males that were openly staring at his travel companion he stepped forward in front of their pack again and led the way toward the inn.

"Sesshomaru-sama?" he heard her ask softly from his side. He glanced up at her with a blank face. She smiled sweetly at him and winked. He glared at her as she started to laugh. She was truly acting differently from back at the palace. His inner beast stirred at the sound of her laughter and more dominate behavior.

"Good beta..." the beast murmured in his mind as he almost felt himself nod. His body nearly betraying him.

"Thank you." she said happily as they stopped by the stables of the inn. Jin rushed to her side as she dismounted gracefully. Rin came and held her hand like Jin as Jaken followed behind silently with AhUn and Yoshi. She looked up at him with her lilac eyes and nodded to him. He turned and led them inside leaving Jaken to put away their mounts. He watched her arrange for the two rooms for them, she was slowly charming the middle aged owner into giving them a discount also. He was a demon lord money was no issue and she knew that but she still didn't take advantage of it. They all headed up toward the large rooms they had rented for the night. She went into the room with the children to see only two bed rolls. She let out a sigh and shrugged. It was nearing evening by this point as she had the two children wash off for the evening meal and change their clothes. He could clearly hear them from the room over. He looked over at the other slightly raised bed platform in the room. He then looked toward the door seeing her slowly open it and step in.

"Sesshomaru-sama?" she asked looking him square in the eyes. He continued to watch her as she pulled her pack off her shoulder.

"I wanted to make sure it was alright for us to share a room. If not I can have them move the bed to the other room. I don't want you to be uncomfortable with me in here." she rambled slightly, he could smell she was nervous and flustered about the situation.

"You may share a room with this Sesshomaru." he spoke. She looked up at him with an open mouth and a very light blush.

"Thank you." she sighed in relief. She loved the kids but she needed a break sometimes. Duke was staying in the room with them so they would be fine. She felt another blush come to her face as she pulled out a clean kimono for supper and moved behind the changing screen. His eyes followed her every move making her feel nervous and awkward. She changed quickly not bothering to make her obi look nice. Stepping out she sat on her bed and brushed out her long hair. She was wearing the white kimono again with a vibrant yellow obi that had blue butterflies on it. Rin's kimono was a white with a pink foxglove flower pattern. She braided back her bangs as she heard Sesshomaru call her.

"Woman come here." he stated plainly. She looked over at him as he sat elegantly on the edge of his bed. She nodded and slowly stood up. She stood a few feet in front of him as he stared at her. He twitched one clawed finger indicating for her to come closer she hesitated to move. He grew tired of waiting for her to move as he grabbed her wrist and pulled her right next to him.

"Sessho...?" she gasped as he ripped loose her obi. She yelped and grabbed her kimono top. He stood making her back away the scent of her confusion and fear washed over him.

"Woman calm down." he stated as he grabbed her wrist again to keep her from moving away from him. He brought the obi around her small waist and quickly tied it into a perfect bow. She glanced down at herself and started to laugh. He stared at her strangely as she just backed away from him and waved a hand in front of her face.

"Thank you." she said finally when she stopped with her laughter. He nodded to her as she slipped the black tanto into her belt and pulled on her slippers. She left the room following behind him as she paused to gather the children and head down to the dinning area at the inn. They shared a tense silent meal with the other occupants of the inn and the owners. They all were extremely nervous of the beautiful pair seated at the table. The woman seemed nice enough and cared to the human children like her own but the male was terrifying in his stoic manner. He simply drank tea while his companions ate politely. After the meal they all retired to their rooms. Sesshomaru finished removing his armor when she walked in with a yawn. Once again he couldn't help but follow her with his eyes. She pulled a couple of things from her bag and her sleeping yakata. She just nodded to him silently as she left again. He grew interested in what she was up to and for some reason followed her. His inner beast was delighted as they followed her sweet scent that led them to the bathhouse detached from the inn. It was communal as he stepped into it. His piercing eyes darted to the rippling waters surface. Her scent was here but he didn't see her anywhere. He moved away from the door deciding a bath would also please him.


Gasping for breath she broke the waters surface shaking her head slightly with a smile on her face. It felt so good to get clean. With her eyes closed she swam backwards toward the edge of the pool. Meeting the warm stone she lounged against it till she let out a startled yelp. Her eyes flew open at the sound of someone else in the water. When she came in no one had been inside. Frantically glancing around while crossing her arms over her chest she couldn't stop the brilliant blush that came over her face. Across the bath stood a dripping wet Sesshomaru he was turned slightly as he slowly opened his eyes moving his hair away from his breath taking face. She stopped breathing. She had never reacted this way toward any man before. She was far from a virgin and wasn't ashamed of that. Back home she often intimidated the men and made them blush for her.

"Woman come here." he stated motioning for her to come closer. She shook her head frantically turning around putting her back to him. She heard the water moving as he moved toward her.

"Women you will listen to this Sesshomaru." he snapped from behind her. She nodded her head and slowly turned around keeping her eye on the crescent moon on his forehead.

"Yes Sesshomaru-sama." she mumbled he glared down at the top of her head. His sensitive nose picked up some interesting scents coming for her. She was visibly nervous and embarrassed to be nude in the bath with him. His inner beast growled like he was going in heat though at the scent that was slowly becoming the strongest from the woman. Lust. So she found him attractive after all. He was sure that she was to mate Hogo from the amount of time the two spent together. The fiery male clearly intended to take her at some point. He felt himself smirk slightly for some reason satisfied with her reaction.

"Detangle my hair." he stated down to her. She nodded still not looking anywhere but his head. She slowly turned around again her long auburn hair a halo around her covering her bare back from his view. He saw her gathering some of it in front of her to try and cover her body. She grabbed her brush from her bag and turned back to him and moved behind him with her cheeks an attractive pink hue.

"Take her now!" his inner beast roars causing his chest to rumble. She paused as her hands gathered up some of his long hair and began to brush it.

"Sesshomaru-sama?" she asked with a tremor in her voice. She was starting to have some fear in her scent now. He found her scent became rather unpleasant to him when she was frightened.

"It is nothing woman." he stated trying to calm her after a few long moments she began to untangle his long locks. They stood in silence for a long time till slowly her scent took on its normal scent and she let out a light laugh. He glanced back at her as she was twirling a lock of his hair.

"Sorry." she mumbled catching his glare and resuming her work.

"Can I tell you a secret and you won't get mad at me?" she asked softly from behind him reaching up to get the top of his head. He closed his eye enjoying the slow rhythmic stokes.

"You may." he stated as a small rumble formed in his chest.

"I've always wanted to play with your hair since I first saw you." she said with a laugh.

"Hn." was all he replied with. When she was done she backed away and put her brush back.

"All done." she said happily. He nodded and sat on the steps leading into the pool. She glanced at him nervously. He was going to stay in here the whole time she bathed? With an internal groan she ducked under the water and scrubbed her hair that seemed to never need to be shampooed anymore. Coming back up for a deep breath she glanced toward him to see him staring at her intently. She blushed again and slowly came toward him as he was next to her clothes and other items. As she passed she felt a tug on her hair. Jerking her head back she noticed he held a lock of her own hair rubbing it between his clawed fingers.

"Sesshomaru-sama um I would like to get out, could you please turn away while I go behind the screen?" she asked meekly. Maybe if she didn't demand it of him he would do as she asked. Looking back up his gaze captured her's making her shudder.

"Why?" he asked sincerely. She nearly deadpanned at the question. Why? Because she didn't want him to see her naked...'yet' a little voice in the back of her mind whispered she squished it like a bug.

"To be honest I don't like to expose my body to people." she stated going for the truth even though she could stop her blush or increased heart rate.

"No." he simply stated. Her mouth dropped open at his blatant refusal to give her privacy.

"You belong to this Sesshomaru and I can view what is mine." he stated much to the please of his inner beast. He watched at her blushing face turned furious. She nearly let out a snarl at him as she glared.

"I am your companion and your wards governess but I'm not your property." she snapped. He glared at her even if she was correct. He became angry when she ripped her hair out of his hand and grabbed her towel from the ledge and brought it into the water and wrapped it around her body. She stuck her nose in the air while forming her barrier for good measure and walked right past him on the steps. She grabbed her yakata and a dry towel from a shelf in the room and stalked behind a screen. He growled darkly feeling his beasts lust slowly overriding his calm self as he stood and tore away the screen she was behind. She yelped in surprise as she just finished pulling her gown closed. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her forward. She snarled at him her barrier flaring around her trying to push his grasp off of her. His eyes bleed red and she suddenly stopped.

"Sesshomaru-sama please stop your scaring me." she whispered lowering her gaze. He slowly dropped her wrist taking a slow step back. She brought her free hand up to her chest and looked up at him sharply her barrier coming around her in full force.

"Don't treat me like some pathetic wench you can boss around." she snapped at him tying shut her gown angrily. She was so mad at him she would have slapped him if he hadn't already knocked her back cracking the barrier. He drove his glowing hand into her barrier making her gasp then whimper in pain as it shattered around her. His poison faded as he hovered over her sprawled out form on the warm stone for the spring. He lifted her up with his whip and slamming her into the wall behind her. The wind rushed out of her as she felt his slender fingers cup her chin.

"Ella-hime would do well to remember her position compared to this Sesshomaru." he stated coldly his face inches from hers. Even though he was threatening her she couldn't help but be amazed by his deadly beauty he was easily the most handsome man she had even seen. She jumped when he snapped her head to the side and his sniffed her neck making her shiver.

"So perfect...mark! Mark. Mark. Mark. Take as ours! Do it!" his inner beast snarled going crazy pushing him nearly over the edge. Her scent was driving them mad and her shivering body pressed against him did nothing to help the situation. He pulled away as his eyes narrowed in only on her mouth she was saying something but he couldn't hear the words because of his beast. His eyes widened at he watched her plush lips form his name. For a moment he fought to deny his beast then let out an internal sigh and let go to his physical desires for the woman. Her large eyes gazed up at him under her thick dark lashed that were slowly closing in a sensual manner. He could smell her scent held small traces of fear but it was almost overpowered by her delicious scent of lust and something else he was unsure of. He brought his lips to hers in a passionate kiss that caused her to let out a delectable yelp. He felt her aura shift to a darker tone as he nipped at her bottom lip making her whimper slightly only further exciting his partly in control beast. He felt her cool hand reach up into his hair and hold onto it. He was shocked when she deepened the kiss by opening her mouth for him. She had been scared shitless when he had started to sniff her neck but something inside her seemed to snap when he pulled away and gazed at her with lustful eyes. She was a modern woman that wouldn't deny that she was beyond attracted to him and wanted badly to kiss and taste him. Apparently he had the same thoughts. Slowly he came back to himself and pulled away from her slightly. His inner beast was satisfied for the moment as he stared down at the woman he held in his arm. Something inside him felt different he clearly lusted for her body but he felt something else he hadn't for a long time. She looked up at him with her now swollen lip that held a slight smirk. It was in that moment that he finally agreed with his inner beast.

"Sesshomaru-sama?" she questioned causing him to come out of his thoughts and release his hold on her. She stepped around him and collected her things and headed for bed. He stayed in the bathroom a while longer then finally dressed and joined her. When he entered she was sound asleep on her bed. He stood over her while she slept sorting through how he should go about things. Taking a mate was a serious matter.

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