Title: A Kiss for a Clown

Genre: Romance

Rating: T

Paring: Misora x Zazie

Summary: When opposites attract, the product is more beautiful than any matched pair.

1. Jealousy
Misora pouted when the crowd gawked at Zazie in her acrobat's costume, thinking only she deserved to see Zazie looking so beautiful.

2. Confession
For someone so talkative, Zazie's lips curled upwards in amusement when Misora confessed through a letter.

3. Laughter
Everyone already knew what Misora's laugh sounded like, but Misora's heart swelled with pride to know she was the only one to have heard Zazie giggle.

4. Teardrop
Misora had always wondered what Zazie's markings on her eyes meant, but was satisfied enough to let it be so long as Zazie didn't cry any real tears.

5. Cute
Zazie always insisted that she wasn't cute, but she could never get Misora to stop saying that she was.

6. Freaks
Misora didn't care if people thought she was weird for acting like a boy, but the first time that she heard someone call Zazie a freak, she kicked him in the face.

7. Birdseed
"I like to feed the birds at the park", Misora had said, and Zazie had giggled, whispering, "They come to see me after my show."

8. Prayers
She knew Misora could talk fast, but Zazie was always amazed at how quickly Misora could recite a prayer from memory.

9. Chocolate
Misora couldn't help but grin deviously once she found out how far Zazie would go for her favorite chocolate.

10. Tangles
For an acrobat and a track star, they were awkward with their legs in bed, and always got tied up in the sheets.

11. Opposites
Loud and grinning with quiet and placid; together they reveled in private smiles

12. Secrets
Just as Misora had her duty to the church, Zazie had her own secrets of the Nightmare Circus to keep, and Misora cared enough not to pry.

13. Drunk
Zazie didn't ask how Misora had gotten drunk. Instead, she enjoyed the fiery-haired girl's sloppy and often off-target kisses.

14. Favoritism
Nobody noticed that when the Trick Trio put smoke bombs in everyone's lockers, the one in Zazie's locker didn't have a fuse.

15. Lifeline
Zazie didn't scream, but she squeezed Misora's hand hard every time the roller coaster flipped and swerved.

16. Sex
For a nun in training and a near-mute, they managed surprisingly well.

17. Perfection
Zazie would have disagreed if she'd said it out loud, so Misora simply called Zazie perfect in her mind.

18. Demure
"…You…look cute when you sleep…" Zazie mumbled over breakfast one morning.

19. Clowns
Class clown or the jester in the show – both of them were clowns in some respect.

20. Costumes
"…You mean the nun outfit turns you on..?"

21. Waltz
It was lucky they'd found each other – Misora had to idea how to dance the woman's part.

22. Meltdown
It had taken Zazie over a minute to realize Misora's hair had caught on fire from the candles for their dinner.

23. Cheerleader
Even if Zazie didn't cheer like everyone else in the stands, her presence was motivation enough for Misora to win her tourney.

24. Crutch
Only someone like Zazie could understand the deeper pain it caused someone like Misora to have broken her legs.

25. Arithmetic
Misora couldn't imagine Zazie studying a math textbook.

26. Midnight
"Who cares if it's a school night, if we don't hurry, I'm gonna go crazy…"

27. Juggler
Misora rolled on the ground laughing when she finally convinced Zazie to juggle the Narutaki twins.

28. Improvement
Zazie could barely breath, and knew she wouldn't be standing up for a while. Misora had gotten better.

29. Peak
Kissing Misora wasn't like flying – Zazie already knew what that was like - flying wasn't nearly as good.

30. Dawn
The nun and the acrobat greeted New Year's Morning on the roof of their dorm, in a sweaty tangle of limbs.

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