Summary: Bella and Edward were childhood friends, only for Bella to move away. 6 years later they meet again… at college. Bella and Edward have done a lot of growing up in the past 5 years; Bella is no longer the tomboy she once was and has a steady boyfriend, Mike. While Edward has become a star-basketball player, and quite the ladies man. What will happen when these two reunite after all these years?? ALL HUMAN. OCC. AU.

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Chapter 1: Capture the Flag

Flashback (6 years ago- Bella and the rest are 12)

It was the first day of summer break. The temperature was around 85 degrees and there was a light breeze, making it perfect weather for an intense game of capture the flag: boys vs. girls.

I was lucky enough to have all my best friends live near me, and for the past seven years we'd all been practically inseparable, always playing games during the summer and annoying teachers with our constant chatter during the school year. I couldn't help but smile as I walked up to my friends, who were all dressed in sports wear, ready for the game to being.

"You have three minutes to hide your flag," Edward yelled over to my team, "the field will be divided between our yards."
As soon as he said this us girls took off, looking for a place to hide our red flag. After searching for a couple minutes, we decided to put it high in a tree, easily visible… not so easier reached however. Our plan: we would try to tag the boys before they could climb the tree, knowing that if they managed to retrieve the flag, they'd easily be able to out run us. Stupid athlete boys!

"Bella," Kelsey said, "I'll stay back here and hide in the trees over there, and try tagging any boy that comes over!"

"Okay, that should work. Emily, Courtney, Nicole, Taylor, we'll go over to the boys territory and search for the flag! Remember, if you get tagged, yell loudly and we'll come tag you out of jail as soon as possible." I said as we walked back to the division line where we already saw the boys, Edward, Matt, Danny, and Nick standing looking ready to attack at any minute.

"Ready?" asked Matt grinning widely, he loved this game.

"Set." I replied.

"GO!" We all yelled and so the game began.

Ten minutes later, Emily and I were crawling around on the ground, trying to be as discrete as possible while searching for the blue flag.

Having played this game against the boys many times before, we knew their strategy: hide the flag in the dirtiest, darkest place possible. Hence why were we currently under the deck, crawling around like a bunch of idiots, desperately hoping that the flag was here, and that we weren't under the deck for no reason.

Out of the corner of my eye I spotted it, the flag! I pointed this out to Emily who grinned wildly and she quietly whispered to me her plan "Bella, you go out and try running the flag over to our side of the yard, I'll stay here hidden. If you get caught, yell loudly and when the coast is clear I'll run out, pick it up and run to our side."

"That is brilliant, Em!" I said and quickly made my way from out of the deck, winking at her as I left.

As soon as I got out from under the deck, I ran for my life!

I looked behind me and saw Edward running straight towards me, crap! I tried running quicker, praying to be able to make it to my yard before he caught me, only he was extremely quick and was catching up. Before I knew what was happening I was on the ground, having tripped over my own shoes! Since Edward was right there with me, attempting to tag me, when I fell he tripped over me, landing right on top of me.

He grinned down at me, knowing that his flag was safe for now, as well as finding my clumsiness extremely entertaining.

"You can get off me now Masen," I said, not attempting to hide my disappointment that I hadn't made it to our side.

"Oh, right sorry Bella," he said while standing up and then he offered his hand to me. I took it and once I stood up he pointed to the jail, "Off to jail with you now!"
I rolled my eyes but walked towards the jail, yelling that I was caught to signal to Emily to go get the flag and run over to our boundaries.

After doing my part, I sat back and watched the show. The fun part about being in jail during capture the flag is you can watch everyone else playing. I looked over to my yard to see Nick jumping under the tree, trying to get high enough to reach the flag. Every time he would miss it, he'd run his hands through his hair and look evilly at the tree. Danny was in our jail, way to go Kelsey with tagging him, encouraging Nick to jump higher. Matt and Edward were no where to be seen, I'm guessing they were off trying to find the rest of my team.

Suddenly I saw Emily sprinting towards the flag; she picked it up and then ran over to our side of the boundaries with not a defender in sight!

Once she safely made it over to our side, I started to scream in joy as she did her victory dance. Everyone else came quickly over to where she was standing, our team looking thrilled while the boys' team looked like someone had just told them they ran over their cat.

"Way to go Em!" I shouted as I ran over to her and grasped her in a giant hug!

"Thanks," she said, obviously ecstatic, after all it wasn't every day we beat the boys.

"Hmmm, I do believe that since we won, you boys have to do something for us," I said.

We've been playing games as a group for years and after a while they get old and fairly predictable, so every year or so we add a new twist to the game. This year's twist: the loser had to do something for the winning team, whatever they wanted. "You have to grant us each individually one wish, whenever we want it."

"Ugh, fine" the boys said in unison, as we all grinned thinking about what we'd each wish from them.

Current Time (Bella is now 18)

As I sit in the U-Haul, waiting for Charlie and Renee to come out so we can start to head down to my college, I think back to that summer so long ago and summers since.

I never did get to use my wish, seeing as though that very night my parents announced that we were going to move at the end of summer. I was heartbroken, the summer went by way to quickly, and before I knew it I was sitting in the front part of a U-Haul, waving goodbye to my friends, crying, and desperately pleading with my parents not to move. It was hopeless though, I knew Charlie had gotten a huge break, and was offered the sheriff position in a small town in Michigan, a big step up from his current police desk job.

Years past, and slowly I lost contact with my old friends, either because they also moved away, or school started becoming more time consuming as well as joining more out of school activities leaving us little free time to keep in touch, or we merely drifted apart.

I made new friends in Michigan though, and enjoyed my life there.

It was in summer in Michigan where I met my current best friend, Alice. It was also in Michigan that I began to date my current boyfriend, Mike. I also got my first kiss in Michigan, learned to drive, went to Prom, and graduated high school. I also got my acceptance letter to college while living in Michigan.

In the back of mind, I've always thought of my childhood friends though, wondering where they are, in particular I always found my mind drifting back to Edward Masen's smile.

So here I currently find myself in the same situation as I was six years prior, in the front of a U-Haul leaving my town behind, only this time isn't quite as sad, because both Mike and Alice are coming with me.

In fact, I am excited for college, beyond glad to be done with high school and looking forward getting to know new people.

Little did I know that I'd also be re-meeting old friend …

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