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I Don't Own Digimon just Kairi and Calfmon

Chapter five: Death of A Caring Heart

Kairi's POV

I woke up the next morning with someones arms around me keeping me warm. I opened my eyes fully and saw that Matt had his arms around me. I blushed 20 different shades of red and then carefully removed his arms off me. I then saw that we were on the ground and I decided to take a look around with newly awakened Calfmon. I then walked out into a open field and then Calfmon slyly asked," So What do you think of Matt?"

My eyes widened and my cheeks went red. I then said," I think he's ok..."

I then walked away with Calfmon's gave on me. I then hid behind a thick tree. I then asked myself," What's wrong with me?"

I began to sing," I know there's someone, somewhere, someone, who's sure to find me,soon After the rain goes, there are rainbows. I'll find my rainbow, soon Soon it won't be just pretend. Soon a happy ending. Love can you hear me? If you 're near me, sing our song, sure and strong and soon."

Matt's POV

I woke up to Tai's bad morning breath in my face. I then glared at Tai then began to walk away. I then heard someone singing beautifully too," I know there's someone, somewhere, someone, who's sure to find me,soon After the rain goes, there are rainbows. I'll find my rainbow, soon Soon it won't be just pretend. Soon a happy ending. Love can you hear me? If you 're near me, sing our song, sure and strong and soon"

I followed the voice to find Kairi, singing to herself behind a tree. I then saw her sink to the ground and then I heard her ask herself," I wonder if Matt knows that I care a lot for him..."

Kairi then sighed and stretched out at the tree's bottom.

I blushed deeply at Kairi's comment about me and then I smiled softly and then walked out the bushes that I hid in. I then walked in front of Kairi, who was sleeping now, and softly said," I Like you too Kairi..."

I leaned closer to her and then pressed my lips against her soft, warm ones. The kiss I stole from her was soft and gentle, I parted slowly, then smirked, stood up and walked away.

Kairi's POV

I was woken from my nap by a pair of warm and strawberry flavored lips. I opened my eyes slightly and saw Matt Kissing me!! I was trying really hard to hide my blush. I just pretended to be sleeping and then I heard Matt walk away. I then opened my eyes fully and then smiled as I lightly pressed my fingertips om my lips. I stood up, walked to were Calfmon was, with a story to tell!

Once I got to place I left Calfmon, I saw Myotismon was there beating Calfmon! I ran up to Myotismon with my blood boiling, yelling," HEY PUT CALFMON DOWN NOW!!"

Myotismon then smirked, turned his head towards me and then fired a blast at me. I screamed as the blast teared at my skin and I got sent back a few yards into a stone cliff, hurting my back in the process. Once I fell on the ground Myotismon dropped Calfmon then walked over to me, staring down at me seeing how pathetic I looked. I then slowly tried to raise from my place on the ground. My body was in serious pain and I couldn't move that much.

Myotismon then chuckled and placed his hand out in front of him, about to attack again when I heard someone yell," NOVA BLAST!!"

It knocked Myotismon away from me and then I turned to see Graymon and Tai also with him were Matt and the others! I shouted as loud as could," TAI, MATT, T.K., MIMI, SORA, IZZY, JOE!!"

After I yelled happily I winced at my new found pain.

Calfmon then ran to me and asked," Kairi-sama! Are you ok!?"

I stood up as best I could, due to my pain, and smiled down at Calfmon, nodding. I was holding my right arm tightly to prevent any bleeding. Then Myotismon then shot by me and ran towards the others. I then ran as fast I could, despite my aching body, towards the others.

I saw Myotismon about to attack Matt with the same kinda of blast he used on me, I then screamed," STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPP!!"

I Flung myself in front of Myotismon's blast. I screamed as the pain surged threw my entire body. I fell into the arms of a crying Matt. I smiled softly at him and placed my hand on his cheek wiping his tears away. I softly said," It's ok Matt... Don't cry over me... just do me one thing... tell my sister that...I'm dead..."

Matt's eyes widened and grasped my hand and held it tightly as he said," No Kairi!! You Have to Live!! You're the Kindest most Caring Girl I've Ever Met!! I Love You!!"

I smiled softly as I heard the sniffling and sobbing of the other digidestined. Matt was the one crying the most out of everyone. I weakly said," Thank you Matt for being there for me... and I love... you... too..."

I pulled myself up slowly and kissed Matt softly on the lips but it was short for I fell into his arms, Dead.

Matt's POV

I felt Kairi's Body fall limp in my arms and once she fell into my arms I knew that she was Dead. My eyes poured tears now and I screamed," Kairi?! NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!"

I held Kairi's limp body close to me. I looked up and saw the others were crying too but no one was crying as much as I was, for I loved her! I placed Kairi's body gently on the ground, stood up and said to Gabumon," Gabumon... Digivolve please..."

Gabumon knew how much pain I was in and he did what I said without hesitation and Digivolved to Garurumon. I then shouted with tears pouring out of my eyes," GET HIM GARURUMON!!"

Garurumon then Shouted," HOWLING BLASTER!!"

The blast then was reflected back at us. Everyone covered there heads as sand and small rock flew at us. I then saw the blast was starting to break the ground apart.

I then saw Kairi's body was going to fall into one of the newly formed cracks. I then ran as fast I could and grab Kairi's body before it fell in the dark abyss below. I then skidded with Kairi's body in my arms. Then Myotismon then said," I think that's enough damage for one day, ciao!..."

He then made a portal and escaped.

Calfmon then ran to me and the began to cry over Kairi's body.

Everyone was around us crying.

Kairi was the sweetest girl you could ever meet, She didn't deserve to die!

No she was gone forever.

She lives only in our memories now...