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Overall author's notes. These are 100-600 word drabbles done for the TF:animated comm's weekly contest over on LJ. It should be obvious that there will often be spoilers, as each theme is related to the previous week's episode. Enjoy.

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Shortwave Transmissions from Earth

By, Nicole Silverwolf

Log 1: Only Who Is Left

Prompt: Heroes

Episodes 1-3 (Transform and Roll Out)

Notes: Bumblebee's POV

Until now I was pretty sure that being a hero was the best thing ever. Way better than fixing space bridges that was for sure, full of adventure and praise and all those things you hear about when you're just a sparkling on the holovids. Being a hero meant you saved the day.


Optimus Prime.

He's gone.

Dead! As in never coming back ever, EVER again!

Hero's aren't supposed to have their sparks extinguished.

And Prime's a hero so he's not supposed to die.

Except his spark's been extinguished.

And all I can think about is how Ratchet never talks about the great war. Even though we bug, tease and beg him to tell us all about it. We all just thought he was a grumpy old guy. Maybe all adults got that way when they got past a certain age.

Now I think I understand why he got so upset.

You never hear on those vids or in those stories how being the hero means you might die.

'You can fix this Ratchet, right? We've got the Allspark and that'll make Prime better right? Prime's not really gone...right?'

I look up at him and when he sees all these questions that I know he can't answer I want to apologize. Because he must have known so many Autobots who joined the well of Allsparks, ones who he probably tried to save and couldn't. Sparks that burned out way before their time.

Even though the Allspark's here, I can tell by his optics that it won't make a difference.

How does he do it after all this time?

Because I'd just about give up everything if we could be back doing something safe like repairing space bridges right now. Then at least Prime would be alive.

And I wonder if Ratchet ever feels that way, thinks about how if we weren't acting like heroes that we'd be safe.